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We’re looking forward to your support of the Iran Nuclear Deal, @SenGaryPeters

The nuclear deal that United States, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Russia and China made with Iran is the epitome of giving peace a chance. Rejecting it would set us on a likely path to war. Accepting it gives us the hope of preventing Iran from ever gaining a nuclear weapon without a tragic, wasteful military conflict.

Of course, the agreement doesn’t remove any possibility of war. Iran could violate the deal, triggering a multilateral response. Sanctions should snap back and that could easily escalate to armed conflict. Basically, we’d be where critics of the deal want us to be today by rejecting this deal — except we’d have much of the world on our side.…

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Conservatives’ ingenious 50-year war on voting rights proves they must never be underestimated

Call Ari Berman the Paul Revere of voting rights.

“In 2011 and 2012, 180 new voting restrictions were introduced in forty-one states, with twenty-seven new laws taking effect in nineteen states, nearly all of them controlled by Republicans,” Berman writes in his new book Give Us The Ballot: The Modern Struggle for Voting Rights in America.

This wasn’t some freak coincidence or hot new trend, as you know. It certainly wasn’t based on any evidence. Republicans had just won an unprecedented landslide as the embers of the disaster their last president were still sparking. Was that evidence of massive voter fraud?…

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ZIMAGE - Donald Trump - Flickr - Gage Skidmore

It’s just a total coincidence that racists and conservatives really like Trump’s anti-immigrant crusade

Matt Taibbi is probably right.

Donald Trump’s campaign has stopped being funny. Now it’s beyond a living satire. Even Paddy Chayefsky wouldn’t let things get this vile.

We’re now under the rock seething in the squishy, stomach-turning underbelly of conservative politics that has festered in the resentment of a politics that has capitalized on the anxieties created by the growing equality of minorities, women and members of the LGBT* community.

On Friday, Trump visited Alabama, where fifty years ago protesters risked life and limb to demand basic voting rights and this year gay couples still face staggering hostility to their basic right to marry.…

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How else are you going to get the whole story on philandering, false-flagging Tea Partiers?

When a Michigan story goes national — like the bizarre sexcapades of moralizing Tea Partiers Todd Courser and Cindy Gamrat — you can bet Eclectablog has been on the case for a while.

When a corporate front group launches a sneak attack to cut wages, we’re there.

When Donald Trump takes on auto workers with perfect distillation of how billionaires like him destroy the middle class, it’s on Eclectablog — along with the truth about Trump’s dog whistled, conservative appeals that much of the media is afraid to name and shame.

The middle class needs Eclectablog and Eclectablog needs you.…

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trump debate

How conservatives paved the way for Trump to wreck their party

Why did Wisconsin’s Republican Party decide it immediately needed a voter ID law before the 2014 election?

The law’s proponents claimed it was necessary but offered no evidence — less than zero — to support that claim.

“As there is no evidence that voter-impersonation fraud is a problem, how can the fact that a legislature says it’s a problem turn it into one?” Reagan-appointed Judge Richard Posner wrote. “If the Wisconsin legislature says witches are a problem, shall Wisconsin courts be permitted to conduct witch trials?”

Read Ari Berman’s riveting new book Give Us the Ballot to get the whole story of how decades of voting rights being expanded turned into a conservative counterrevolution that gutted the Voting Rights Act created the in-person voter fraud to justify a new poll tax known as voter ID.…

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For anyone who says Trump’s explosive rise in the GOP primary *isn’t* about race

Donald Trump has been pretending to run for president since 1988, but it took 21 years for him to act racist enough for conservatives to take him seriously.

In 2011, it was his birtherism.

In 2015, it’s him calling immigrants “rapists.”

Rather unsurprisingly, serious people want to pretend his appeal is built on anything other than race.

“A new Bloomberg Politics poll of Republican and Republican-leaning voters demolishes the claim that he appeals to mouth-breathing xenophobes and nobody else,” Bloomberg’s Joshua Green wrote. His argument is that Trump is leading with nearly all Republican demographics, without pointing out what the mouth-breathing xenophobe demographic is.…

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How many American lives would Obamacare repeal put at risk? 19,000, says one study

The biggest sign of Obamacare’s success is Republicans rarely bother to complain about it anymore.

There’s the usual minor freakout about premium increases that upon a bit of investigation proves to be at least no worse than what we saw before Obamacare — and probably better if you shop around.

And news that California, which has excelled in implementing the law, is seeing premium increases less than half than what it experienced before the law is mostly ignored. Because who wants to hear that 68% who were uninsured in our largest state before Obamacare are now covered, and they’re more financially secure?…

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GOP primary voters torn between people who think Obama is Hitler and actual fans of Hitler

It took corporate America about four years to get the subtext of Donald Trump’s birtherism.

But when he decided to use his announcement that he was running for president to reveal his belief that immigrants are criminals and rapists, Madison Avenue was forced to recognize that they probably shouldn’t be tolerating a guy whose comments would get him kicked out of  a group home — even if he is a billionaire of some sort.

One group that has suddenly realized that they had a lot more in common with Trump than they imagined is white supremacists.

WARNING: This is about to get really gross, really fast.…

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New poll shows GOP approval lowest in decades — but conservatives would like it to be lower

The Republican Party’s approval rating is now lower in the Pew poll than at any time since 1992.

It’s lower now than it was during the government shutdowns in 2013 and the mid 1990s — lower than the absolute nadir of George W. Bush’s presidency when we were actively losing two wars as the global economy teetered on the edge of existence.

Why is the GOP so unpopular now?

The current survey finds that positive views of the GOP among Republicans have declined 18 percentage points since January, from 86% to 68%. Independents also view the Republican Party less favorably; 29% today, compared with 37% six months ago.…
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Debbie Dingell With Planned Parenthood

Everything you need to know about the right’s obsession to defame and defund Planned Parenthood (but were afraid to Google)

What is going on here and why does it matter?

“Nope, zero.”

That was President Obama’s response when Speaker Boehner asked him how much he was willing to cut from Planned Parenthood in 2011.

Defunding the organization that has provided health care for 1 in 5 women in America has become a conservative obsession since the rise of the “non-partisan, tax-focused” Tea Party movement. No less than four Republican candidates for president — Chris Christie, John Kasich, Rick Perry and Scott Walker — have all rejected funds that would have provided poor women with STD screening and contraception.

The federal government provides 40 percent of Planned Parenthood’s budget with about half a billion dollars.…

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