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What we should have been talking about instead of Benghazi trutherism — endless war

It’s disgraceful that it’s still more controversial to avoid a dumb war than it is to continue two of them endlessly.

On the Friday before Thanksgiving, two massive stories were leaked into the newsosphere with hopes that they’d be completely ignored as we prepare for gullet stuffing season.

First, an eighth investigation, this one led by House Republicans, debunked the right’s favorite fantasies about the tragic Benghazi attacks. Then the New York Times reported that the U.S. combat role in Afghanistan will be extended through at least 2015. And Republicans are glad to pretend that neither of these revelations exist.

Meanwhile, Republicans in the Senate are vowing to do anything they can to derail any nuclear agreement with Iran that doesn’t completely eliminate Iran’s ability to produce nuclear energy.…

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How much of America does the GOP want to turn into California?

On Wednesday, we finally learned that two Democratic members of Congress from California will keep their jobs.

This was remarkable for two reasons. First, Democrats in Congress got some good news for maybe the first time all year. And, secondly, these two victories mean that a Democratic incumbent in California hasn’t lost a House seat in 20 years.

Hmm. I wonder what happened in 1994 in California that suddenly changed the fortunes of Republicans.

*waves fingers in a dreamlike motion* It was called Prop 187. Governor Pete Wilson rode this contentious ballot measure to ban undocumented immigrants from all public services to an easy re-election.…

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Romney Republican Insanity

Why Republicans win — and how to fix that

It hasn’t happened since 1928. That’s the last time Republicans had a House majority this large.

Since the drubbing of November 4, 2014, there’s been a lot of discussion about why the Democrats lost. This discussion takes for granted that Republicans don’t deserve to win. On the federal and state level, they’ve offered nothing but austerity and punishment for the people who’ve been most hurt by the recession we generously inherited from George W. Bush. So Democrats must have faceplanted, big time.

I get this. But when you get more votes in America — regardless if you had to spread panic, use voter suppression or have your brother in charge of the “voting mechanisms” in the crucial swing state — you win.…

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The GOP is so confident about 2016 — that they’re already talking about how to steal the election

Republicans are having the time of their lives and they’ve never felt this way before, at least not since 2010.

The GOP has taken the Senate and now they’re ready to stop historic climate deals, provoke war with Iran and demand maximum deportations.

How’d they do it? They took advantage of massive crises (which have mostly disappeared from the headlines), upped their digital game and added a little voter suppression. Sprinkle all that on $400 million from the Koch brothers’ network and the lowest voter turnout in 72 years and BAM!

You have a GOP wave that’s almost unprecedented in its scope.…

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The only Republican replacement for Obamacare? Destroying Obamacare

Republicans now have a solid formula for winning midterm elections. Hide your base yet keep them motivated by blindly attacking Obama and Obamacare for everything that’s wrong in the world.

When John Kasich — a Republican governor who had fought for Medicaid expansion by invoking Reagan — pointed out the reality that Obamacare is improving lives, he was forced to immediately repent.

The AP got it wrong. Ohio said NO to the Obamacare exchange for a reason. As always, my position is that we need to repeal and replace.

— John Kasich (@JohnKasich) October 20, 2014

Republican states didn’t build exchanges for the Affordable Care Act for a simple reason.…

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Democrats didn’t give people a reason to vote for Democrats

Now is the time to talk about how we can actually fix this economy

I was wrong. I was wrong. I was wrong.

I didn’t think there would be a GOP wave. I especially didn’t think there would be a wave here in Michigan. I knew the map and electorate would be against Democrats, but I always suspected — nay, wished — that Democrats would mitigate that with a combination of GOTV efforts and not being the Republicans.

I was wrong.

There’s almost no end to how bad this election was for Democrats. Beyond losing the Senate, the GOP still controls the House, the majority of governorships and two-thirds of the state legislatures.…

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10.3 million Americans gained coverage in 6 months — and a GOP Congress will spend 2 years trying to screw that up

How to improve Obamacare and fix the Democrats’ midterm problem in your spare time

Poll numbers are the only numbers anyone is talking about this weekend before the midterm election. But last Friday, the Department of Health and Human Services announced a number that would have been huge news only months ago, when Republicans and the media were desperate for any news that Obamacare wasn’t working.

HHS offered three key findings from a new report from Gallup- Healthways Well-Being Index:

  • As of June 2014, 10.3 million nonelderly adults (ages 18-64) gained health insurance coverage since the start of the Affordable Care Act initial open enrollment period in October 2013.
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A GOP Senate would be wonderful for lobbyists — terrible for the economy

Bad news for the middle class. Fantastic news for corporations.

You’re not supposed to mention it but 2014 could be the best year for job growth in this century.

One of the key factors in the sudden robustness of the job market has been the longest period of stability in Washington, D.C. since the Great Recession began. After the government shutdown, Congress passed a two-year budget that calmed fears of that we would have another fabricated crisis.

Take a quick look at Gallup’s Economic Confidence survey over the last few years and you can see damage the debt limit crisis, the fiscal cliff and more recently the shutdown did to consumer optimism, which directly relates to the demand which grows the economy.…

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If Democrats keep the Senate, the GOP’s war on voting will get even uglier

Republicans have had chance after to chance to prove that voter impersonation is a problem worthy of burdensome new government regulations. And they’ve failed again and again.

There’s a simple explanation for this: Voter impersonation isn’t a problem worthy of burdensome new government regulations.

There have been one billion votes cast since 2000, The Nation‘s Ari Berman pointed out in this weekend’s excellent episode of Moyers & Company, and only 31 cases of voter impersonation. Berman was the first to reveal the GOP’s War on Voting and has documented how the right has been aiming to gut the Voting Rights Act for decades.…

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Republicans are lying to their base — and this may be the last election they can get away with it

Republicans won’t face an electoral map as friendly as they’ll greet on November 4, 2014 until 2018 — or possibly ever.

The GOP can hold the House without winning a single Latino vote. It can win the Senate without swaying one Obama voter. Then it can start passing bills that will only remind people why Republicans have lost five out of the last six presidential popular votes.

As of today, Republicans are slightly favored to not blow the incredible advantages they enjoy this year. Some, like National Journal’s Josh Kraushaar, see a GOP wave they’ve been dreaming of for months with a six-to-nine Senate seat pickup, despite some indications that Democratic efforts to make this year’s electorate look more like 2012 than 2010 are working.…

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