How many American lives would Obamacare repeal put at risk? 19,000, says one study

The biggest sign of Obamacare’s success is Republicans rarely bother to complain about it anymore.

There’s the usual minor freakout about premium increases that upon a bit of investigation proves to be at least no worse than what we saw before Obamacare — and probably better if you shop around.

And news that California, which has excelled in implementing the law, is seeing premium increases less than half than what it experienced before the law is mostly ignored. Because who wants to hear that 68% who were uninsured in our largest state before Obamacare are now covered, and they’re more financially secure?…

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How defunding Planned Parenthood would put health and lives at risk

While anti-choice activists try to fight the truth with misinformation, it’s imperative to defend the facts.

This post is not about abortion. It’s about people’s health and lives.

I’m not shying away from the fact that abortion is a legal healthcare service, and that it accounts for 3 percent of the services Planned Parenthood provides. No one is denying that fact and we shouldn’t be afraid to talk about it. Abortion is a choice that every woman has the right to make for herself.

But with a vote to defund Planned Parenthood looming in the U.S. Senate, expected on Monday, we must look at what’s at stake here — the 97 percent of essential healthcare services Planned Parenthood provides that protects the health and well-being of women, men and babies.…

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Michigan Chamber of Commerce lobbyist insults retirees with pensions, derisively saying they "got a free ride"

Michigan Chamber of Commerce lobbyist insults retirees with pensions, derisively saying they “got a free ride”

Yesterday, the Michigan Board of Canvassers met to decide on a variety proposals destined for the 2016 ballot. One of them is being submitted by Citizens for Fair Taxes that would restore corporate taxes for the largest corporations to 11%. The move would raise roughly $900 million for road repairs in our state.

After the meeting, Michigan Chamber of Commerce Senior Director of Tax & Regulatory Reform Tricia Kinley held a press conference where she continued the doomsday scenario freakout that her group has been engaged in for the past couple of weeks.

Then, in response to a question about corporations being given monster tax breaks that have created a giant crater in our state budget, Kinley decided it was appropriate to insult retired seniors, saying with palpable derision that they “got a free ride” with their tax-free pensions.…

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Greenpeace protesters hanging from Portland bridge prevent icebreaker from returning Artic oil drilling area

A group of 13 Greenpeace protesters are suspended from the St. Johns Bridge over the Willamette River leading to the Portland, Oregon harbor. The icebreaker MSV Fennica has been in the harbor for repairs and planned to return to Shell Oil’s artic drilling area. Oil drilling there cannot take place without the equipment being delivered by the Fennica.

They are lowering … As the ship heads this way. #ShellNo protest @Greenpeace @KGWSunrise #ShellOil #Portland pic.twitter.com/wLOKXoUWKx

— Rachael Rafanelli (@RachaelKGW) July 30, 2015

In addition to the suspended protesters who are now on their second day, dozens of “kayaktivists” are in the water in kayaks to aid in preventing the ship from leaving the port.…

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Indiana school district to hire former Michigan Emergency Manager who increased debt by nearly $90 million in 18 months

Indiana school district to hire former Michigan Emergency Manager who increased debt by nearly $90 million in 18 months

Look out, Indiana! It’s coming right for you!

After having been beta tested in Michigan, the Emergency Manager model of “saving” “failing” municipalities from their own corruption, malfeasance, and ineptitude – or as is more often the case, the implosion of their manufacturing base and disinvestment – is being rolled out in the states of Indiana and New Jersey. In Indiana, Gary Public Schools has just hired a new Emergency Manager (or “fiscal manager” in their parlance) to run the cash-strapped school district. Who is the new overseer? None other than Jack Martin, former Emergency Manager of Highland Park schools and, more recently Detroit Public Schools.…

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Planned Parenthood Big Pink Bus

Stand with Planned Parenthood — you’ll be in great company

The healthcare provider is under attack. Let’s rally the troops.

Imagine someone who always looked out for you was getting beat up by the school bully, or was getting smeared by an enemy at work who was telling vicious lies about them. You’d leap to their defense, right? After all, if they’ve been there for you — no matter what — you’d want to return the favor.

Planned Parenthood is that friend, and they need us right now more than ever.

Of course, attacks on Planned Parenthood by anti-choice extremists aren’t anything new, but this latest set of attacks using so-called “sting” videos — videos captured by imposters using hidden cameras, which have been edited to make it seem like Planned Parenthood was selling body parts from aborted fetuses for a profit, which it unequivocally does not do — is particularly hateful.…

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I'd personally like to thank Dr. Walter J. Palmer, killer of Cecil the lion

I’d personally like to thank Dr. Walter J. Palmer, killer of Cecil the lion

My Facebook feed has been an endless stream of diatribes against Dr. Walter J. Palmer, DDS, the American dentist who paid over $50,000 to murder a lion lured out of a wildlife sanctuary. With the help of some guides, Palmer shot Cecil, a human-friendly animal, with a crossbow and then “hunted” him for the next 40+ hours as the animal slowly died from the arrow fired into his majestic body by the rich white man from another continent.

I’d personally like to thank Dr. Palmer. Not because he killed a world-famous lion and forced it to spend the last two days of its life in tortuous pain.…

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Michigan Chamber of Commerce in freakout mode over ballot proposal to make corporations pay their fair share in taxes

As the group Citizens for Fair Taxes is rolling out its effort to put a proposal on the ballot to compel Michigan corporations to pay their fair share in taxes in order to get our roads fixed, the Michigan Chamber of Commerce is in panic mode. And well they should be. Internal polling by the group shows that 69% of Michigan voters support the effort to rescind $900 million in tax breaks so that we can get our roads fixed without putting it all on the middle class and poor folk in Michigan.

On Monday, Chamber of Commerce president Rich Studley went on the Frank Beckman Show on WJR to begin the fear-mongering that this proposal will kill economic development.…

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