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Democrats can use Obamacare to remind voters that Republicans want to gut Medicare

If Republicans ran on what they actually believed, they’d lose — even in red states.

We know this for sure because a candidate who voted to privatize Medicare and Social Security is attacking his opponent for wanting to reform Medicare and Social Security.

Just as we learned that Obamacare is fading as an issue in the 2014 elections, Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate in Arkansas Rep. Tom Cotton released an ad that targets Democrat Mark Pryor’s support for Social Security and Medicare reforms. The ad rips quotes out of context and ties in Pryor’s votes for cuts to Medicare and Medicare Advantage in Obamacare.…

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Why Rand Paul is better for the left than right

After what had been the worst night of unrest in Ferguson, Missouri in response the killing of 18-year old Michael Brown by a police officer, a flurry of statements from politicians on Thursday condemned the aggressive action of the local police.

Senator Elizabeth Warren and Rep. Justin Amash issued nearly identical statements noting that this is America, not a war zone.

President Obama insisted that there is never an excuse for violence against the police along with “no excuse for police to use excessive force against peaceful protests or to throw protesters in jail for lawfully exercising their First Amendment rights.”

Notably the president stayed away from any comment upon the issues of race, police brutality or police militarization that have charged the national debate about what’s going on in Ferguson.…

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The Kochs may be helping elect Democrats in Michigan

The Koch brothers’ front group Freedom Partners abruptly canceled $1.1 million in ads in Michigan aimed to help elect Republicans last week, according to Politico.

Did the brothers Koch look at the run of polls that show Mark Schauer running neck-and-neck with scandal-ridden Governor Rick Snyder or a stark assessment from the National Journal that illustrates how Senate nominee Terri Lynn Land is as bad a candidate as Republicans feared she’d be?

Likely not.

More likely, the Kochs realize that in the state preferred by four out of five of the Great Lakes, at least, their involvement may be doing more harm than good.…

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Millions of Americans are protected from premium increases for the first time — but there’s a catch

Next year, an amazing thing will happen. Millions of Americans won’t be paying more for health insurance.

Subsidized middle-class consumers — about 85 percent of the those who purchased a plan — currently pay an average of $264 less a month because of the law. And they will likely be paying just about the same amount in premiums in 2015 — if they take the time to check their policy and pick one that’s right for them in the exchange.

This part is important: ACA plans automatically renew but you should still visit the exchange and shop for a new plan anyway.

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3 reasons there won’t be a GOP wave in 2014

People don’t love Democrats but they hate the alternative

Many the members of the GOP’s House majority have literally have had their districts drawn for them. And if Republicans wanted to draw a map that would give them a chance to take control of the Senate, it would look exactly like what we’re seeing in 2014.

The party of Steve King, Michele Bachmann and Louis Gohmert simply needs to win six seats to take the majority of the upper house of Congress and Democrats are defending seven seats in states that Mitt Romney won as he lost in a landslide. They will likely pick up Montana, South Dakota and West Virginia easily.…

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How the House GOP gave the president permission to go big on immigration

Less than eight months after the House GOP Leadership embraced legalization for 11 million undocumented immigrants, the real leadership of the House — Ted Cruz, Michele Bachmann and Steve King — have passed a bill that demands maximum deportations.

President Obama has already indicated that he will act to reduce the deportations of at least some of the law-abiding undocumented who would likely qualify for a path to citizenship under the Senate’s bi-partisan immigration bill.

““We have a system that runs on discretion,” University of California at Los Angeles law professor Hiroshi Motomura told Politico. “There are 11 million people in the country who in theory are not supposed to be here.…

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How Obamacare has helped strengthen Medicare as we’ve cut $7.9 trillion from our long-term deficits

Who knew we could expand coverage while saving trillions on health care? Oh. Only every industrialized country in the world.

We know that about 10 million Americans have gained health insurance in the last seven months as America has enjoyed its best year of job creation since 1999.

But the best news about Obamacare — besides the more than 12,000 American lives a year it will save if the law’s effectiveness resembles Romneycare’s — is the life it has added to Medicare.

The Boards of Trustees for Medicare reported on Monday that the life of Medicare Part A has been extended again.…

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The vast-right wing conspiracy to deny mostly Republican voters tax credits

Republican celebrations over a D.C. Appeals court ruling that would deny tax credits who people who bought their insurance through the federal health care exchange hit a new pitch on Thursday.

A “smoking gun” video seemed to reveal Romneycare/Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber suggesting that that Democrats meant to deny those credits to residents of states who refused to build exchanges. Two other instances of Gruber making similar comments were also uncovered on Friday.

Democrats have been arguing that the full context of the law makes it clear the subsidies would go to those who purchased coverage in either the state or federal exchanges.…

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Day 2: 3rd Quarter fundraiser – If we all do what we can, those Kochs can’t win

There is no voter outreach strategy in politics more effective than a volunteer showing up and knocking on a door. It’s the kind of outreach money literally can’t buy.

Thus: When progressives get out the vote, Democrats win.

It’s a simple formula and no one I’ve ever met lives it better than Chris Savage. When this man isn’t waking up early to interview more than a dozen teachers about Rick Snyder’s failed educational experiments, organizing meetings, recruiting canvassers, supporting his bloggers, knocking on doors or actually blogging, he’s working his full-time job.

If you had an army of Chris Savages, you couldn’t lose.…

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Did Republicans conspire to deny their residents billions in tax credits?

Workers are just pawns in the GOP’s sabotage game

In a 2-1 decision, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit ruled that federal tax credits cannot by awarded to anyone who purchased health insurance from the marketplace the federal government set up in 36 states.

(And just a few hours later, the Fourth Circuit Court ruled in “precisely the opposite direction” on a related case.)

Taxpayers who earn more than 138 percent of poverty level and less than 400 percent, according the government’s interpretation of the law, should receive credits to help them pay their insurance premiums.…

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