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Republicans are as wrong about Obamacare as they were about the Iraq War

A new report from the Urban Institute details what every honest adult already knows: Obamacare is the most successful new government program since Medicare and Medicaid.

In states that have fully implemented the law, the uninsured population has been cut in half. Tens of millions of Americans have been covered and about 14 million of them were uninsured before.

Health spending is now predicted to be $2.4 trillion lower than estimates made Obamacare became law. We can’t say that all was the result of Obamacare — but we can say that if it were predicted to be $2.4 trillion higher, Obamacare would get all the blame.…

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All the proof you need that the Republican Party exists to make the richest richer

Who are Republicans worried about on tax day?

The millions of Americans who haven’t had a raise in 15 years?

Nope. The richest .2 percent of Americans who will leave more than $5.4 million dollars to their kids. They want to cut these taxes on the inheritances of theses extraordinarily rich people — none of whom are family farmers, as much as Republicans like to pretend they are — to ZERO.

And I’d like to thank them for this, since it has zero chance of becoming law.

Republicans like to pretend their priorities are multifaceted but all connected by big themes like “life” and “personal responsibility.” In doing this, they’ve managed to trick many of the Americans who have been most brutalized by their economic failures to vote for them.…

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Conservative lust for tax breaks creates debt and poverty, by design

On Friday, Rand Paul blasted President Obama’s plan to make tuition to community college free. He offered an alternative, “Let’s make college tuition entirely deductible.”

“So that the children of rich people can finally get some advantages in life?” Vox’s Marry Yglesias tweeted.

Paul’s idea directly contradicts his flat tax plan — which would explode the deficit and likely cut taxes for the rich while raising them for everyone else — but sounds good because it came from the West Wing.

The truth is — as Yglesias pointed out — Paul’s “plan” would only benefit people who pay taxes, which Mitt Romney pointed out is only 53 percent of the country.…

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What are you going to do about it?

The Koch brothers have announced that their fundraising network will raise close to $1 billion to elect the next president of the United Stateswho could easily appoint four Justices to the Supreme Court. Ted Cruz’s presidential Super PACs say the junior Senator has commitments of $31 million for his run at being America’s Next Top Rick Santorum. Jeb Bush is plotting to spend $50 million to win Florida alone.

Meanwhile, the Supreme Court won’t even hear a case that could disenfranchise 300,000 voters in Wisconsin, even though there’s zero evidence the law does anything, except disenfranchise voters.

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This is how you know Republicans are much better at politics than Democrats

Big business and GOP have a mutually beneficial relationship — but why do the party’s favorite victims keep voting Republican?

Something amazing happened when conservatives deciding that the biggest problem in America today is that gay people can buy things with money: Big business rose up and helped quash conservative overreach. Apple’s Tim Cook help lead a backlash that soon included Social Justice Warriors like Walmart and NASCAR.

This logically led to people wondering why business leaders — who are generally socially liberal and well aware that the American economy does better when a Democrat is in the White House — don’t use their awesome influence for good more often.…

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The GOP gets to choose between George W. Bush 2000 and George W. Bush 2004

The Republican Party is now engaged in a great battle of the spirit, according to The Daily Beast‘s Matt Lewis.

Lewis channels The Washington Post‘s Greg Sargent to ask:

Will the Republican Party run for the White House in 2016 with a genuine effort to expand the party’s appeal beyond its core constituencies and make inroads with the voter groups that have buoyed Democrats in recent national elections? Or will Republicans mainly prioritize the need to further energize their core constituencies and hope they can continue outrunning demographic change?

The battle is typified by the approaches of the two men who have been at the top of the most recent GOP primary polls.…

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Republicans agree! We need to make our crises worse!

“It is as if the government had developed the economic policy equivalent of smart bombs, except these bombs carry payloads of cash for their carefully selected recipients,” Jacob S. Hacker and Paul Pierson write in Winner-Take-All Politics: How Washington Made the Rich Richer — And Turned Its Back on the Middle Class.

Those carefully selected recipients are the richest 1 percent of our richest 1 percent.

These richest 16,000 families with an average net worth of $371 million now own as much wealth as the bottom 90 percent combined, who earn less today — when adjusted for inflation — than they did in 1987.…

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We need a second season of Cosmos — it’s the antidote to the GOP primary

Last week Ted Cruz showed us why we need another season of Cosmos.

On Late Night with Seth Meyers, he was presented with a chance to explain why the world is on fire but it isn’t getting hotter — and he took it. It was as if the world’s greatest internet commenter had crawled into the news and started spraying the sewage of denial everywhere.

Cruz has all the moves down. His toxic pap sounded perfectly sensible — even if it was clear Meyers wasn’t buying it — and required hundreds of words to debunk it by pointing out that it’s almost nonsensical cherry-picked data, cited from a researcher who disagrees with Cruz’s interpretation.…

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Will Republicans defend the right to deny services to interracial couples?

The opponents of interracial marriage must be kicking themselves. If they’d been as ruthlessly creative as today’s anti-gay movement, they could have denied “mixed” couples services and legitimacy for decades.

Acceptance of same-sex marriage has reached new highs in recent polls, with 59 percent in favor of marriage equality in a recent poll. But the idea that people should be able to discriminate against people for deeply held religious views is just as popular with 57 percent agreeing that people “should be allowed to refuse service if they have an objection rooted in their religion.”

Religious discrimination based on “deeply held beliefs” is now so mainstream that Jeb Bush — who is portraying himself as gay friendly even after hiring an aide who works to criminalize homosexuality around the globe — said “people have a right” to deny gay people services.…

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Republicans pick preventable death and debt over expanding health insurance

If there were actually a liberal Fox News, America would be messing itself over the GOP’s new budget proposal.

Relying on savage cuts to those who have been most brutalized by the Bush Recession, the new blueprint from House Republicans claims to make a huge dent in our long-term debt. But the proposal is so much less believable than Harry Potter fan fiction or the dialogue in 50 Shades of Grey that even a Republican “wonk” — who was certain that Mitt Romney was going to win with more than 300 electoral votes — is calling BS.

“It’s hard to see how the math works,” Jim Pethokoukis writes in The Week.…

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