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Trump’s biggest advantage? The GOP field is boring, tedious and mostly useless


“Now the poor guy, you gotta see this guy,” Donald Trump said before proceeding to risibly mock a disabled reporter.

When the New York Times called him on his latest micro-abomination, Trump insisted that he didn’t remember the reporter he’d so vividly lampooned and demanded an apology.

And, as the cliche now goes, this will only help him in the polls.

Trump supporters seem to want someone who is brave enough to mock someone’s handicap yet savvy and cowardly enough to lie about it. But think about it, what choice do they have?

Conservatives have succeeded in their greatest ambition: Making their party a unitary front against progress.…

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Walmart using the FBI and Lockheed Martin to monitor employees – Join the Black Friday protest in Dearborn tomorrow!

A shocking bit of terrific journalism by Bloomberg Business published this week shows just how far Walmart is willing to go to crush any chance for its employees – called “associates” – to unionize. The piece, titled “How Walmart Keeps an Eye on Its Massive Workforce”, reveals that they hired defense contractor Lockheed Martin to spy on their employees in the lead up to strikes and Black Friday protests and report back what they found:

Lockheed Martin is one of the biggest defense contractors in the world. Although it’s best known for making fighter jets and missile systems, it also has an information technology division that offers cybersecurity and data analytics services.…
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Marion + Daughter 2015

‘Obamacare saved my life,’ says thankful cancer survivor

Without health insurance, this woman would not have received the treatment she needed to survive.

In April 2014, Marion N. Seidel was given the news no one wants to hear: “You have cancer.” She had a cancerous tumor on her tonsils that had already started affecting her lymph glands — a potentially dire situation.

Regular readers of Eclectablog or those who saw my IGNITE talk at Netroots Nation 2014 may remember Marion, whose doctors gave her just one year to live if she didn’t start treatment right away.

“Without Obamacare, I’d be dead in 12 months,” she told me in June 2014, when I first told her story.…

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Federal climate scientists attacked, intimidated by GOP climate change deniers - and scientists are fighting back

Federal climate scientists attacked, intimidated by GOP climate change deniers – and scientists are fighting back

Idiocracy wasn’t a movie. It was a documentary.

In June of this year, scientists from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) published research in the peer-reviewed journal Science. Their research was based on improved and more accurate land and sea temperature data that showed that the warming of the earth continues apace. This flies in the face of claims by climate change deniers that there has been a global warming “pause” or “hiatus”. That data was made public in October.

After the publication of the research, Congressman Lamar Smith (R-TX), a virulent climate change denier who is the Chair of the Science, Space, and Technology Committee, subpoenaed scientists at NOAA demanding that they turn over internal e-mails related to their research.…

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This Holiday Season, Shop Responsibly

It’s Thanksgiving week, the start of America’s favorite month­-long festival of capitalism. It starts this week with three of the biggest shopping days of the year, and no doubt many of you will be out there trying to score some bargains this weekend. If you’re headed out into the crowds or just planning on sitting at home and clicking your way to a bountiful Christmas, keep in mind the following tips to shop responsibly this season.

  1. First and foremost, keep it civil. There is absolutely no shame in taking advantage of Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals to help stretch your family’s dollar, but be mindful of your behavior.
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It's time for a "People's Budget" that ensures prosperity for all with everyone contributing their fair share

It’s time for a “People’s Budget” that ensures prosperity for all with everyone contributing their fair share

“A budget is moral document” – Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Yesterday, the group Priorities Michigan held a press conference to highlight the faces of real people who are victims of callous, unfair Republican budgets. Intent on diminishing the size and scope of government, Republicans have shrunk our state budget by giving billions of dollars of tax breaks to corporations. The resulting cuts to programs and services harm those who have the least while the reduced revenue stream benefits those who have the most.

“Our state budget is more than a spreadsheet and a bottom line but too often when crafting the budget our elected officials seem to forget that there are real people who are directly impacted by the choices they’re making,” Mothering Justice director Danielle Atkinson, a Priorities Michigan spokesperson, said.…

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GUEST POST by Paul Clements, candidate for MI-06: The Cost of Congressman Upton’s Climate Science Denial

GUEST POST by Paul Clements, candidate for MI-06: The Cost of Congressman Upton’s Climate Science Denial

The following is a guest post by Paul Clements, the Democratic candidate for Michigan’s 6th Congressional District seat now held by Big Oil puppet Fred Upton. Clements ran for this seat in 2014. Though he was ultimately unsuccessful, he received a huge boost from the Mayday PAC which spent $1.5 million to support his candidacy. I interviewed him then (HERE).


The Cost of Congressman Upton’s Climate Science Denial

Once upon a time Congressman Upton said we need to consider all the options for reducing greenhouse gas emissions. But in 2011, when he became chair of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, he also became the House’s leading opponent of federal action to restrain global warming.…

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ComebackCreep Snyder

Obama admin sent letters of reassurance to GOP governors. NOW will Gov. Snyder reverse himself on accepting Syrian refugees?

As LOLGOP wrote about Friday, Gov. Rick Snyder, who was the first governor in the USA to say he wouldn’t allow Syrian refugees to come to our state, said he wants a “pause” in providing a safe harbor for the refugees until “an appropriate review” can be done to ensure our screening processes are adequate. When NPR correspondent Steve Inskeep asked him what problems he has with our current process, he was unable to name even one.

Inskeep then asked him what it would take for him to reverse his stance. Here is his response:

I really wanted [the federal government] to come back and say, you know, ‘We have now made a review of these at least three situations’ and believe their current system is acceptable or not or that they’re making some modifications

You can listen to the entire interview here:

As it turns out, the Obama administration has now given Gov.…

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