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You’ll need 4 Bushes to match net jobs created under Obama, 10 to match Clinton

Jeb Bush is in.

The smarter Bush brother — which is like being the most compassionate Cheney — was savvy enough to win two terms as Florida’s governor. He also did more than his share to help his little bro George W. “win” his first presidential election. And now the former Lehman Brothers executive has decided to “actively explore” his own bid for the White House.

Earlier this year, I pointed out that more net jobs had been created under President Obama than both presidents named Bush combined, in less than half the time.  Soon, if job growth continues as the pace that made 2014 the best year of job creation this century, net job growth under Obama will double both Bushes.…

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Elizabeth Warren is the middle class’ firewall against Wall Street

If you want to know how bad next year’s budget battles will be, check out EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy telling Politico‘s Mike Grunwald how she’s “pleased” that this year’s budget, which cuts her agency’s staffing to 1989 levels, only mildly guts her agency.

Then, if you want to be eat-a-whole-gallon-of-cookie-dough-ice-cream depressed, read The Fiscal Times‘ David Dayen detailing how the “CRomnibus Disaster Signals a Sad New Normal in D.C.”

Dayen’s kicker sums up the situation, “In other words, elections have consequences.”

Democrats still managed to protect a good many things this year — but the budget rider authored by Citigroup is clearly a huge symbolic defeat for those who wish to reign in the abuses that caused the last financial crisis.…

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It’s easier to think voters are stupid than it is to admit that Republicans can be brillant

When Rick Perry says, “Running for the presidency is not an IQ test,” we laugh because he sounds like a big dummy.

The Texas governor’s buffoonish stab at the 2012 GOP nomination was the rough draft of Dumb and Dumber To. In 2014, he’s wearing smart guy glasses and will probably have braces and a pocket protector by the time he’s done with his coaching from a former member of the Royal Shakespeare Company.

This isn’t the plot of a Broadway musical or a Christopher Guest movie. This is what Perry is actually doing to prepare for his second run at the presidency.…

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How a conservative made life harder for rape survivors — by trying to ‘help’

Some on the right seemed ecstatic when Rolling Stone disavowed its story about a sexual assault on the campus of the University of Virginia because of discrepancies in the account of a gang rape from a woman named “Jackie.”

The article clearly lacked the ethical rigor necessary for exposing a rape accusation to the world. Katie Klabusich called it a “gift” to rape apologists. And the way Rolling Stone initially said that they had lost faith in Jackie was taken as evidence that she was lying. Some raged against the college junior and one evil Peanuts character/conservative blogger vowed to expose her.…

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How the Affordable Care Act has proved conservative economics are all wrong — again

Good thing that no own will ever ask Republicans to explain the best job growth of the last two centuries

Cutting taxes for the rich and regulations for corporations are the foundations of conservative economics. But why does the American economy do best when the opposite happens?

America’s recovery isn’t great — unless you compare it to the rest of the world, or the Bush recovery. But the news is getting better.

The jobs report released on Friday showed that 321,000 jobs were created in November with a bit of promising wage growth, which is still the biggest problem in the economy.…

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#2016Ideas: End marijuana prohibition and invest in police who live in their communities

The decriminalization of marijuana has sped up dramatically over the last decade.

But we all know that using pot has only generally been a crime for certain people.

Last year, 52 percent of the more than 1.5 million drug arrests in the United States involved marijuana. Yet those who have to worry most about arrest for pot use are those who’ve always had to worry most about being constrained by our government.

“When it comes to race, blacks continue to be disproportionately represented among drug arrestees,” according “African-Americans accounted for 30.7 percent of all drug arrests, but they only make up about 13 percent of the population.…

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How John Roberts will take health insurance from millions of Republicans

Chief Justice John Roberts has known he wanted to gut the crown jewel of the civil rights movement — the Voting Rights Act — since at least the 1980s, when he was a young lawyer in the Reagan Administration.

And when he essentially ended the preclearance requirements in 2013 that ensured millions had the right to vote, he said that Congress could simply pass a new formula to put the requirement back into effect. He knew this would never happen.

The formula he stuck down had been renewed in 2006 by a Republican president and Congress eager to put the shame of Hurricane Katrina behind them.…

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What we should have been talking about instead of Benghazi trutherism — endless war

It’s disgraceful that it’s still more controversial to avoid a dumb war than it is to continue two of them endlessly.

On the Friday before Thanksgiving, two massive stories were leaked into the newsosphere with hopes that they’d be completely ignored as we prepare for gullet stuffing season.

First, an eighth investigation, this one led by House Republicans, debunked the right’s favorite fantasies about the tragic Benghazi attacks. Then the New York Times reported that the U.S. combat role in Afghanistan will be extended through at least 2015. And Republicans are glad to pretend that neither of these revelations exist.

Meanwhile, Republicans in the Senate are vowing to do anything they can to derail any nuclear agreement with Iran that doesn’t completely eliminate Iran’s ability to produce nuclear energy.…

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How much of America does the GOP want to turn into California?

On Wednesday, we finally learned that two Democratic members of Congress from California will keep their jobs.

This was remarkable for two reasons. First, Democrats in Congress got some good news for maybe the first time all year. And, secondly, these two victories mean that a Democratic incumbent in California hasn’t lost a House seat in 20 years.

Hmm. I wonder what happened in 1994 in California that suddenly changed the fortunes of Republicans.

*waves fingers in a dreamlike motion* It was called Prop 187. Governor Pete Wilson rode this contentious ballot measure to ban undocumented immigrants from all public services to an easy re-election.…

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Romney Republican Insanity

Why Republicans win — and how to fix that

It hasn’t happened since 1928. That’s the last time Republicans had a House majority this large.

Since the drubbing of November 4, 2014, there’s been a lot of discussion about why the Democrats lost. This discussion takes for granted that Republicans don’t deserve to win. On the federal and state level, they’ve offered nothing but austerity and punishment for the people who’ve been most hurt by the recession we generously inherited from George W. Bush. So Democrats must have faceplanted, big time.

I get this. But when you get more votes in America — regardless if you had to spread panic, use voter suppression or have your brother in charge of the “voting mechanisms” in the crucial swing state — you win.…

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