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For a Party that hates abortion, why do they practice it so much?

This past week I have been mired in the aftermath of the Board of Regents meeting at Eastern Michigan University, where a politically appointed and partisan Board of Regents ignored the will of those in attendance, the thousands who signed a petition, mountains of evidence that prove that Educational Achievement Authority (EAA) is failing students in Detroit as well as their own appointed president, Sue Martin, and decided to continue EMUs and ongoing relationship with the toxic and controversial EAA.

Eastern Michigan University is well-respected as a nationwide leading University in preparing teachers for the real world, and the EMU College of Education is held up as an example of excellence and holds that distinction, I am venturing to guess, because they have made some hard and even controversial choices over many decades, to make sure standards and practices were cutting edge and seasoned.…

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GOP Todd Courser campaign worker: “Would you change your vote if you knew his opponent has ‘faggots & blacks working for her?'”

A year and a half ago, Michigan Republican Party Chair got the scare of his life when tea party hero and “Freedom Caucus” favorite Todd Courser nearly defeated him in a narrow 833 to 768 vote for the Chair position. At the time, Courser made it very clear that he was working toward a tea party takeover of the Michigan Republican Party:

[Courser] expressed supreme confidence that his side was poised to “take over” the party from the establishment, which he described as “not committed to conservative convictions vs. convenience.” In so doing he questioned the governor’s conservative pedigree, suggesting that when Mr.…
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BREAKING: More corruption in the Snyder administration: $26.4 million in no-bid contracts awarded to campaign donor (UPDATED)

The Michigan Democratic Party released bombshell news today that the Snyder administration awarded $26.4 million in no-bid contracts to a high-dollar donor to the Snyder reelection campaign.

On June 9, 2014, the owners of J&B Medical Supply, which supplies diapers and other incontinence products to Department of Community Health, hosted a lavish fundraiser for Rick Snyder in Bloomfield Hills which was attended by about 150 contributors, and featured crystal stemware, professional lighting design and custom-made Rick for Michigan candy and water bottles. They raised $73,800 for Governor Snyder’s reelection campaign.

Here’s video from the fundraiser just to give you an idea of just how swanky this soiree was:

The very next day following the fundraiser, J&B Medical Supply had an existing state contract extended to the tune of nearly $400,000.

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The laughable GOPfail of the Michigan Republican Party

Last week, I pointed out how the Michigan Republican Party had posted this insulting graphic on their Facebook page which quickly led to a particulary racist comment that has since been removed:

Gary Peters and Mark Schauer with the very dark and scary President Obama

At the time, despite the Michigan GOP’s claim otherwise, there were rumors that President Obama actually IS going to come to Michigan to stump for Gary Peters and Mark Schauer.

Turns out, the rumors were accurate. This is from a Detroit Free Press article titled “Obama to visit Michigan to stump for Peters, Schauer”:

President Barack Obama will visit metro Detroit in the final week of the campaign season to stump for Democratic candidates who clearly aren’t worried about being linked to a president some of his critics have suggested might be a liability on the campaign trail.…
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UPDATED: Are Michigan Republicans so flush with money they don’t have to target mailings? Or are they just dumb?

Yesterday I got a full-size, thick paper glossy mailing from Terri Lynn Land’s campaign. I also got TWO from Bill Schuette’s campaign, both different.

Now, most Eclectablog readers know what my political leaners are and that they are decidedly NOT leaning in the direction of the GOP. In fact, I am an elected Precinct Delegate and on the Executive Board for the Washtenaw County Democratic Party as co-Vice Chair for Precinct Organizing. I was also a delegate to the 2012 Democratic National Convention.

You should see my Democratic score in the Voter Activation Network (VAN) database. It’s off the charts.

In other words, it’s pretty much not a secret that I am about as hardcore a Democrat as you are likely to find and that doesn’t even count the hundreds of thousands of words I write each month celebrating Democratic candidates and ideals while bashing on Republicans.…

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Michigan Republican Party inaccurately claims Michigan Dems won’t campaign with Pres. Obama, then comes the racism

The Michigan Republican Party is a well-known source of comical fail. Between sending out hapless technicians with super-secret spy glasses to being completely unable to field a credible candidate for the U.S. Senate, they are a constant source of hilarity. Today, they posted a meme claiming that Gary Peters and Mark Schauer are embarrassed to campaign with President Obama and were resorting to First Lady Michelle Obama instead. They are, of course, completely wrong as evidenced by a Metro Times article titled, “President Obama, Bill Clinton expected to campaign in Michigan for Schauer and Peters”.

The MIGOP’s Facebook post is HERE.…

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VIDEO: New ad highlights the Snyder administration’s Aramark scandal and the perils of privatization

Progress Michigan announced today that they are running a new ad highlighting the Aramark scandal that has rocked the Snyder administration. The myriad failings of the for-profit prison food vendor bring the issue of privatization/profitization of government services into sharp relief and this ad is a powerful reminder of that.

The ad will run for a week in Grand Rapids, Lansing, Mount Pleasant and Upper Peninsula media markets.

Here’s the press release for that ad, titled “Maggots”:

Today at press conferences in Lansing and Grand Rapids, Progress Michigan announced the launch of a new television ad titled, “Maggots.” The ad seeks to educate the public and hold Gov.…
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Terri Lynn Land implodes in public again, radio call-in show a complete disaster

BREAKING: Terri Lynn Land is a mom with two kids

Last Friday, Terri Lynn Land spent an hour doing a radio call-in show Michigan Radio’s Rick Pluta. Pluta should be given a journalism medal after his Herculean effort to get Land to actually answer a question, any question, in a substantive manner. She repeated some version of the phrase “I’m a mom with two kids” ad nauseum, and uttered nonsensical things like, “We have the ability to not to have great roads here in Michigan” and “I’m a big fan of mail, I enjoy getting mail”.

The fact that the biggest news to come out of the interview is that she thinks we need a travel ban from countries with Ebola lets you know how little actual substance there was in her comments.…

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More on the Michigan Republican Party’s harassment of elderly woman under hospice care

My reporting on the Michigan Republican Party’s odious mailer encouraging people to call the phone of the ailing mother of Democratic candidate for Michigan’s 61st House district John Fisher has gotten LOTS of attention. It’s had thousands and thousands of views and the cross-posted version at Daily Kos has given it national exposure. It’s been picked up by other sites, as well, including Raw Story, Wonkette, and others.

Fisher’s opponent, Republican Kalamazoo County Commissioner Brandt Iden, issued a statement that stops very short of repudiating or condemning the mailer, saying, “Obviously, as you know, it was not sent out by our campaign.…

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Republicans attempt to woo women voters in 6 states (incl. Michigan) with “The most sexist Republican ad of the year”

The “College Republican National Committee” has a new web ad targeting voters in six different states, each aimed at supporting a Republican gubernatorial candidate, that Time magazine is calling “The Most Sexist Republican Ad of the Year”. The ad features young women shopping for a wedding dress and, well, I can’t really put this sort of unmitigated sexism into words. Watch for yourself. Here’s the one for Michigan featuring our very own governor Rick Snyder:

Pretty high production values for a group of college kids, eh? And they released six different versions, too.

Here’s what Time had to say about the ad:

In case there is any debate about whether 1) Republicans really want young women on board for the midterms and 2) they’re confused about how to do it, the College Republican National Committee ad for Rick Scott will settle the question once and for all.…
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