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Republicans seem like they’re campaigning in another universe because they are

Scott Walker demonstrated why he’s suddenly trailing Hillary Clinton by 12 percent in his home state in New Hampshire on Saturday with what will likely be the thesis statement of his attacks against the likely Democratic nominee:

This isn’t the third term of Bill Clinton, this is the third term of Barack Obama.

No matter what universe you live in, this attack is bad politics in multiple ways.

First of all, saying something “isn’t” something gets processed by most people as the exact opposite. We don’t believe that Nixon wasn’t a crook. So by saying this, he’s just reaffirming the association of Hillary Clinton with her husband, the most popular politician in the United States.…

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Republicans try to convince their followers that THEY are the ones supporting wage equality for women

This past week, as we celebrated Pay Equity Day, the day that women would have to work through in 2015 to make the same as men for doing the same job they both worked in 2014, Michigan Republicans made a laughable attempt to convince their followers that it’s Democrats – and Hillary Clinton, in particular – who are against wage equality and that it’s Republicans who are looking out for women.

This is the graphic they posted on their Facebook page:

The image was accompanied by this wharrgarbl:

Women have transformed the American economy and they should receive equal pay for equal work.…
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UPDATED: Michigan Republicans boot tea partier Cindy Gamrat from caucus for saying the same things as Todd Courser

Yesterday, I wrote about a diatribe posted to Facebook by tea partier Todd Courser where he referred to subsidized daycare as “gubmint child’s care centers” & “government re-engineering centers”. In that same bizarre screed, he also said this:

It takes you…Calling all true pro-lifers! Lots of reasons to vote against this coming budget, it cuts road funding (you heard me right), it of course increases Medicaid funding, more money for gubmint child’s care centers (government re-engineering centers), increases child dental, more for education and more expanded government; BUT one particularly egregious reason for pro-lifer’s to both stand against it and vote against it is that it funds Planned Parenthood – Planned Parenthood is the largest abortion provider in the country and has no business getting funding from our state government!…
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All the proof you need that the Republican Party exists to make the richest richer

Who are Republicans worried about on tax day?

The millions of Americans who haven’t had a raise in 15 years?

Nope. The richest .2 percent of Americans who will leave more than $5.4 million dollars to their kids. They want to cut these taxes on the inheritances of theses extraordinarily rich people — none of whom are family farmers, as much as Republicans like to pretend they are — to ZERO.

And I’d like to thank them for this, since it has zero chance of becoming law.

Republicans like to pretend their priorities are multifaceted but all connected by big themes like “life” and “personal responsibility.” In doing this, they’ve managed to trick many of the Americans who have been most brutalized by their economic failures to vote for them.…

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Conservative lust for tax breaks creates debt and poverty, by design

On Friday, Rand Paul blasted President Obama’s plan to make tuition to community college free. He offered an alternative, “Let’s make college tuition entirely deductible.”

“So that the children of rich people can finally get some advantages in life?” Vox’s Marry Yglesias tweeted.

Paul’s idea directly contradicts his flat tax plan — which would explode the deficit and likely cut taxes for the rich while raising them for everyone else — but sounds good because it came from the West Wing.

The truth is — as Yglesias pointed out — Paul’s “plan” would only benefit people who pay taxes, which Mitt Romney pointed out is only 53 percent of the country.…

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This is how you know Republicans are much better at politics than Democrats

Big business and GOP have a mutually beneficial relationship — but why do the party’s favorite victims keep voting Republican?

Something amazing happened when conservatives deciding that the biggest problem in America today is that gay people can buy things with money: Big business rose up and helped quash conservative overreach. Apple’s Tim Cook help lead a backlash that soon included Social Justice Warriors like Walmart and NASCAR.

This logically led to people wondering why business leaders — who are generally socially liberal and well aware that the American economy does better when a Democrat is in the White House — don’t use their awesome influence for good more often.…

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Indiana Republicans shot down RFRA amendment by Democrats that would have protected gays and lesbians

Indiana Republicans, facing derision nationally and an economic boycott with wide-ranging impacts are now backpedalling like crazy. They claim they never intended for their new Religious Freedom Restoration Act to allow discrimination against the LGBT community and are now moving swiftly to “fix” their atrocious new law. You can read the text of their “fix”, which prohibits discrimination based on “basis of race, color, religion, ancestry, age, national origin, disability, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, or United States military service” HERE.

It’s all a pack of lies.

During debate on the bill, State Senate Minority Leader Tim Lanane introduced an amendment that would have explicitly prohibited discriminating against gays and lesbians.…

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Republicans agree! We need to make our crises worse!

“It is as if the government had developed the economic policy equivalent of smart bombs, except these bombs carry payloads of cash for their carefully selected recipients,” Jacob S. Hacker and Paul Pierson write in Winner-Take-All Politics: How Washington Made the Rich Richer — And Turned Its Back on the Middle Class.

Those carefully selected recipients are the richest 1 percent of our richest 1 percent.

These richest 16,000 families with an average net worth of $371 million now own as much wealth as the bottom 90 percent combined, who earn less today — when adjusted for inflation — than they did in 1987.…

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Well-connected, wealthy lawyer for big Republican donor gets “rare” pardon by Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder

It’s good to be know the king…

Alan Gocha Jr., attorney for the maker of 5-Hour Energy drink got himself in trouble back in 2007 when he crossed the center line while driving drunk and landed in jail. He appealed the conviction but, after running out of appeals, decided to go for a gubernatorial pardon instead. This past week, Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder gave Gocha that pardon, one of only 11 out around 750 requests he received. The pardon expunges the conviction from his record as if it never happened.

According to Russ Marlan, a deputy director at the Corrections Department who oversees the parole board, Snyder is focused on “potential pardons where the conviction was inhibiting them from advancing economically or was preventing them from getting a job or was preventing them from financial freedom — from moving past some obstacle in their life”.…

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We need a second season of Cosmos — it’s the antidote to the GOP primary

Last week Ted Cruz showed us why we need another season of Cosmos.

On Late Night with Seth Meyers, he was presented with a chance to explain why the world is on fire but it isn’t getting hotter — and he took it. It was as if the world’s greatest internet commenter had crawled into the news and started spraying the sewage of denial everywhere.

Cruz has all the moves down. His toxic pap sounded perfectly sensible — even if it was clear Meyers wasn’t buying it — and required hundreds of words to debunk it by pointing out that it’s almost nonsensical cherry-picked data, cited from a researcher who disagrees with Cruz’s interpretation.…

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