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The vast-right wing conspiracy to deny mostly Republican voters tax credits

Republican celebrations over a D.C. Appeals court ruling that would deny tax credits who people who bought their insurance through the federal health care exchange hit a new pitch on Thursday.

A “smoking gun” video seemed to reveal Romneycare/Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber suggesting that that Democrats meant to deny those credits to residents of states who refused to build exchanges. Two other instances of Gruber making similar comments were also uncovered on Friday.

Democrats have been arguing that the full context of the law makes it clear the subsidies would go to those who purchased coverage in either the state or federal exchanges.…

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Day 2: 3rd Quarter fundraiser – If we all do what we can, those Kochs can’t win

There is no voter outreach strategy in politics more effective than a volunteer showing up and knocking on a door. It’s the kind of outreach money literally can’t buy.

Thus: When progressives get out the vote, Democrats win.

It’s a simple formula and no one I’ve ever met lives it better than Chris Savage. When this man isn’t waking up early to interview more than a dozen teachers about Rick Snyder’s failed educational experiments, organizing meetings, recruiting canvassers, supporting his bloggers, knocking on doors or actually blogging, he’s working his full-time job.

If you had an army of Chris Savages, you couldn’t lose.…

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Did Republicans conspire to deny their residents billions in tax credits?

Workers are just pawns in the GOP’s sabotage game

In a 2-1 decision, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit ruled that federal tax credits cannot by awarded to anyone who purchased health insurance from the marketplace the federal government set up in 36 states.

(And just a few hours later, the Fourth Circuit Court ruled in “precisely the opposite direction” on a related case.)

Taxpayers who earn more than 138 percent of poverty level and less than 400 percent, according the government’s interpretation of the law, should receive credits to help them pay their insurance premiums.…

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Win Rick Perlstein’s essential new book ‘The Invisible Bridge’

From Watergate to watering down wages: How Reagan sold America on conservatism

NOTE: The contest has now ended.

Misunderestimating conservatives can be hazardous to your middle class.

In 1973, Ronald Reagan’s glib optimism and refusal to acknowledge the rank criminality of the Watergate scandal made it easy for liberals to dismiss his appeal. Less than eight years later, he was elected president in a landslide. In his first term, he ushered in massive tax cuts for the rich that set in motion the undoing of the New Deal consensus and an anti-worker trend toward inequality and deregulation that had not been seen since before the Great Depression.…

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Repeat after me: Rick Snyder is only tough on the middle class

Earlier this month, the Democratic Governors Association debuted this ad targeting Rick Snyder record, weaponizing the governor’s favorite adjective for his nerdiness:

The basic message is Snyder is only tough on the middle class. And with a record that punished workers, retirees and families with none of the promised renewal for the state, it’s a message that rings true.

Since that ad appeared two polls have shown likely Democratic nominee Mark Schauer — who most of the state is just getting to know — neck-and-neck with our CEO-turned-governor.

And the national media is starting to notice.

Real Clear Politics just moved our race from Leans GOP to Toss Up after NBC poll #TeamSchauer

— Mark Schauer (@MarkSchauer) July 15, 2014

Yesterday Schauer appeared on MSNBC and succinctly laid out Snyder’s fireable offenses:

This is the kind of message that can sway voters who elected Snyder, hoping some of his success would rub off on the state.…

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5 ways the GOP failed to sabotage the Affordable Care Act — and at least 1 way it succeeded

Republicans will keep trafficking in their “zombie lies” about Obamacare. But all the evidence shows that even they don’t believe them anymore.

To pretend the Affordable Care Act isn’t working now requires rapid revisions of what constitutes failure along with hopes that premiums will rise dramatically this year.  There’s no evidence that rates will go up more than they have in past years, and with new insurers entering marketplace after marketplace, there’s a chance that millions could be paying less.

Before Obamacare, “health insurance was getting expensive at a faster rate than incomes were accumulating for middle- and low-income families,” The Washington Post’s wrote.…

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Join Elizabeth Warren in supporting Gary Peters at Netroots Nation

Terry Lynn Land is the richest Republican candidate for Senate this year — and she may have paid the least in taxes.

In 2013, Land paid a 2.7 percent tax rate. This has freed her up to dump over a million dollars into a failing campaign, which critics are kindly calling “disappointing.”

It’s a perfect example of the system being rigged for the rich.

Senator Elizabeth Warren was going to call her new book “Rigged” but settled on the more optimistic “A Fighting Chance“. And she’ll be improving the chances of Land’s Koch-blocking opponent Rep. Gary Peters next week as she visits Detroit to speak at Netroots Nation.…

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How a progressive convention in Michigan changed America forever

The Crosswhite incident, Michigan and the power of the grassroots

Photo: Adam Crosswhite (Archives of Michigan)

You know that from July 17-20, much of America’s progressive community will gather in Detroit for Netroots Nation to organize, galvanize and socialize, in approximately that order.

“Why Detroit?” Chris Savage wrote last year, after being given the honor of announcing the 2014’s conference location from the stage of the 2013 Netroots in San Jose. “Because Michigan represents the future of our country if we don’t regain political control of our state governments.”

If Democrats can’t win this blue state in 2014—after four years of a state government dominated by the Tea Party and a governor who has only been tough on the middle class—there’s no hope of keeping the Senate, or ever taking back the House.…

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This is the best year for job creation since 1999 — so it’s time for the GOP to kill 700,000 jobs

More jobs were created so far this year than in George W. Bush’s eight

There’s no doubt that our recovery has been purposely stifled by the party that bequeathed us the financial crisis. But we just had the best jobs report of the recovery.

The only attack Republicans could put together to sour this good news was to ignore it or point out that part-time employment rose.

“The number of people working part-time involuntarily is down by 640,000 from its year ago level and by more than 1.6 million from its peak in 2010,” economist Dean Baker explained. “There are more people voluntarily working part-time, but this is a positive.”

An increase in voluntary part-time work a sign of a economic uptick.…

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2014 will be remembered as the year Republicans doomed themselves for decades

During the 2012 GOP primary, wobbly Mitt Romney adopted a policy “self-deportation” to get to the right of Rick Perry. A few months later, he endorsed a bill that would have allowed bosses to deny birth control coverage to their employees as he tried to convince America that his one great accomplishment as governor would destroy the nation if every state adopted it.

Once he squeaked out the nomination, Mitt shied away for the deportation of the DREAMers who were brought to America as young people and were granted a temporary reprieve by President Obama. He rarely, if ever, mentioned birth control, except to soften his message.…

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