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GOP primary voters torn between people who think Obama is Hitler and actual fans of Hitler

It took corporate America about four years to get the subtext of Donald Trump’s birtherism.

But when he decided to use his announcement that he was running for president to reveal his belief that immigrants are criminals and rapists, Madison Avenue was forced to recognize that they probably shouldn’t be tolerating a guy whose comments would get him kicked out of  a group home — even if he is a billionaire of some sort.

One group that has suddenly realized that they had a lot more in common with Trump than they imagined is white supremacists.

WARNING: This is about to get really gross, really fast.…

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New poll shows GOP approval lowest in decades — but conservatives would like it to be lower

The Republican Party’s approval rating is now lower in the Pew poll than at any time since 1992.

It’s lower now than it was during the government shutdowns in 2013 and the mid 1990s — lower than the absolute nadir of George W. Bush’s presidency when we were actively losing two wars as the global economy teetered on the edge of existence.

Why is the GOP so unpopular now?

The current survey finds that positive views of the GOP among Republicans have declined 18 percentage points since January, from 86% to 68%. Independents also view the Republican Party less favorably; 29% today, compared with 37% six months ago.…
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Debbie Dingell With Planned Parenthood

Everything you need to know about the right’s obsession to defame and defund Planned Parenthood (but were afraid to Google)

What is going on here and why does it matter?

“Nope, zero.”

That was President Obama’s response when Speaker Boehner asked him how much he was willing to cut from Planned Parenthood in 2011.

Defunding the organization that has provided health care for 1 in 5 women in America has become a conservative obsession since the rise of the “non-partisan, tax-focused” Tea Party movement. No less than four Republican candidates for president — Chris Christie, John Kasich, Rick Perry and Scott Walker — have all rejected funds that would have provided poor women with STD screening and contraception.

The federal government provides 40 percent of Planned Parenthood’s budget with about half a billion dollars.…

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Democrats’ secret weapons — Medicare and Medicaid

America is going through a strange sort of puberty.

Since the late 1960s, the Republican Party has built a majority based on exploiting the Democratic Party’s “negro problem,” as it was described in the 1969 book The Emerging Republican Majority. In the late 70s found an activist army big and bold enough to counter organized labor by embracing evangelical furor, first over the desegregation of private schools then abortion.

This mobilization combined with Democrats’ inability to counter big business’ investments the Republican Party as the power of labor shrunk. This led to the party moderating enough to alienate white working class white voters in the Democratic Party but not being conservative enough to win older voters.…

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So tell me again how the Tea Party wasn’t racially motivated

Donald Trump’s Saturday afternoon anti-immigrant bro-down with fellow birther Sheriff Joe reminded me a lot of another Fox News-fed phenomenon that died off when it no longer became electorally convenient for the GOP:

GOP elites bash Trump supporters now. But they sure loved these “nonpartisan political neophytes” when they were called the Tea Party.

— LOLGOP (@LOLGOP) July 12, 2015

Strangely enough a new poll released on Monday revealed this:

In June, Trump’s fav/unfav with Tea Party voters was 20/55. Now it’s 56/26. — Steve Kornacki (@SteveKornacki) July 13, 2015

What changed since June?

Trump started his slurring of Mexican immigrants as criminals and rapists.…

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12 reasons why we’re naming @JohnDingell the #DeanofTwitter

We’re honored that our annual EclectaFundraiser won’t just be an opportunity to gather and sip EclectaGrog in support of Michigan’s best blog. We’ll also have a chance to bestow a living legend with a title that would have baffled the Founders: John Dingell will be named Dean of Twitter.

Dingell will join us at the Arbor Brewing Company Microbrewery in Ypsilanti to receive the honor and read a few of his favorite 140-­character masterpieces.

A World War II veteran and recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom, Congressman Dingell distinguished himself from Medicare to Obamacare as a champion of workers and a relentless enemy of corruption.…

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Why it matters that Jeb Bush says he wants you to work more hours

Somebody has to pay off all those debts George W. left us

A gaffe only matters if it reinforces a narrative. And that narrative only matters if it induces one reaction: “How dare you?”

Jeb Bush said this on Wednesday:

My aspirations for the country, and I believe we can achieve it, is for 4 percent growth as far as the eye can see. Workforce participation has to rise from its all-time modern lows. It means that people need to work longer hours and through their productivity gain more income for their families. That’s the only way we are going to get out of this rut that we’re in.…
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This is what happens to your poll numbers in the GOP primary when you insult immigrants

See that red line? That’s Donald Trump.

His argle-babble about immigrants (who commit crimes at a lower rate than any ethnic group) has led to him being dumped by Univision, NBC, Macy’s and now Serta. Trump’s reputation is now so bad that businesses want nothing to do with him and Republicans do.

It’s important to not read too much into this as it’s largely about name recognition and the complete lack of charm of his fellow GOP competitors. The Washington Post‘s Dan Drezner points out that at the peak of his birtherism, Trump was getting something like 25 percent in the polls, probably because that wasn’t just racial dog whistling.…

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5 reasons billionaires should be glad that millions of workers are about to get a raise

Millions of Americans are about to get a raise and billionaire Nick Hanauer is thrilled.

If you thought last week was a great one for progressives and America then you will be giddy over #overtime.

— Nick Hanauer (@NickHanauer) June 28, 2015

Through his TED talks, articles and artful trolling, Hanauer has become famous as a double agent for the 99 percent embedded in the richest .01 percent of America that has sucked up nearly all the gains of recovery. And in recent months, he’s championed raising the overtime threshold, a little-known protection for salaried workers that he says is as important to the middle class as the minimum wage is to the working poor.…

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The Confederate flag needs to go for the GOP’s new ‘Southern Strategy’

I’m cynical. When a politician is forced to do the right thing, I’m glad and don’t really care why s/he did it.

But when I see Republican National Chairman Reince Priebus standing behind Governor Nikki Haley as she calls for the removal of the Confederate battle flag* from South Carolina’s state capital, I know something is up.

The good news is that Republicans are taking the right stand because reality demands it.

What reality? They need a “miracle” with minority voters — badly.

The party faces a 5.4 percent deficit if the Democratic nominee can replicate the Obama coalition and an even larger gap if the Republicans lose white women voters, for some reason.…

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