WOOD-TV cancels debate between Gary Peters & Terri Lynn Land due to Land’s lack of cooperation

A planned September 8th U.S. Senate debate to be hosted by WOOD-TV has been cancelled after Terri Lynn Land and her campaign staff failed to cooperate in setting it up.

From the Peters campaign:

WOOD-TV is canceling its proposed September 8th U.S. Senate debate because the Land campaign refused to coordinate with organizers. In response, Peters for Michigan Debate Negotiator, Former Lieutenant Governor John Cherry, today requested a meeting with Republican Terri Lynn Land and WOOD-TV to reschedule a debate in Grand Rapids.

Despite saying she would begin debate talks post-primary, Land refuses to discuss a debate schedule and still hasn’t appointed a debate negotiator to work with Cherry.

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Accountant-in-Chief Rick Snyder complains about not getting credit for Michigan’s mythical recovery, distorts the facts

Governor Snyder’s reelection campaign released a new ad today that is about as puzzling as his previous ads. He has abandoned his frogman suit and creepy leering at the camera, instead appearing in a t-shirt. He starts the ad by telling us that he’s an accountant as if that should give us comfort when it comes to his political and governmental leadership.

“We’re on the road to recovery for every Michigander,” Snyder tells us. “You might not feel it yet, but you will soon.”

Back in 2006, Democratic Governor Jennifer Granholm told the audience for her State of the State Address that we would be “blown away” by Michigan’s recovery.…

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Education Achievement Authority apologizes for incredibly deceptive recruitment letters

Interim Education Achievement Authority Chancellor Veronica Conforme is off to a banging start. Just two and a half months after taking over from disgraced John Covington, Conforme oversaw the EAA’s sending out of deceptive letters recruiting students into the state’s district for poor-performing schools. The letters, masquerading as official student assignment notices, went to parents (and some non-parents!) in at least seven districts outside of the EAA. This includes the Detroit Public Schools with whom the EAA has a “Memorandum of Understanding” that prohibits this sort of student poaching from each others districts.

After revelations of the deceptive letters came out over the holiday weekend, Conforme has now apologized for them:

With the new academic year starting today, some parents in Detroit and neighboring suburbs were surprised over the weekend to receive letters saying their child had been assigned to the state reform district for low-performing schools.…
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Judge overseeing New York education reform lawsuit recuses himself, hearing to combine cases cancelled

On Saturday, I wrote about an apparent effort by former CNN anchor Campbell Brown to take over a lawsuit filed by the New York City Parents Union challenging some aspects of how teachers are either fired or laid off. Parents of the NYCPU told me that Brown appeared to be more interested in promoting her new career as the voice of “education reform” than she did supporting the parents who were trying to improve things.

After NYCPU parent Mona Davids filed a lawsuit against the State of New York in Staten Island, Brown filed a similar suit of her own in Albany.…

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As our minimum wages inches up on Labor Day, 40% of Michigan households don’t earn enough to pay their bills

As part of the passage of a new law that did an end-run around citizen efforts to raise Michigan’s minimum wage to $10.10/hour over time, today Michigan’s minimum wage rises to $8.15/hour for non-tipped workers. The minimum wage for tipped workers will be 38% of that starting today, as well. Still, a new report by the United Way shows that 40% of the households in Michigan are either in poverty or are in so-called ALICE households – Asset Limited, Income Constrained and Employed. In other words, two out of five Michigan households don’t make enough money to pay all of their bills each month.…

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BREAKING: Education Achievement Authority sending out deceptive letters to poach students from other districts (Updated x3)

After John Covington quit (or was forced out) as Chancellor of Gov. Snyder’s failed experiment with Detroit students — the Education Achievement Authority (EAA) — he was replaced by Veronica Conforme, the former chief operating officer of the New York City Department of Education. However, the ethically questionable behavior of the EAA is continuing under her watch.

This past week, parents of students outside of the EAA have been receiving letters from the EAA. The letters are recruitment letters, trying to bring in more students, but masquerade as official letters informing the parents that their students have been formally assigned to the EAA.…

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If you think you’re terrified by the Republican Party, imagine being a GOP donor

A Republican new poll finds that women see Republicans as “intolerant,” “out of touch” and “the kind of guys who need a poll to tell them that women find them intolerant and out of touch.”

Women are justifiably scared of a political party that seems to be less attuned to women’s issues now than it was in the 1960s. But there’s a group that should be even more terrified — GOP donors.

Here’s why.

On Friday, a former Republican nominee for vice president posted a scathing diss of a conservative website on her Facebook page. Sarah Palin spent about 300 words calling out The Daily Caller — a double-A ball team in the conservative media farm system — as a bunch of frat dorks because the site pointed out that she demanded a private plane to appear on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno.…

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Law firm supporting New York Parents Union quits, parents blame bullying by Campbell Brown’s education reform group

NOTE: This story has been updated HERE.

Campbell Brown

In early June, a decision in the California court case Vergara v. California deemed the state’s teacher tenure laws to be unconstitutional because they deny children access to a quality education. The decision has sparked similar cases around the country. In New York, the parents group New York City Parents Union (NYCPU), headed by Mona Davids, filed the first of these lawsuits in early July. In Davids v. State of New York, et al., eleven students, all children of members of the New York City Parents Union, are plaintiffs.…

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