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Donald Trump is the conservative-est conservative ever to conservative

It’s time to start giving Donald Trump some credit.

The billion-dollar baby deftly figured out that the GOP has the immune system of an earthworm. The party’s warring factions, weak leadership and corruption of the campaign finance system have made it ripe for a parasite to infect and capture its host’s brain while it’s still praying for Jeb Bush to stop embarrassing himself.

He’s figured out how to signal to white supremacists that he appreciates their support—without engendering the media shitstorm you’d expect in a functioning democracy.

And he’s figured out how to out-conservative conservatives who have spent their entire adult lives engaged in a sort of drag show where they dress, talk and do the robot like some store-brand Reagan.…

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The one issue neither Democratic candidate has *really* talked about

Racism must be called by name if we want to undo the damage of conservative policies

Call it karma. Call it poetic justice. But definitely don’t ignore it.

Non-white voters will decide who becomes the Democratic nominee for president. And non-white voters will decide who the next president of the United States will be.

Former senior advisor to President Obama Dan Pfeiffer calls this quote from Dan Ballz “almost all you need to know” about the 2016 election:

The Democratic primary has already turned out to be historic. Either the first woman or the first Jewish person ever won the Iowa caucuses.…

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How Donald Trump becomes president of the United States

Welcome to your nightmare

Something terrifying is about to happen.

Barring a calamitous natural disaster, the reveal of the greatest prank show in human history or a failure of polling so absolute that it would become an honorary Bush brother, some Americans are about to cast their votes to make Donald Trump president of the United States.

But since it’s happening it Iowa, it’s different than normal elections in that it’s purposely arcane, slow and unrepresentative. So it’s like voting always is for minorities—but for white people.

That’s why the turnout for the Iowa caucus is abysmally low—with 4 out of 5 residents skipping the entire process even though their state has been bombarded with candidates, campaigns and ads since back before Trump insulted a disabled man at a campaign rally.…

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Wall Street

The ‘most, intensive coordinated lobbying effort that Capitol Hill has ever seen’ is going on right now

Elections Matter: The Fiduciary Standard Edition

You’ve probably haven’t heard anything about it but the “most, intensive coordinated lobbying effort that Capitol Hill has ever seen is going on right now,” according to lawyer, financial planner and academic Ron Rhoades.

You should listen Bloomberg’s Barry Ritholtz interview Rhoades about this now.

Billions of dollars of inflated fees are at stake, as are the retirement plans of tens of millions of Americans — including you.

The government is about to do something transformative that will move much of our retirement planning away from a culture of sales towards a culture of duty to customers.…

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You can’t understand the 2016 GOP primary without ‘Why the Right Went Wrong’

How something so right had to go so wrong

The last time Republicans won a presidential election it was 2004.

George W. Bush prevailed by trumpeting his ability to keep us safe, despite the 9/11 attacks and the failing wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, while his domestic agenda revolved around supporting “traditional marriage” and immigration reform. Deep in his campaign literature, you’d find he was also proposing privatizing Social Security, but it didn’t figure heavily in the campaign.

Today, twelve years later, thrice-married Donald Trump is the Republican frontrunner. His opposition to immigration reform, in general, and Mexico, Mexicans, and China, in specific, defines his campaign.…

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What the hell is going on in Michigan?

Help us reveal what the hell is going on. Donate now.

It took a genuine catastrophe in Flint for people to notice, but what’s going on in Michigan should be a screeching alarm to America of the dangers of right-wing governance.

Rick Snyder’s soggy demeanor and business connections bless him with the shiny veneer of being a “moderate.” Few people understood the radicalism his complete lack of charisma hid.

Elected in a Tea Party wave, Snyder narrowly won re-election, mostly due to the strength of Barack Obama’s accomplishments, the Michael Bloomberg-backed saturation of the TV airwaves, and an establishment-endorsed sense of competence.…

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Obamacare has led to the Obamaboom — someone should ask Republicans about that

The Affordable Care Act has led us into the best job creation of the century, exactly the opposite of what the GOP predicted

The predictions were ridiculous.

Implement Obamacare and we’ll get a “total economic collapse.” Or maybe we’ll just “ruin our economy.” Rush Limbaugh more modestly said it would cost us “2.5 million jobs, minimum.”

Instead we just got another “beautiful” jobs report, according to economist Justin Wolfers.

2015 was the second best year of job creation this century with 2.8 million new slots created. The first best year of job creation? 2014, with 3.1 million.…

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Democrats are letting Republicans rob President Obama of his successes

A bunch of half-assed governors, sorry senators and actual clowns are blasting the record of a president who prevented a Great Depression

It’s pretty likely that you aren’t aware that it seems that the last two years have been the best two years of job creation since 1998-1999.

And even if you are aware of this, most people aren’t. They probably haven’t even heard it.

What they have heard is the wild accusations that have be steadily launched against the president in a series of the most widely viewed presidential primary debates in American history.

It’s not just Trump trumping up claims against the president, invoking a horror show of insecurity and decline that requires absurd retreats into fascist walling off of our society, failed 19th-century policies and scratch-your-skin-till-it-bleeds conspiracy theorizing.…

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Screen Shot 2016-01-01 at 10.56.40 AM

Rick Snyder owes a lot more to the kids who were poisoned by his governance

An apology must be just the beginning of the investment that must be made to rebuild the city

This week the people of Flint, Michigan finally got an apology from the governor who appointed both the Emergency Manager who approved the poisoning of the city’s water and the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality officials who dismissed citizens’ “perfectly legitimate scientific concern” about the water.

He also accepted the resignation of two of MDEQ employees. More should be on the way.

His “very sorry” will do nothing to avoid the permanent damage to kids’ IQs and emotional stability that is likely because the city’s water simply wasn’t properly treated and, rather than accept that reality, the state covered it up.…

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The GOP’s worst nightmare could come true

Who — besides Ted Cruz — predicted that Donald Trump would spend the second half of 2015 riding racism and xenophobia to the top of the polls thus allowing a supportive Cruz a chance to angle into the GOP nomination as the “reasonable” candidate?


Getting everything wrong seemed to be the one thing pundits did right in 2015including me, if I count.

I’d be a fool to venture any more predictions, so I will.

It’s still difficult to envisage Trump getting the GOP nomination and not because I expect Republicans to have too much sense to nominate him.…

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Income inequality is already a crisis and the GOP frontrunners all have plans to make it worse

Another massive transfer of wealth to the richest just when we need it least

Whenever people point out that Ronald Reagan would be too liberal for today’s Republican Party, I get the point.

He backed immigration reform and gun safety restrictions after leaving the White House. Reagan also recognized that his ability to slash government was limited by a Democratic House and a middle class very attached to the promises of Medicare, Social Security and even Medicaid. So he pursued the real conservative plan for gutting government through destroying the tax base and appointing Supreme Court Justices who will (eventually) deliver death blows to programs no national politician can ever back and expect to be re-elected.…

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