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The cost of debt-free college v. actual crazy ideas

“What voters are looking for in this election is someone who is going to be a champion for everyday people,” Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager said earlier this month. “For young people, that’s debt-free college, that is finding that job after you graduate.”

The words “debt-free college” are treated like some bizarre fantasy that can only happen in an utopian future or Scandinavia or Germany.

In America, where finding ways to haze the poor is the only purely conservative art form, we’re busy figuring out ways to make college more expensive. College is so expensive and aid so slight that many schools have to run food pantries for students, The Nation‘s Michelle Goldberg reports.…

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In my beginning God created me

This is the first chapter of my new story The Not-So-Holy Bible, which is about a boy trying to fix his mom and himself so they can escape his miserable grandparents. You can get it free for your e-reader here with the code PA52P.

My hope is you’ll enjoy it then share it and give it a positive review — or not!

In my beginning God created me.

And that was nice, I suppose. Though it mostly went downhill from there. But life was never unbearable for long, not until we had to move in with my grandparents and I found out—despite my best efforts and bumperstickers constantly assuring me otherwise—God hates me.…

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Unions are about freedom or: This is why the richest have been trying to kill America’s labor movement

“The future of labor is the future of America,” labor leader John Lewis said, during the Great Depression.

And for a long time, you had to squint to see that future because it’s so bright. America capitalized on its enormous advantages after World War II with unprecedented growth that was — thanks to the labor movement — widely shared.

However, workers wages peaked in the 1970s and since then, gains have been widely shared by the richest .01 percent.

Some have argued that this is a mystic inevitability that is in no way connected to corporate America focusing its enormous power and wealth on an agenda of cutting taxes for the rich and deregulating industry.…

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Republicans are on the verge of unprecedented political power — or an electoral catastrophe

The Republican Party is the strongest it has been in decades and could be on the verge of a victory that could give them more electoral power than at any time since 1920, the year women first voted for the president.

That’s the conclusion of Sean Trende and David Byler who have put together an index of party strength:

You can quibble with the methodology and focus on the role gerrymandering and other methods of voter disempowerment have played. But it’s undeniable that Republicans have done much better than Democrats in winning down-ticket races since the Democratic landslide of 2008. And this is how you accumulate political power.…

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WARNING: Hillary Clinton is NOT the overwhelming favorite to win in 2016

In a great article in Salon about the danger of Alex Jones and his legion of conspiracy theorists who have infiltrated GOP thinking and exposed Obama’s vicious invasion of Texas, Bob Cesca ends with a conspiracy theory of his own by suggesting that Hillary Clinton is “widely favored to win in 2016.”

Bob isn’t alone in this conspiracy theory — which I know is actually a “hypothesis,” word nerds. Politico‘s media reporter Dylan Byers — who prides himself on being so unbiased that he doesn’t even allow his genitalia to lean in a specific direction — recently called the race Clinton’s “election to lose.

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Stop pretending immigration reform will ever happen under these Republicans

Remember what happened in the House on Thursday when the GOP nominee releases in ad in Spanish next September that drops all the “secure the border” pablum that got him the nomination and vows to reform the immigration system in a way Democrats haven’t.

House Republicans voted to remove language that would have instructed the secretary of defense to consider allowing undocumented Americans to serve in the military from the National Defense Authorization Act by a 221-202 margin.

Every Democrat voted against the amendment.

Instead of being satisfied with the win, the anti-immigrant right attacked the small percentage of Republicans who voted with Democrats.…

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Rick Perry reveals Jeb Bush’s subtext — 2016 is all about Supreme Court

Last week, Rick Perry and Jeb Bush both pointed to most important issue of the most important election of your lifetime.

In what Think Progress‘ Ian Millhiser called the “Single Most Incisive Statement About the 2016 election,” Rick Perry — as a representative of the conservative ID — put it bluntly:

“Something I want you all to think about is that the next president of the United States, whoever that individual may be, could choose up to three, maybe even four members of the Supreme Court,” Perry told the South Carolina audience. So this election “isn’t about who’s going to be the president of the United States for just the next four years.…
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How Republicans are helping teach Americans to love government-run health care

Republicans might be worried about this chart, the gold-standard Kaiser Foundation tracking poll of opinion on the Affordable Care Act, which shows approval for the law above water for the first time since the launch of

But it’s blip and likely an outlier.

What they should be worried about is this chart, Gallup’s measure of Americans’ satisfaction with government’s role in health care, which is still underwater but up almost 50% since Obamacare was passed:

Given the undeniable success of the law, these statistics still show is how effective the anti-Obamacare campaign has been. But the GOP’s poll-tested argument against the law — “It’s a dang darn Government-takeover” — has been turned against itself.…

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Same-sex marriage and conservatives’ never-ending desire to discriminate

This is what happens when conservatives lose a battle. They prepare for war.

You know that the end of lawful segregation didn’t end opposition to a more equal society. Anxiety at the loss of government-sanctioned racial superiority, upon which this nation had been built, first transmuted into support for a “law and order” agenda. And when Watergate took Nixon down, the right refused to reflect and moderate its stands. Instead, they exploited the most virulent opponents of equality — many of whom previously found a home in the Democratic party — to retrench and twist into movement we now know as the Religious Right.…

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If Democrats campaigned like Republicans…

Chris Christie wants to gut the most popular thing our government does — Social Security. Marco Rubio is proposing a tax cut so big that even the Wall St. Journal doesn’t buy it. Ted Cruz wants to abolish the IRS and somehow keep the military.

In 2013, the party reaffirmed its opposition to same-sex marriage, a stand only currently held by a majority of people who only use landlines. The GOP platform calls for the elimination of reproductive rights, even in cases of rape and incest, the opinion of a whole 1 out of 5 Americans. That same platform also explicitly calls on Congress to reject the U.N.…

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