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Michigan high school principal: Women should be slut shamed because boys are just sex maniacs, gosh darn it

This right here? This is pure an unadulterated sexist bullshit:

1. Being wired more visual, males are attracted to shape and skin. Yes, a lot of bare skin or tightly covered (Spandex!) skin is a sexual distraction to a male. He will say, the more skin the better…but this leads him to treat women as ‘sex objects’ rather than respect her for who she is. So, it would seem to me, that if you do not want women treated as ‘sex objects,’ you should tell them to cover more skin.

2. A dress-code policy stating “Women, dress how you wish” and at the same time expecting the guys to keep their eyes off young ladies with shirts revealing their cleavage, short skirt, tight pants/leggings, shorty shorts, or tight shirt, is like walking out into the rain and expecting not to get wet.

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GOP strategist thinks a woman is nothing more than an "emasculated person", calls Obama "first female president"

GOP strategist thinks a woman is nothing more than an “emasculated person”, calls Obama “first female president”

As Republicans gather on Mackinac Island this weekend for their annual Leadership Conference, it concentrates GOP leaders into a small area and whenever that happens, things get weird. I don’t know if they emit some strange GOP-only pheromones or what but whenever they gather together like this, they say things in their out-loud voices that they would never, ever, ever, ever say in public at other times.

I now present you with Exhibit A:

“The U.S. already has its first female President – since Obama is the most emasculated person to hold the office,” @gregmcneilly at #MRLC31

— Gary Naeyaert (@gnaeyaert) September 19, 2015

That’s Great Lakes Education Project Executive Director Gary Naeyaert quoting one of the members of GLEP’s Board of Directors, Republican strategist Greg McNeilly.…

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Planned Parenthood Big Pink Bus

Stand with Planned Parenthood — you’ll be in great company

The healthcare provider is under attack. Let’s rally the troops.

Imagine someone who always looked out for you was getting beat up by the school bully, or was getting smeared by an enemy at work who was telling vicious lies about them. You’d leap to their defense, right? After all, if they’ve been there for you — no matter what — you’d want to return the favor.

Planned Parenthood is that friend, and they need us right now more than ever.

Of course, attacks on Planned Parenthood by anti-choice extremists aren’t anything new, but this latest set of attacks using so-called “sting” videos — videos captured by imposters using hidden cameras, which have been edited to make it seem like Planned Parenthood was selling body parts from aborted fetuses for a profit, which it unequivocally does not do — is particularly hateful.…

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Darius Simpson & Scout Bostley’s poetry slam performance “Lost Voices” gives a voice to voiceless women & black men

I don’t like to throw around the phrase “must see!” much but this video, in my opinion, is something everyone should watch. It will only take three minutes of your time but this poetry slam performance by Darius Simpson & Scout Bostley says more about how women and minorities experience our society than any book or movie ever could.

Pay attention to the very beginning and note that they swap microphones before they start.

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Something to know before the "morning after"

Something to know before the “morning after”

On March 3rd, State Senator Bert Johnson (D, MI-02) and three other Michigan Democrats introduced Senate Bill 172 requiring the state health department to provide information about “emergency contraception,” otherwise known as the “Morning After” pill. The bill was referred to committee with no further action at this time, and probably not at any time under the current GOP-dominated legislature that consistently shows itself to have a narrow, authoritarian, and restrictive view of human reproduction.

The language in the bill is specific about educating the public as a means of avoiding abortions as well as unplanned pregnancies and doing it safely by using the FDA-approved “morning after” pill.…

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Colorado proves it's not about stopping abortions, it's about controlling women

Colorado proves it’s not about stopping abortions, it’s about controlling women

I’ve long believed, as do so many others, that the forced birther movement, which claims to be about “saving lives”, is little more than a subterfuge for their real aim: controlling women. Why else would they go after contraception time and time again? Why else would they want to defund Planned Parenthood that prevents more unwanted pregnancies and abortions than the ones they perform?

Now we have definitive proof from Colorado Republicans.

Colorado has had a program running since 2009 that helps poor women get long-term, reversible contraceptives. The results were clear. Teen pregnancies dropped a whopping 40% and the number of abortions dropped 35% between 2009 and 2012.…

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Theocratic Republican Tim Walberg brings religion into government to harm women

Theocratic Republican Tim Walberg brings religion into government to harm women

Michigan state lawmakers Cindy Gamrat, Gary Glenn, and Todd Courser are openly theocratic, regularly expressing their desire and their intention to bring their religion into government, using their personal interpretation of the Bible to make laws and policy in our state. But the three of them have a mentor in this effort: 7th District Congressman Tim Walberg. A former Baptist minister and Bible salesman, Walberg has always been an opponent of the idea of separation of church and state.

His theocratic desires recently got national attention during a House Oversight and Government Reform Committee hearing on a rather unprecedented decision by Washington, D.C.…

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"With firm Reliance on Divine Providence," Cindy Gamrat discovers Republicans have different rules for men & women

“With firm Reliance on Divine Providence,” Cindy Gamrat discovers Republicans have different rules for men & women

After I wrote about tea partier Cindy Gamrat being tossed out of the Republican caucus last week, MIRS new service posted a piece that quoted a Republican source saying that Gamrat’s Facebook post wasn’t the only reason she got the boot. “There’s been a whole series of issues with Rep. Gamrat that have got Republican members complaining to leadership and others for a while,” the Republican said. “This last event is just one more in a long line.” When I read that, I updated the post.

Gamrat read about MIRS reporting and was astonished to find out that her Republican colleagues would drum up a phony excuse simply to shut her up.…

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Republicans try to convince their followers that THEY are the ones supporting wage equality for women

Republicans try to convince their followers that THEY are the ones supporting wage equality for women

This past week, as we celebrated Pay Equity Day, the day that women would have to work through in 2015 to make the same as men for doing the same job they both worked in 2014, Michigan Republicans made a laughable attempt to convince their followers that it’s Democrats – and Hillary Clinton, in particular – who are against wage equality and that it’s Republicans who are looking out for women.

This is the graphic they posted on their Facebook page:

The image was accompanied by this wharrgarbl:

Women have transformed the American economy and they should receive equal pay for equal work.…
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UPDATED: Michigan Republicans strip gender-based wage gap facts from "Pay Equity Day" resolution

UPDATED: Michigan Republicans strip gender-based wage gap facts from “Pay Equity Day” resolution

That button there on the right belonged to my mother. She was an ardent feminist and, in fact, took me to my very first political protest when I was in high school; an 85,000-person strong march in Chicago in 1980 demanding passage of the Equal Rights Amendment. 59¢ cents was how much women made for the same job a man was paid a dollar to do.

In the 35 years since then, that number has barely risen and today stands at roughly 77¢ – just 18¢ more than it was in 1980. At that rate – about a half a penny a year – to paraphrase Laurie Anderson, it will be the year 2059 before they make a buck.…

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