Day 4: First quarter fundraiser – We represent you, the people

Independent journalists like Team Eclectablog tell you what you need to know — and we tell it like it is.

Have you ever watched cable news or read a mainstream media post and wondered who was paying them to slant the story? The influence of corporate sponsors happens on both sides of the aisle at some networks and news outlets.

At Eclectablog, we admit a progressive bias, but there is no one telling us what to write. So we write what we think the public needs to know, without any interference.

In fact, when I started writing for Eclectablog I was pleasantly surprised when Chris Savage told me I didn’t need to run my post ideas past him first.…

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Brighton Area Schools board votes down chartering of tea party charter school

At their meeting on Monday night, the board of Brighton Area Schools held a consensus vote on chartering a tea party charter school being proposed by the “American Classical Academy Coalition (ACAC)” (formerly the “American Christian Academy”.) The vote was 6-to-1 against chartering the “Lindbom Classical Academy” and a formal up-or-down vote has been put on the agenda for their next meeting.

The chances that the Brighton Area Schools will charter a new school that will be housed in the vacant Lindbom Elementary School are now very slim, with a consensus by the board of education that it has no interest in sponsoring a charter school.…
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Day 3: First quarter fundraiser – As we invest in you we ask that you consider the importance of investing in us

The last time I reached out to you I was just a few weeks into my tenure here at Eclectablog and since then many words have left my fingers on their way to you. Some of you have been incredibly supportive of my work and words, and for that I am grateful. Yet some of you have been more critical, and I am grateful for that as well. When I started here at Eclectablog, I will be honest, I was a bit intimidated. I am a talker and not really a writer, but Chris and my colleagues here at Eclectablog serve as such a sterling example of what one can accomplish if they follow their passion and write from the heart.…

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The one chart that shows why conservatives can’t run on income inequality

Republicans struggle to attack Obama economy they failed to sabotage and want to take credit for

Republicans are in an amazing bind.

The first year of the Affordable Care Act marketplaces didn’t destroy the economy. Neither have two straight years of higher taxes on the rich. Instead, we got the best year of job creation of the century.

Conservatives go two ways on this.

Some Republicans like Mitch McConnell have tried to to take ownership of what they used to derisively call Obama’s economy. It was joy at the GOP taking over the Senate that started the boom in January.…

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MI Lead coalition launches to give women a stronger voice in Michigan

More than 30 organizations are engaged in the bipartisan initiative to empower women and ensure gender equality.

Women make up more than half of Michigan’s population, yet they are facing some significant challenges. That’s the reason for the creation of the MI Lead coalition, a bipartisan group dedicated to protecting women’s rights and empowering women by giving them more say in state policies.

Officially launched today at a press conference in Lansing, MI Lead is made up of more than 30 organizations, including the American Civil Liberties Union of Michigan, Planned Parenthood Advocates of Michigan, Business and Professional Women of Michigan, AFL-CIO, Michigan League for Public Policy, Right to Health, American Association of University Women and the Michigan National Organization for Women.…

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Freshman Michigan tea party legislator Todd Courser whines about seating assignments on House floor

Tea party Republican Todd Courser is the comical gift that keeps on giving. His latest social media missive is titled “What about the seats?” and is over 2,000 whining words about the tyranny of the state House seating chart.


It’s hard at times to know what should and should not be shared with people about the mechanical processes of official government, nor what is even worth sharing, and how it affects them. As a representative my first duty is of course to God, then to my family, then my home district, and finally to the great people of our state that truly want a voice that is uncompromising in its advocacy for the cause of freedom and liberty.…
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Day 2: First quarter fundraiser – It takes a community to fund a blog (including our organizational partners)

In some ways, Eclectablog is based on the crowdfunding model. No, we don’t use Kickstarter or another website like that (maybe we should?!) but, in the end, our writers get paid because our readers and organizational partners allow that to happen. When the donations dry up, so do the paychecks.

Fortunately, we have enough readers and partners that the burden isn’t too great on any one person or group. Small contributions of a dollar or two a week add up and keep us going. We hope you see enough value in what we do to support us.

If you work for a progressive organization that benefits from the writing we do here that gives your work more visibility and helps to raise awareness of the hard work you do every day, I hope that you’ll consider encouraging your group to help out Eclectablog with a donation.

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Efforts to create taxpayer-funded “conservative school” in Brighton continue

Over the past two months I have been writing about the efforts of a group of people led by tea party zealot Pasquale Battaglia, to set up a “classical academy” in Brighton, Michigan in an elementary school building purchased from the Brighton Area Schools (BAS). The group is called the American Classical Academy Coalition and they received a $100,000 grant from the state of Michigan in 2012 to open a school in Warren. That school has never been opened despite the fact that the ACAC has received $18,448.44 from our state government.

The group purchased the Lindbom Elementary School building for $1.45 million last year but the source of that money remains a mystery.…

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