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Obamacare is still a huge issue — in states that haven’t expanded Medicaid

Why denying health insurance to 4 million Americans is smart — but deadly — politics for the GOP

This past weekend, “In just a year Obamacare goes from top Congress issue to barely mentioned” by The Washington Post‘s Colby Itkowitz topped Reddit’s muy popular r/politics page.

Itkowitz’s analysis was based on mentions by members of Congress:

It was last September when Republicans sparred with Democrats over the future of the health-care law, a disagreement that prompted a 17-day federal government shutdown and overall chaos. It was pretty much anyone on Capitol Hill talked about. Republicans wanted you to know how terrible it was for America, and Democrats wanted you to remember to sign up on Oct.

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Why is the National GOP giving Rick Synder’s hilariously awful re-election campaign a pass?

The national media has finally figured out what our Chris Savage has been saying all year — Republicans never wanted Terri Lynn Land as their candidate for U.S. Senate in Michigan.

Avoiding debates, skirting the press, and making no scheduled public appearances isn’t her strategy. It’s a reaction to self-destructing after just a few questions from the press during a rare media availability this May.

But critics may end up regarding Land’s effort as the second worst state-wide campaign run by a Michigan Republican in 2014.

Rick Snyder began his re-election run in scuba gear with a Super Bowl ad from the same team that brought us Pete Hoekstra’s infamously disastrous “Yellow Girl” ad.…

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Utah’s Republicans May Not Let Sherilyn Horrocks Die

How the Obamacare made the cost of indifference too high

This is the story of one person who doesn’t need to die.

This is the story of one person who doesn’t need to die because a study has found that when you hear about one little starving girl with huge, wet eyes, you are most likely to help[i]. Add another little girl — for a total of two starving people — and you are far less likely to open your wallet. Find out about thousands of starved people and your mind becomes some mashed sweet potatoes. Even if you happen to discover that the one poor, cute little girl you were going to help is one of millions suffering from a famine, you’re suddenly checking your “other” Facebook inbox, that secret one you only check when you’ve been stranded in a broken elevator with nothing but your phone.…

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Mitch McConnell wants to send about 500,000 Kentuckians insurance cancelation notices

When do we start talking about a Democratic wave?

At least one analyst has decided that we can officially call 2014 a “GOP Wave” if Republicans pick up Senate seats in state President Obama won in 2012 including Colorado, Iowa and Michigan.

With Mark Udall consistently leading “personhood” advocate Cory Gardner in Kentucky and Gary Peters beginning to pull away from “personhood” advocate Terri Lynn Land, “personhood” advocate Joni Ernst in Iowa represents Republicans best chance of the three — though Democrats have proven they know how to get votes out in the Hawkeye state, especially using early voting.

If Republicans taking some Obama states constitutes a wave elections, than Democrats taking some Romney states would have to suggest the opposite would be true.…

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Anyone who sees a GOP wave isn’t looking at Michigan

Republicans and their friends in the media keep squinting at the horizon hoping to see a GOP wave forming for November’s elections. Their biggest argument for it is that it should be coming.

“This year, Republicans should do not only well, but very well,” wrote The Weekly Standard’s Jay Cost, one of the many right-wing pundits who predicted Mitt Romney’s victory. “If they don’t, it will be the surest sign yet that something is very wrong with the Grand Old Party.”

President Obama’s unfavorable rating is about 10 percent higher than his approval, which is a tiny gulf compared to the Congressional Republicans’ more than 30 percent popularity deficit.…

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Ted Cruz admits that Obamacare is working

Something great is happening in America — which is why the GOP would rather talk about almost anything else

Nearly every day there seems to be more news that the Affordable Care Act is succeeding in ways that seems inconceivable as floundered last year:

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If you think you’re terrified by the Republican Party, imagine being a GOP donor

A Republican new poll finds that women see Republicans as “intolerant,” “out of touch” and “the kind of guys who need a poll to tell them that women find them intolerant and out of touch.”

Women are justifiably scared of a political party that seems to be less attuned to women’s issues now than it was in the 1960s. But there’s a group that should be even more terrified — GOP donors.

Here’s why.

On Friday, a former Republican nominee for vice president posted a scathing diss of a conservative website on her Facebook page. Sarah Palin spent about 300 words calling out The Daily Caller — a double-A ball team in the conservative media farm system — as a bunch of frat dorks because the site pointed out that she demanded a private plane to appear on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno.…

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MILESTONE: Republicans cannot win the presidency without winning states that have expanded Medicaid

Pennsylvania became the 27th state to expand Medicaid on Thursday. Though the agreement between the Obama Administration and Republican Governor Tom Corbett is far from perfect, it does mark a milestone worth pointing out.

Call it the “270 Mark” or the “276 Mark,” to be exact.

A Republican candidate for president can not take the White House without winning a state that has expanded Medicaid. Even if nominee Cruz, Bundy or Trump won all the red states that have expanded — Arkansas, Arizona, Kentucky and North Dakota — thus far and the hold-out states, that would only give him 262 electoral votes, eight shy of what it takes to win.…

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Koch-supported GOP candidates for Senate thank the Kochs for the chance to help the Kochs get richer

In May of 2008, the Republican nominee for president John McCain broke with George W. Bush to support a cap-and-trade system for limiting greenhouse gases, a position that nearly every major Republican thinking about running for president supported at one time.

In 2014, there isn’t one major Republican who supports doing anything to stop the heating of the atmosphere that will create the sick irony of flooding oceans and unyielding famines across the globe. Not one Republican will even accept the ever-growing scientific consensus that climate change is man-made, thus can be averted by man. There isn’t any conservative willing to say that we ask our richest people to reduce their wealth somewhat in order to avoid a still somewhat avoidable disaster.…

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The cost of GOP’s Obamacare obstruction in Texas? 2 million without health insurance

And higher premiums for everyone else

Last year, about a month before the Affordable Care Act exchanges were set to open and Republicans in Washington D.C. were vowing to shut down the government to defund the law, Bill  Clinton gave a speech at his Presidential Library in Little Rock, Arkansas.

The simple case he made for the law that day could be summed up with one line from his speech: “It’s better than the current system, which is unaffordable and downright unhealthy for millions of Americans.”

Less than a year later, the state that Clinton served as governor for nearly a decade is proving to be the best example that President Obama’s health reforms work — when they aren’t sabotaged.…

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