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5 disasters to expect if the Supreme Court guts the Affordable Care Act

If Republicans are trying to show people how crucial Obamacare is, King v. Burwell could be the perfect way to do it.

The lawsuit that could end subsidies to the millions of Americans in 34 states who purchased insurance through the federal health care exchange will be argued on March 4. But we already have hints of what the impact will be if Chief Justice John Roberts and the Supreme Court gut President Obama’s signature health care law over complete nonsense.

1. $340 billion in tax credits and cost sharing reductions over the next 10 years will be revoked.
Obamacare has even turned Republicans against the thing they love the most — tax breaks.…

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Scott Walker reveals the real Republican agenda — deficit, division and lower wages

Jeb Bush has gotten an early start on his path to being 2016’s Mitt Romney. And the first non-Jeb to pull ahead of him is Scott Walker (and possibly Ben Carson, too).

It’s the perfect time for Walker to have his moment in the spotlight because no Republican politician better reveals the GOP’s true agenda better than the governor of Wisconsin.

Scott Walker is the master of what I call “The Supreme Con” — where the middle class votes itself out of existence by endorsing policies that give the rich a hand up while everyone else gets backhanded.

Here’s how it works:

Increase the deficit
Like his fellow Republicans Sam Brownback and Bobby Jindal, Scott Walker has had to endorse budget tricks to keep his tax cuts from sending his state into default.…

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Republicans love America — and they want to show it by taking insurance from 8.2 million working Americans

This week a somewhat abstruse debate about whether America should purposely try to antagonize 1.6 billion Muslims morphed into an impossibly stupid debate about whether the President of the United States really loves the United States.

Meanwhile, in actual news, there’s an absurd lawsuit that threatens to wreak havoc on our health care system.

The Urban Institute projects a victory in the plaintiff’s in the case of King v. Burwell that would result in 8.2 million Americans losing insurance as $340 billion in tax credits and cost-sharing reductions are eliminated over the ten years. Premiums for those buying individual coverage in the 34 affected states would rise up to 35 percent.…

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The GOP’s nightmare: Obama and Obamacare both hit new highs

After a rough year, Democrats should savor what happened on Monday February 17, 2015.

President Obama and Obamacare both hit 50 percent.

The president’s approval rating is back at 50 percent in the Gallup daily tracking poll. He hit the halfway mark for the first time since June 2013 just after his most recent State of the Union and then fell back slightly.

Buoyed by a growing economy and low gas prices — which America has little-to-no control over — Obama’s approval is now higher than Ronald Reagan’s was at this point the Reagan presidency. (Conservative Gipper Defenders argue, “Well, that’s only because the administration had been caught selling missiles to Iran to fund an illegal war.” To which I say, “That’s a defense of Reagan?”) And it’s almost 20 percent higher than George W.…

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5 ways Obama can ensure he will go down as great and not just a great-ish president

A new poll of 162 members of the American Political Science Association ranks President Obama 18th among the 43 men who have served as President of the United States.

The poll indicts itself as being an immediate relic of this historical moment by placing Obama as the second most polarizing chief executive in U.S. history, behind George W. Bush, who is ranked 35th overall. The fact is we’ve entered into the “cable news” era of the presidency. We should probably expect every current president to be seen as the most polarizing when s/he is in office. And none of them will ever be as polarizing as the man who cut taxes on the rich while starting two wars.…

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The exact same people who lied us into war with Iraq are trying to lie us into war with Iran

As Brian Williams becomes the first person punished for lying about the Iraq War, Dick Cheney is about to headline a fundraiser for the National Republican Congressional Committee. Benjamin Netanyahu is about to speak to a joint session of Congress and George W. Bush’s brother — who has “never disagreed” with any of W.’s policies — is the frontrunner for the GOP presidential nomination. One of Jeb’s biggest backers and favorite advisors? Condoleelza Rice.

Any rational person has given up any hope that there will be any real punishment for those who lied us into the Iraq War — and still are unrepentant of their support for the lies that led to that disaster, which they carefully hit until after the 2004 election.…

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Even Fox News knows Republicans can’t take credit for the best job creation of the century

On Fox News: Friday’s jobs report was terrible news, barely worth mentioning. “So the headline is unemployment rate ticks up to 5.7″ percent,” Steve Doocy said, as he quickly wrapped up the segment.

In reality: “This might just be the most perfect payrolls report ever,” according to economist Justin Wolfers. On Twitter, he raved about the strong growth of 257,000 jobs, helpful revisions — which saw November’s gains rise to 423,000 and Decembers pick up to 329,000 — and “useful real wage growth.”

We can say now with certainty that 2014 — with 3.2 million new jobs — was the best year of employment creation this century.…

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Republicans have a plan if the Supreme Court guts Obamacare — let people die and blame Obama

In anticipation of the Supreme Court hearing King v. Burwell — the case that could take health insurance from millions based on a garbage legal argument that Congress wanted to deny subsidies to people in states that didn’t build their own exchanges and didn’t tell anyone because conspiracy — Republicans have been pretending that they will have a plan to fix the massive hole they hope suddenly appears in the law.

The Washington Post‘s Greg Sargent has been following what he calls the GOP’s “bait and switch” tactics for months.

But it goes without saying that Republicans would love to see millions of Americans robbed of health insurance.…

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Day 6: First Quarter fundraiser – One huge reason to donate to Eclectablog now? Obamacare success stories

Obamacare is an amazing success. It’s helping taxpayers save as much as $600 million as we’ve added over a decade of life to Medicare while massively expanding coverage. It’s an imperfect improvement from the status quo and the greatest attempt to reduce inequality we’ve made as a nation since the 1960s.

But calling the “Obamacare success story” an underserved genre is generous.

It barely exists.

Sure, you get the occasional special guest at the State of the Union to symbolize the more than 10 million Americans who have gained coverage over the last 12 months, which just happen to be the best 12 months of job creation we’ve experienced this century.…

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The one chart that shows why conservatives can’t run on income inequality

Republicans struggle to attack Obama economy they failed to sabotage and want to take credit for

Republicans are in an amazing bind.

The first year of the Affordable Care Act marketplaces didn’t destroy the economy. Neither have two straight years of higher taxes on the rich. Instead, we got the best year of job creation of the century.

Conservatives go two ways on this.

Some Republicans like Mitch McConnell have tried to to take ownership of what they used to derisively call Obama’s economy. It was joy at the GOP taking over the Senate that started the boom in January.…

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