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Incoming Republican extremist Todd Courser’s first act will be a “personhood amendment” to ban abortion in Michigan

At the risk of Eclectablog becoming a “Todd Course Watch” site which reports on the every move of the extremist proponent of a theocracy in Michigan, I feel it’s important that everyone is aware of his plans when he takes office for the first time in January. Already known for his injection of religion in to government and his worldview that appears to involve training children to become soldiers to fight government tyranny, Courser’s views on a woman’s right to a legal abortion under federal law are as extreme as they come.

Yesterday, in an email to supporters, Courser revealed just how extreme:

When I think of what the Lord could use me for in this upcoming season of being a legislator, I am drawn by his grace that nothing could be a higher priority than protecting the freedom to be born.…
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Who are the real soldiers on the war on women?

The Obama Presidency has been fraught with examples of how society in the United States is not ready for prime time. The Obama Presidency began with him signing the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Restoration Act . This sent a clarion call to the country that he was serious about equality on many fronts. Since that day he has been effective in dealing with issues that many Progressives wanted to see addressed and changed. Eliminating the obvious discrimination of the military policy with regard to “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” was a monumental achievement and a day for deserved celebration by the LGBTQ community.…

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Republicans attempt to woo women voters in 6 states (incl. Michigan) with “The most sexist Republican ad of the year”

The “College Republican National Committee” has a new web ad targeting voters in six different states, each aimed at supporting a Republican gubernatorial candidate, that Time magazine is calling “The Most Sexist Republican Ad of the Year”. The ad features young women shopping for a wedding dress and, well, I can’t really put this sort of unmitigated sexism into words. Watch for yourself. Here’s the one for Michigan featuring our very own governor Rick Snyder:

Pretty high production values for a group of college kids, eh? And they released six different versions, too.

Here’s what Time had to say about the ad:

In case there is any debate about whether 1) Republicans really want young women on board for the midterms and 2) they’re confused about how to do it, the College Republican National Committee ad for Rick Scott will settle the question once and for all.…
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The anti-women strategies the Michigan GOP didn’t want you to hear

The War on Women is alive and well in Michigan. Don’t let Republicans try to tell you otherwise.

Hot on the heels of the successful pro-women V to Shining V event in Detroit, the Michigan Democratic Party has released shocking recordings of Michigan Republicans saying what they really think about women.

Well, it’s honestly not all that shocking. But the recordings reveal lawmakers saying how they really feel — and how far they’ll go to deny women their rights. And that should concern everyone.

Michigan Republicans are keen on making “personhood” the law of the land, a move even Mississippi voters rejected in 2011, and that would make many popular forms of birth control illegal.…

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Ms. Ellen’s neighborhood: lessons learned and lessons that will live on

I’ll venture a guess that most of us weren’t around in 1917, but that year, deep in the South, a baby girl was born who eventually changed my life and helped me gain perspective on issues, ideas, and purpose. Profoundly!

Allow me to start at the end and then, if you will, go back a few years.

Last night at 8:15 PM, I received a call from my neighbor Ellen’s full-time caretaker who has been part of a group that is been assisting my 97-year old neighbor with her daily tasks. Over the last two years, I’ve seen some caretakers come and go and I have seen others stay on the entire period.…

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UPDATED: Michigan Dems take leadership role on women’s access to contraception and LGBT civil rights

Senate Democratic Leader Gretchen Whitmer

This week, as Michigan’s legislature comes back to work, Michigan Democrats are taking a proactive leadership role on two critical issues.

First, Senate Democratic Leader Gretchen Whitmer and House Rep. Gretchen Driskell (maybe we should call them “The Fighting Gretchens”?) announced that they will introduce legislation requiring companies who choose to deny women access to specific types of contraception based on the Hobby Lobby Supreme Court decision to notify existing and prospective employees of this fact:

“Whether or not a company’s reproductive health coverage is comprehensive can be an important factor for a family to consider when making decisions about a job prospect,” Rep.…
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UPDATED: Don’t like the Supreme Court’s Hobby Lobby decision? You can thank Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette.

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled in favor of Hobby Lobby today in a narrow 5-4 decision that allows the owners of for-profit corporations to deny health insurance coverage for some types of contraceptives for their employees. The decision cements in place the idea that corporations are people entitled to Constitutionally-protected rights like free speech.

As it turns out, Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette was front and center on this issue and he has taken a much bigger role in fighting the Affordable Care Act at the national level than any other state Attorney General. He has, in fact, filed amicus briefs in no less than SIX federal court cases related to denying women this coverage on the basis of the company owner’s religious beliefs.…

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Mich GOP so overconfident that they’re now openly mocking women on the House floor while Dems get organized

The recent kerfuffle in the Michigan House of Representatives with three state Republican legislators posing with women’s fashion mags to show they “understand women” is generating the requisite amount of outcry and outrage from around the state. Having them openly mocking women in an election year is a display of such chutzpah that even Republican House Speaker Jase Bolger was forced to issue an apology. His apology managed to squeeze in Father’s Day and his daughter’s high-school graduation, apropos of absolutely nothing. The only surprise is that he didn’t mention puppies and fresh-baked apple pie.

The statewide outrage would not have been nearly so vociferous had this not been just one more act among so very many by male Republican lawmakers since they swept into power in 2010.…

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Michigan Republicans can’t justify mocking women from the House floor

Unsurprisingly, they failed to offer a suitable explanation. The apology women deserve does not seem to be forthcoming.

After posing for a photo holding fashion magazines and insisting that they understand women, three Michigan Republicans have made no attempt to apologize for their insulting behavior. Of course, they tried to make excuses, but I don’t buy it. No one should.

Frankly, even if they did apologize (which I’m not holding my breath for), it would not erase the stench of misogyny that surrounds these legislators and their Republican cronies.

Time and time again, Michigan Republicans vote against the best interests of women.

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No, Michigan GOP, you really don’t understand women

When you vote against women and then openly mock them on the House floor, you can’t pretend you’re not waging a War on Women.

Do they not have actual work to do? Michigan Republicans Peter Pettalia, Roger Victory and Ben Glardon posed for a photo today on the House floor with women’s fashion magazines.

The photo was tweeted out by Jake Neher, State Capitol Reporter for the Michigan Public Radio Network, who added the quote which he attributed to Rep. Pettalia. “He said it a couple times, jokingly,” Neher said in response to a question on Twitter.

The look on the Representatives’ faces is worth a thousand words.…

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