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The one chart that shows why conservatives can’t run on income inequality

Republicans struggle to attack Obama economy they failed to sabotage and want to take credit for

Republicans are in an amazing bind.

The first year of the Affordable Care Act marketplaces didn’t destroy the economy. Neither have two straight years of higher taxes on the rich. Instead, we got the best year of job creation of the century.

Conservatives go two ways on this.

Some Republicans like Mitch McConnell have tried to to take ownership of what they used to derisively call Obama’s economy. It was joy at the GOP taking over the Senate that started the boom in January.…

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While we’re laughing at Republicans, they’re warping our economy, our politics and our brains

Democrats like to think that Republicans are stupid, and an event like Rep. Steve King’s anti-immigrant summit in Iowa on Saturday provides plenty of evidence for that argument.

But we could be laughing our way to irrelevancy.

Our guffaws embolden the GOP base and helps GOP donors distract us from the fact that conservatives are winning. And they could be on the verge of winning the prize they’ve been after for decades — a unabashed conservative Supreme Court majority that could last for generations.

Take Steve King, for instance, please.

Last year, even Republicans were mocking him for saying that that most undocumented immigrants were 130 pounds with “calves the size of cantaloupes because they’ve been hauling 75 pounds of marijuana across the desert.” As we laughed, he was taking names.…

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How Jeb Bush and his cronies profit off educational “reform” and the student debt crisis

Jeb Bush has a Bush problem. He has a Mitt Romney problem. He has a Lehman Brothers problem.

But his Jeb Bush problem may be his most telling problem of all.

In The New Yorker, Alec MacGillis unravels Jeb’s adventures in education “reform,” which has increasingly become a euphemism for the right-wing’s conjoined agendas of siphoning taxpayer money into corporate pockets, undermining the effectiveness of government and strangling teachers unions — one of the last bastions that prevent complete conservative control over state and local governments.

As governor of Florida, Bush inherited a state with one of the nation’s lowest high school graduation rates.…

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Why Mitt Romney’s tax returns are the most important historical document of the 21st century

It must be nice to know that you stand to inherit some Mitt Romney money.

Sure, you’re already benefiting from a tsunami of advantages, including the spoils of your father’s political connections. But nothing beats winning destiny’s lottery and knowing that you’re skirting all sorts of tax obligations along the way.

But great as it is to be a direct heir of Mitt, his legacy will extend far beyond his family.

Mitt has given us all a tremendous gift by not giving us something — his complete tax returns. The fact that he’s only the second presidential candidate in the last three decades to not release them — the first was fellow Republican multimillionaire John McCain — makes them all more valuable as symbol.…

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If the Affordable Care Act wasn’t working, the GOP wouldn’t be trying to break it

As you know, the Affordable Care Act is working.

The uninsured rate is near a historic low as is the growth in health spending. Care is improving in an “unprecedented” way and fewer people are struggling with medical bills.

Republican spent years telling us this law would crash under its own weight. And during the worst of the launch of they seemed prophetic. Now they’re relying on mass delusion of their base who doesn’t even think Obama can get his own birth certificate right.

If Obamacare had crashed and burned, Republicans would just being roasting marshmallows over the burning embers.…

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Everything is awesome (compared to the last 14 years) — but the middle class is still dying

First they sabotage you;then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then they take credit for your economy.

Bill Clinton learned this lesson long ago. Now Mitch McConnell is trying to teach it to President Obama. In an op-ed last week, he made ridiculous claim that anticipation of a Republican Senate is in some way responsible of an economic recovery that would have taken place long ago if it weren’t for GOP-created crises that led to GOP-enforced austerity.

McConnell isn’t stupid. He turned being one of the least popular Senators in the nation into an easy re-election. He also knows forcing his opponents to rebut a ridiculous statement helps spread the idea, not dispel it.…

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The Solyndra loan program shows government at its best

What if I told you that everything Republicans have told you about Solyndra is dangerously and embarrassingly wrong?

You’d certainly be less than shocked.

Mike Grunwald — who wrote the book on Stimulus — has been trying to explain why we need more Solyndras for years now.

The failed loan that became the code word for smearing the Obama administration’s successful efforts to prevent a greater depression during the 2012 election was part of a program that has been remarkably successful in sparking a clean energy revolution that quietly sets records for new installations every year.

The audience for people looking for good news about the Stimulus is, unfortunately for Grunwald and America, not huge.…

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Hillary’s rise is inspiring — Jeb’s is everything that’s wrong with America

Fresh out of college, I watched Al Gore and George W. Bush’s face merge together in the Rage Against the Machine video “Testify,” directed by Michael Moore, and thought, “Exactly, man. What’s the difference?”

George W. spent the next 8 years showing me exactly what the difference was.

He destroyed the fiscal balance of the Clinton era, did everything he could to make climate change worse and launched a massively wasteful war of choice that could not be “won.” And we’ll see it for decades in the two men to the Supreme Court who have ruled more on behalf of corporations than any Justices in our lifetime.…

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2014 was the best year for American workers in at least a decade

When an AirAsia plane disappeared on Sunday, CNN immediately began non-stop coverage reminiscent of the months it spent tracking the hunt for Malaysia Airlines flight 370, which has never been located. By Monday, the debris of the AirAsia vessel along with the bodies of those lost were discovered.

These two lingering tragedies and the massive media coverage that followed have completely obscured the fact that 2014 was the safest year of plane travel — EVER.

That’s 2014 for ya.

Even if you aren’t a business that depends on ratings or clicks, it’s hard to be optimistic. Pointing to the positive seems like a dopey sleight-of-hand designed to distract from — and thus do nothing to confront — the slow-motion disasters that continue plague us.…

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How President Obama can give millions of workers a raise this year

The 2016 election will about two things: The Supreme Court and rebuilding the middle class.

We can count on the Roberts Court to remind us over and over that they’re willing to do anything possible to reduce women’s rights and increase corporate power, while making it easier to buy an election than to vote in one.

So it’s up to Democrats to make the case that they can grow the middle class. It’s a case many analysts believe the party failed to make in 2014.

Here’s how The Washington Post‘s Greg Sargent described the key problem — besides turnout — that Democratic pollsters found in their immediate postmortems of the disastrous 2014 election:

…Democrats’ economic message [failed] to win over persuadable voters, ones outside the ascendant Democratic coalition, in the numbers needed to offset the structural disadvantages Democratic incumbents and candidates faced.…
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