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If you think you’re terrified by the Republican Party, imagine being a GOP donor

A Republican new poll finds that women see Republicans as “intolerant,” “out of touch” and “the kind of guys who need a poll to tell them that women find them intolerant and out of touch.”

Women are justifiably scared of a political party that seems to be less attuned to women’s issues now than it was in the 1960s. But there’s a group that should be even more terrified — GOP donors.

Here’s why.

On Friday, a former Republican nominee for vice president posted a scathing diss of a conservative website on her Facebook page. Sarah Palin spent about 300 words calling out The Daily Caller — a double-A ball team in the conservative media farm system — as a bunch of frat dorks because the site pointed out that she demanded a private plane to appear on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno.…

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Koch-supported GOP candidates for Senate thank the Kochs for the chance to help the Kochs get richer

In May of 2008, the Republican nominee for president John McCain broke with George W. Bush to support a cap-and-trade system for limiting greenhouse gases, a position that nearly every major Republican thinking about running for president supported at one time.

In 2014, there isn’t one major Republican who supports doing anything to stop the heating of the atmosphere that will create the sick irony of flooding oceans and unyielding famines across the globe. Not one Republican will even accept the ever-growing scientific consensus that climate change is man-made, thus can be averted by man. There isn’t any conservative willing to say that we ask our richest people to reduce their wealth somewhat in order to avoid a still somewhat avoidable disaster.…

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UPDATED: You know that gas-swilling behemoth of a campaign truck driven by Terri Lynn Land? She has TWO of them!

Last week I wrote a post titled “Terri Lynn Land’s campaign is a visible demonstration of waste & excess with a $100K truck that gets 8 mpg” about the monstrous, gas-guzzling truck Terri Lynn Land has been driving around the state in. The truck gets less than 10 mpg and retailed for over $100,000. The outrage at the fact that she displays this truck on her “Energy Policy” webpage was quick and severe, even earning Land the “Asshole of the Day” award from The Daily Edge.

Guess what? She has TWO OF THEM!

After I posted about “Big Blue” as Land calls her behemoth, I was contacted by Zachary Schefman who sent me these two photos taken on August 22nd in the West Bloomfield/Farmington area:

Schefman told me they have been parked there on and off for a number of weeks.…

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The cost of GOP’s Obamacare obstruction in Texas? 2 million without health insurance

And higher premiums for everyone else

Last year, about a month before the Affordable Care Act exchanges were set to open and Republicans in Washington D.C. were vowing to shut down the government to defund the law, Bill  Clinton gave a speech at his Presidential Library in Little Rock, Arkansas.

The simple case he made for the law that day could be summed up with one line from his speech: “It’s better than the current system, which is unaffordable and downright unhealthy for millions of Americans.”

Less than a year later, the state that Clinton served as governor for nearly a decade is proving to be the best example that President Obama’s health reforms work — when they aren’t sabotaged.…

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Democrats can use Obamacare to remind voters that Republicans want to gut Medicare

If Republicans ran on what they actually believed, they’d lose — even in red states.

We know this for sure because a candidate who voted to privatize Medicare and Social Security is attacking his opponent for wanting to reform Medicare and Social Security.

Just as we learned that Obamacare is fading as an issue in the 2014 elections, Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate in Arkansas Rep. Tom Cotton released an ad that targets Democrat Mark Pryor’s support for Social Security and Medicare reforms. The ad rips quotes out of context and ties in Pryor’s votes for cuts to Medicare and Medicare Advantage in Obamacare.…

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Terri Lynn Land’s campaign is a visible demonstration of waste & excess with a $100K truck that gets 8 mpg

NOTE: this post has been updated HERE.

Terri Lynn Land’s website has a page titled “Energy Policy”. On that page, she talks about how things used to be so wonderful in the USA because we had stable energy sources but now those days are behind us. She lists three “Solutions” to this problem. The first one is “Respect the Environment.”

“Michigan’s environment is important and we need to protect our state’s resources,” Land says on her website.

On the same page is a picture of “Terri’s Truck”, also called “Big Blue”. Terri’s truck is an International CXT. The “CXT” stands for “Commercial Extreme Truck” and extreme they are.…

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Why Rand Paul is better for the left than right

After what had been the worst night of unrest in Ferguson, Missouri in response the killing of 18-year old Michael Brown by a police officer, a flurry of statements from politicians on Thursday condemned the aggressive action of the local police.

Senator Elizabeth Warren and Rep. Justin Amash issued nearly identical statements noting that this is America, not a war zone.

President Obama insisted that there is never an excuse for violence against the police along with “no excuse for police to use excessive force against peaceful protests or to throw protesters in jail for lawfully exercising their First Amendment rights.”

Notably the president stayed away from any comment upon the issues of race, police brutality or police militarization that have charged the national debate about what’s going on in Ferguson.…

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Proof of Terri Lynn Land’s lies about the source of her wealth continue to roll out

Chad Selweski of the Macomb Daily News has more revelations regarding Terri Lynn Land’s lies about the source of her immense wealth that has allowed her to dump millions of dollars of her own money into her increasingly failed campaign:

Senate candidate Terri Lynn Land’s claim that she is a small business owner, not part of the lucrative Land & Co. real estate conglomerate run by her husband, clashes with five Grand Rapids city inspectors’ reports from 2011-12 obtained by The Macomb Daily.

Each of the documents indicates the Southview Apartments complex that Land claims she owns and operates is, in fact, in the hands of the “registered owner” — her husband, Dan Hibma, and Land & Co.

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3 reasons there won’t be a GOP wave in 2014

People don’t love Democrats but they hate the alternative

Many the members of the GOP’s House majority have literally have had their districts drawn for them. And if Republicans wanted to draw a map that would give them a chance to take control of the Senate, it would look exactly like what we’re seeing in 2014.

The party of Steve King, Michele Bachmann and Louis Gohmert simply needs to win six seats to take the majority of the upper house of Congress and Democrats are defending seven seats in states that Mitt Romney won as he lost in a landslide. They will likely pick up Montana, South Dakota and West Virginia easily.…

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One more reason to vote NO on Michigan’s Prop 1: GOP threats to screw over municipalities

I’ve already detailed my reasons for voting NO on Michigan’s Proposal 1 which would eliminate the Personal Property Tax HERE. But there is another reason, in my opinion: Republican threats to screw over municipalities if voters turn it down:

The GOP-led Legislature could eliminate the personal property tax with no revenue-replacement plan for local governments, [Truscott Rossman's Kelly Rossman-McKinney] said.

“The fear that all of those expressed is that the Legislature will come back after the primary, pursue eliminating the personal property tax for business but not reimbursing local communities. I’ve heard more than one Republican legislator say, ‘Oh, yeah, that’s exactly what I plan to do,” Rossman-McKinney said.

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