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Terri Lynn Land to file amended financial disclosure statement after “forgetting” a bank account with millions of dollars in it

Really, Terri???

A week after the Detroit Free Press reported that Terri Lynn Land has made nearly $3 million worth of donations to her own campaign while filing tax returns that show no such funds available, Land is finally getting around to saying that she’s finally going to get around to obeying federal election laws by refiling her taxes financial disclosure statement:

Republican U.S. Senate candidate Terri Lynn Land says she’s close to filing an amended financial disclosure statement to account for nearly $3 million she’s given her campaign.

Spokeswoman Heather Swift says Land likely will fix the “clerical error” this week.

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VIDEOS: Michigan Republican “super secret spy glasses” FAIL now a national news story

How can we lose to these idiots?

After the Michigan Republican Party was busted earlier this month for using “super secret spy glasses” to surreptitiously videotape Democratic candidates, the story has gotten legs. Yesterday, Steve Benen at The Maddow Blog posted additional exclusive video taken from the memory card found at a Democratic event at a union hall after Republican operatives lost it. The video shows John Howting, a James O’Keefe wannabe, in training sessions with young Republican staffers who are sent to Democratic Party events to do the Republican Party’s dirty work for them:

Howting has a history of this sort of illicit crap.…

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Michigan unemployment rate up, now 3rd highest in the country

NOW can we ask, “Where are the jobs”???

Back in February, Michigan had the 4th highest unemployment rate in the country.

Today, we have the 3rd highest at 7.5%. That’s up from last month, by the way.

In fact, only Mississippi and Rhode Island – who are tied for last place – and Nevada are higher. 46 states and the District of Columbia have lower unemployment rates.

I know the changes that Republicans have made to raise taxes on the middle class and on retirees and to slash school funding to give a huge tax break to corporations and the repeated laws kneecapping labor unions including making the birthplace of the modern labor movement a right to work for less state probably will take time to show results.…

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The worst environmental scores in Lansing – are your reps on this list?

The Michigan legislature has had a lot of bad ideas about our environment. Here’s who voted for them

This hasn’t been a great couple of years for environmental protection in Michigan. To help us all keep track, and hold the legislature accountable, the Michigan League of Conservation Voters released its legislative scorecard last week, rating the Michigan House and Senate on their environmental actions – or lack thereof – over the last legislative session (PDF). (DISCLOSURE: I sit on the board of the Michigan LCV Education Fund, but all the opinions in this piece are my own, not those of the organization).…

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Snyder campaign caught infiltrating a Schauer event a 3rd time, this time with secret “spy camera glasses”

Republicans even suck at being assholes

First is was a Republican operative posing as a CNN reporter. Then it was a Snyder intern attempting to infiltrate a Schauer campaign GOTV office. Now we have failed infiltration attempt #3 of Democrat Mark Schauer’s gubernatorial campaign by the reelection campaign of Gov. Rick Snyder.

For the third time this year, Democratic gubernatorial candidate Mark Schauer is accusing Republicans of attempting to spy on his campaign.

But this time, the suspected political subterfuge involves a high-tech hidden camera and a video memory disk that fell into the hands of Democrats.

And Republicans are defending their campaign snooping.

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Terri Lynn Land, one of the biggest self-funders in the land, wants you to think she’s just a simple small business owner

Kiss, kiss!

In 2011 Terri Lynn Land bought an apartment complex from “Land & Co.” for a bit under a million bucks. This was a small investment to allow her to claim to be a small business owner and not part of Land & Co. itself, the “family business” she repeatedly touts in her campaign speeches and ads to prove her business acumen.

Land holds Land & Co. at arm’s length because the company closed down the trailer park she boasts about working in as a child and then did nothing to develop the land which now sits vacant and empty.…

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How a progressive convention in Michigan changed America forever

The Crosswhite incident, Michigan and the power of the grassroots

Photo: Adam Crosswhite (Archives of Michigan)

You know that from July 17-20, much of America’s progressive community will gather in Detroit for Netroots Nation to organize, galvanize and socialize, in approximately that order.

“Why Detroit?” Chris Savage wrote last year, after being given the honor of announcing the 2014’s conference location from the stage of the 2013 Netroots in San Jose. “Because Michigan represents the future of our country if we don’t regain political control of our state governments.”

If Democrats can’t win this blue state in 2014—after four years of a state government dominated by the Tea Party and a governor who has only been tough on the middle class—there’s no hope of keeping the Senate, or ever taking back the House.…

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POLL: Mark Schauer now tied with Rick Snyder, Terri Lynn Land sinking into obscurity

Public Policy Polling’s latest Michigan poll has very good news for Democrats. Let’s start out with the very best news: after trailing in all previous polling, Mark Schauer is now in a 40-40 dead heat with incumbent Republican Governor Rick Snyder. What’s more, Snyder’s numbers are down four points from December and he has a negative job approval of 54% vs. only 37% who think he’s doing a good job.

Mark Schauer is still introducing himself to the voters in Michigan and every poll shows him doing better and better. Rick Snyder, on the other hand, who virtually every Michigander knows, appears to be cratering.…

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UPDATED: Tim Walberg: “Americans are all slaves” to all sorts of debauchery

Transference much, Tim?

Tim Walberg, Congressman for Michigan’s 7th District, doesn’t think much of Americans. I mean he REALLY doesn’t think much of Americans. In fact, according to Walberg, we’re all just a bunch of slaves.

Here’s what he said at a Family Research Council conservative pastor’s conference called “Watchmen at the Wall” in May:

And so in [the Biblical Book of] Nehemiah, the 9th chapter, verse 36, there are recorded these chilling words from the Levites when it says, “Behold, we are slaves today, and as to the land that you gave to our fathers to eat of its fruit and its bounty, behold we are slaves in it.”

Powerful, tragic, REAL words.

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Reproductive rights take a beating by SCOTUS and Michigan’s GOP-led legislature

In a blatant display of bias, opponents of choice keep trying to stack the deck against women’s legal access to abortion.

I’m not sure which of these pieces of news makes me angrier, so I’ll start with the most recent. On Thursday, the U.S. Supreme Court unanimously struck down Massachusetts’ buffer zone law, siding with anti-abortion extremists who think they have a right to be closer than 35 feet away from women seeking an abortion.

The Massachusetts law was designed to protect women from intimidation, harassment and abuse, but the Supreme Court apparently thinks it’s not a problem for women to be forced to listen to hateful rhetoric or be subject to gruesome images of aborted fetuses as they walk into a clinic.…

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