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Republicans who deny women equal pay are denying them an equal voice

Refusing to debate fair pay is one more way Republicans are trying to marginalize women — and their votes.

It should come as no surprise that Senate Republicans have blocked the Paycheck Fairness Act for the third time. On Wednesday — the day after Equal Pay Day — they blocked a vote to simply open debate on the bill.

Republicans don’t even want to talk about equal pay for women. The 53-44 vote was split across party lines, reinforcing the fact that it’s the GOP that consistently refuses to face the realities of the wage gap. Apparently, the GOP doesn’t see a problem with women being paid less than men.…

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Democrats running from President Obama and Obamacare? Not. Even.Close. (PHOTOS)

Please proceed.

Republicans want you to believe that even Democrats are jumping ship in their support for President Obama and the Affordable Care Act. Unfortunately, the truth is getting in the way of this convenient (for them) meme. There was solid proof it overnight in Ann Arbor.

The last time President Obama came to Ann Arbor in January 2012, demand for tickets was huge with students lining up for them overnight.

Last night, students began filling the Union at about 7:30 p.m. in hopes of being among the first in line to receive a ticket. At 1 a.m., students were asked to leave the building before it officially closed to the public at 2 a.m.…
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Republican Governor Snyder: “Same-sex marriages are legal but my administration won’t recognize them”

Pretzel logic at its finest

This afternoon Governor Snyder acknowledged that the nearly 300 same-sex marriages that were performed last Saturday are legal. He then said his administration won’t recognize them.

With respect to the marriages, we believe those are legal and valid marriages. The stay being issued makes it more complicated. Because of the stay, we won’t recognize the benefits of the marriage until there’s a removal of the stay.

It’s a rather astonishing display of pretzel logic to say that the marriages are legal but that he can’t enforce them until the stay is lifted. The stay is on any further marriages and nothing in it prevents the state from recognizing those already performed as legal.…

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AUDIO: Terri Lynn Land’s first press conference shows us exactly why Michigan Republicans wanted another candidate for Senate (Updated)

This explains EVERYTHING

This past week, Terri Lynn Land held her first conference since she announced her candidacy for the U.S. Senate seat. Her entire campaign so far has relied on millions of dollars of ads being run by the Koch brothers-funded group Americans For Prosperity. Land herself has been doing private fundraisers and avoiding the press in an unprecedented way.

When Land got into the race, she was not endorsed by any major Republicans. In fact, it was quite clear that they were really not that into her from the start. Only after all of the major players declined to run, knowing full well that Gary Peters will be a formidable candidate in a blue state.…

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As Michigan roads disintegrate, Republicans push for tax cuts – Don’t call them potholes, call them “Snyderholes”

It’s going to take actual leadership to fill all of these Snyderholes

Anyone driving in Michigan these days knows that this is an epic year for potholes. The frightening part about it is that the daytime thawing followed by nighttime freezing that is the most significant contributor to potholes is only just now underway. If you think things are bad now, hang on to your seatbelts, kids. We’re just getting started and it’s not going to be pretty. Local municipalities, budgets depleted by the removal of historic snow levels, are now faced with having to repair damaged roads on a continuous basis.…

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Rick Snyder’s videographer and CNN journalist impersonator gets national notice, featured on MSNBC

Good to see that Jeff Steinborn, the Snyder campaign videographer/photographer busted for impersonating a CNN reporter at a Mark Schauer campaign event, is getting some well-deserved national ridicule.

Here he is last night on The Ed Show being skewered by Ed Schultz:

Relentless positive ineptitude?…

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Snyder videographer poses as a phony CNN reporter at Schauer campaign event

Seriously? That’s the level you’ve sunk to?

This past Saturday, a videographer working for Governor Rick Snyder posed as a CNN reporter while filming Democratic gubernatorial candidate Mark Schauer at a campaign stop in Coldwater.

Schauer staffers questioned the man who showed them this homemade media pass:

When asked where he was from, he pointed to his CNN hat. A Schauer staffer then explicitly asked Steinborn if he was working for CNN, and he replied, “Yep. We’re keeping an eye on the race.” He then proceeded to videotape the event wearing his bright orange CNN hat seen in these photos:

After the event, he left promptly without attempting to interview Schauer, an odd thing for someone from a major cable news network claiming to be “keeping an eye on the race.”

It turns out that Steinborn was NOT working for CNN.…

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Michigan House Republican Tom McMillin to host fundraiser with fake historian & Christianist revisionist David Barton (UPDATED)

David Barton calls himself an historian though he has no credentials as an historian and is far more accurately described as an historical revisionist. The Southern Poverty Law Center, watchdog for hate mongers in America, has an entire page on Barton and it’s worth reading only so that you can see what a jaw-dropping charlatan he is.

Here are some choice excerpts:

David Barton’s ascendant star as a self-taught “historian” and influential leader of the evangelical far right crashed in a storm of ridicule when the world’s largest Christian publisher recalled Barton’s 2012 book, The Jefferson Lies, for too many serious whoppers — the kind of gross factual mistakes that are a death knell for any real historian.
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Terri Lynn Land: “Makes Mitt Romney look like a model of consistency”

David Nir at Daily Kos points out how big a flip-flopper Republican stealth candidate Terri Lynn Land is:

For the second time this campaign, Republican Terri Lynn Land seems to have no idea what her position on Obamacare is. On Thursday, Land said she “applauds” Michigan’s decision to expand Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act, which might seem like a politically sensible position, except for the fact that previously said she wants to repeal Obamacare in its entirety.

But how did she come to that extremist position in the first place? Last year, you may recall, Land declared that we were “past” the idea of defunding the ACA and instead said we have to “fix” the law.

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The schooling of a fool: John Dingell puts tea partier Dan Benishek in his place

It’s bad enough to be a Republican but do you have to be a jackass, too?

When Republicans blasted their way into the halls of Congress after the tea party wave of 2010, they found themselves among colleagues, some of whom had been there for years, even decades. John Dingell, for example, was entering his sixth decade as a member of Congress and is seen by even his political opponents as a man worthy of respect and, equally important, someone to learn from.

As Amy highlighted so well in her post last night, tea partier Kerry Bentivolio has no respect for John Dingell, allowing his staffer to mock the Dean of the House while others even from his own party showed him the deference he had earned.…

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