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Republicans are lying to their base — and this may be the last election they can get away with it

Republicans won’t face an electoral map as friendly as they’ll greet on November 4, 2014 until 2018 — or possibly ever.

The GOP can hold the House without winning a single Latino vote. It can win the Senate without swaying one Obama voter. Then it can start passing bills that will only remind people why Republicans have lost five out of the last six presidential popular votes.

As of today, Republicans are favored to not blow the incredible advantages they enjoy this year. Some, like National Journal’s Josh Kraushaar, see a GOP wave with a six-to-nine Senate seat pickup they’ve been squinting at for months, despite some indications that Democratic efforts to make this year’s electorate look more like 2012 than 2010 are working.…

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Millions of Americans could vote themselves health insurance — and Michigan could vote itself marriage equality

“Lawyers live under a rule called Rule 11, which provides that it is unethical for a lawyer to file a pleading for purposes of delay rather than to achieve a result,” Arizona’s Republican Attorney General Tom Horton said in a statement on Friday explaining why we would not appeal the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals decision to allow same-sex marriages in the state.

The Supreme Court is currently in the process of legalizing same-sex marriage as slowly as possible, according to Think Progress‘ Ian Millhiser.

We aren’t getting the satisfaction a Loving v. Virginia-style definitive ruling because Justice Anthony Kennedy, the lone voice for LGBQT equality in the Court’s conservative majority, is using the accumulation of states that have marriage equality to reflect “the evolving understanding of the meaning of equality,” according to BuzzFeed‘s Chris Geidner.…

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FW: FW: FW: RE: All hope is lost — Day 5: 4th Quarter Fundraiser

Support Eclectablog and help the rebel alliance reveal the plans to the Koch-funded Death Star

Dear Citizen,

We noticed that you completely ignored our messages entitled “Our flesh is literally on fire with need,” “Nate Silver just pronounced us dead,” “Rand Paul says you have Ebola,” “Why are they pooping on our Obamacare?” and “Never going to give you up (DON’T DELETE).”

The truth is that in the last four years our campaign finance system has been shattered by a series of Supreme Court decisions that have undermined the role of an independent judiciary and unleashed a tsunami of lies funded by independent expenditures.…

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GOP set to resume wrecking the economy and making us less safe

The only thing we have to fear is Republican fear itself.

Unemployment claims are now steady at an eight-year low as we’re in the middle of what could be the best year of job growth of this century.

Two straight years of the rich paying slightly more in taxes along with ten million Americans gaining health insurance has resulted in escalating economic gains AKA the exact opposite of what Republicans predicted, as usual. But there’s a unspoken element fueling the suddenly strong labor market that we should not forget.

After the government shutdown last year, Congress agreed to a two-year budget.…

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Are Democrats expanding the map? They damn well should be.

You really cannot understate the advantages Republicans have in this year’s battle for the control of the Senate.

Both parties are bashing each other for voters in nine states states Mitt Romney won as he was busy losing by millions of votes.  Meanwhile, all the structural advantages — older, whiter turnout; the party that holds the White House tends lose seats in the sixth year of his term; low approval rate for the president — favor the right.

At least one poll suggests that Democratic turnout could resemble the disastrous 2010 election. Republican candidates have taken the lead in two states the president won two years ago — Iowa and Colorado.…

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Have the Kochs already cost the GOP a Senate seat?

Or is Terri Lynn Land just the worst Senate candidate of 2014?

On Tuesday we learned that National Republican Senatorial Committee has cancelled all television ads for the Republican nominee for U.S. Senate in Michigan and the candidate will spend a big chunk of the millions she’s raised, much of it from herself, on billboards.

Michigan was supposed to be a state where the GOP was expanding the map.

Our Chris Savage has argued that Land is the candidate national Republicans never wanted for more than a year now.

However, that view has only recently become the consensus.

The National Journal‘s Josh Krashauer, who perpetually squints at the news horizon in hopes of seeing a GOP wave, thought Land would put the seat in contention:

Other notable Senate 2014 news.…

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FUN FACT: More net jobs have been created under Obama than both Bushes combined

The economy under President Obama seems difficult to defend — unless you put it in context.

The president attempted to do that on Thursday in a speech at Northwestern University:

Here are the facts: When I took office, businesses were laying off 800,000 Americans a month. Today, our businesses are hiring 200,000 Americans a month. The unemployment rate has come down from a high of 10 percent in 2009, to 6.1 percent today. Over the past four and a half years, our businesses have created 10 million new jobs; this is the longest uninterrupted stretch of private sector job creation in our history.…
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A tale of two terrible campaigns — Rick Snyder and Terri Lynn Land

It was the best reminder that one million Michigan Democrats didn’t vote in 2010. It was the worst reminder that one million Democrats didn’t vote in 2010.

With nothing like a GOP wave approaching Michigan, the party’s two headline state-wide candidates — Rick Snyder and Terri Lynn Land — have retreated into campaign styles that illustrate why that millions of dollars from outside groups probably won’t be enough to buoy either of them to victory in November.

The national political press is asking “Where is Terri Lynn Land?

Since her fledgling attempts to communicate on her own behalf briefly led the scientific community to believe in spontaneous combustion, Land has made rare public appearances, avoided debates and dodged questions from the press, relying entirely on a barrage of attack ads targeting her opponent Gary Peters.…

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Because 65,915,796 Americans voted in 2012

If voting didn’t matter, Republicans wouldn’t try to stop you from doing it

There’s no need to pretend America is perfect, or that decades of bad policy have been completely reversed in six years. The drift of America into endless with war justified by Bush-era doctrines continues unabated without any debate by Congress while any economic gains are being gobbled up by the richest Americans.

But there’s no doubt that the 2012 election changed America for the better. Because you voted for President Obama and a Democratic Senate, the following happened:

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Republicans blocking Medicaid expansion in states where HIV/AIDS is spreading fastest

Republicans like Paul Ryan and Terri Lynn Land are still running on the promise of taking away health insurance from more than 24 million Americans who have health insurance through the Affordable Care Act, at least 10 million of whom did not have coverage before the law went into effect.

They’re sticking with this message, even though repeal is less popular than fixing the law — even in the red states Republicans are relying on to help them win the Senate.

For Republicans who are primarily seeking Republican votes — like Ryan who is hoping to be begged to run for president — and Land — whose few attempts to reach out to Democratic voters have been marked by a fear she’ll lose her not-so enthralled base, repeal is their only option.…

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