2022, Education — September 6, 2022 at 4:07 pm

One local school board candidate – Hana Mitsusada-Boylan – proves who REALLY supports students & teachers


In a year when local school board races have turned into referendums on Donald Trump’s ultra-MAGA agenda, there’s one candidate for a local school board who is putting students and teachers above her own campaign.

Hana Mitsusada-Boylan is running for the Trenton Public Schools Board of Education in the Downriver area of Michigan, just south of Detroit. In the middle of her campaign, she did the unthinkable for an actively campaigning candidate: She took a break from fundraising and knocking on voters’ doors and did a school supplies drive for Trenton Public Schools to ensure that teachers and students have the resources they need going into the new school year.

Last week on August 31st, she set up shop at the St. Thomas parish and accepted school supplies donations from the community. The response was superb. In a post on Facebook, Mitsusada-Boylan thanked the many people and groups who made the event a success. “We received soooo many donations today!”, she wrote. “Thank you to everyone who stopped by and donated. Thank you again to Trenton’s Rotary Club for coming through with a TRUNK FULL of donations.”

On Your Side Family Services donated the tents used for the event and St. Thomas parish was a co-sponsor.

In a statement, Mitsusada-Boylan, a class of 2013 Trenton graduate, expressed her excitement and gratitude. “The event was a huge success and gave me hope that we can come together as a community to support our students and the education professionals they rely on daily,” she wrote. “This is the kind of event I’d love to do yearly as a member of the Board of Education.”

One Trenton Schools parent, Emily Hornbeck, was equally enthusiastic. “I absolutely love this community and this event and this candidate give me so much hope for the future,” she said. “Hana has my full support for School Board Trustee for her commitment to transparency, her desire to build upon the success of the Trenton schools and her vision to ensure Trenton is a place where all students are welcome and challenged to succeed.”

With far-right extremists attempting to take over local school boards to enforce book bans, micromanage every element of teachers’ jobs, and pushing a far-right agenda not shared by most Americans, it’s refreshing to see a candidate actually put students and teachers first rather than an extreme, out-of-touch political agenda.

If you want to support this dynamic and exciting candidate, please click HERE and make a donation to her campaign.