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UPDATED: Michigan Republicans boot tea partier Cindy Gamrat from caucus for saying the same things as Todd Courser

Yesterday, I wrote about a diatribe posted to Facebook by tea partier Todd Courser where he referred to subsidized daycare as “gubmint child’s care centers” & “government re-engineering centers”. In that same bizarre screed, he also said this:

It takes you…Calling all true pro-lifers! Lots of reasons to vote against this coming budget, it cuts road funding (you heard me right), it of course increases Medicaid funding, more money for gubmint child’s care centers (government re-engineering centers), increases child dental, more for education and more expanded government; BUT one particularly egregious reason for pro-lifer’s to both stand against it and vote against it is that it funds Planned Parenthood – Planned Parenthood is the largest abortion provider in the country and has no business getting funding from our state government!…
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Michigan Republican calls subsidized child care “gubmint child’s care centers” & “government re-engineering centers”

Lapeer-area State Representative Todd Courser is a member of the State House Education Committee which oversees legislation pertaining to schools in our state. It’s an interesting assignment for him since he homeschools his own kids and regularly disparages public education.

On his Facebook page today, as part of an anti-Planned Parenthood rant, Courser refers to child care providers as – I’m not kidding here – “gubmint child’s care centers” & “government re-engineering centers”:

Lots of reasons to vote against this coming budget, it cuts road funding (you heard me right), it of course increases Medicaid funding, more money for gubmint child’s [sic] care centers (government re-engineering centers), increases child dental, more for education and more expanded government…

Presumably what he is talking about here are components of Gov.…

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UPDATED: Michigan Republicans strip gender-based wage gap facts from “Pay Equity Day” resolution

That button there on the right belonged to my mother. She was an ardent feminist and, in fact, took me to my very first political protest when I was in high school; an 85,000-person strong march in Chicago in 1980 demanding passage of the Equal Rights Amendment. 59¢ cents was how much women made for the same job a man was paid a dollar to do.

In the 35 years since then, that number has barely risen and today stands at roughly 77¢ – just 18¢ more than it was in 1980. At that rate – about a half a penny a year – to paraphrase Laurie Anderson, it will be the year 2059 before they make a buck.…

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This one chart shows why collective bargaining is so crucial for ALL Americans

Do you ever feel like you never seem to be able to get ahead? That you work your whole life but, at the end of the month, the end of the year, you aren’t any further ahead than you were last month or last year?

This one chart goes a long way toward explaining exactly why that is:

As the chart shows, since the attacks on unions began back in the 50s and 60s and union membership began to drop, the share of income enjoyed by the middle 60 percent of families began to drop as well. In fact, the two correlate frighteningly well.…

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Thousands of workers across the USA to rally for fair pay on Tax Day

Tomorrow is Tax Day and the group is holding rallies across the country demanding a living wage for low-wage workers like those in the fast food industry. Here in Michigan, there will be a rally on the campus of the University of Michigan at noon to demand that U of M begin paying its employees and those who work in facilities that U of M leases to companies like Wendy’s $15/hr or better. They will be meeting at noon at the South Quad dining hall. The event will be no more than 45 minutes. For more information, visit the event Facebook page HERE.…

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A heartfelt thank you, a racially-conscious redneck, and cats freaking out with bananas

I’d like to take a moment to thank everyone who came through in such a profound way for this quarter’s fundraiser. Thanks to your generosity we have enough in the coffer to keep paying our writers and even bring on a new one (who I will be announcing soon.) In particular, the response to Anne’s Facebook post was nothing short of amazing.

Since it’s the last day, I thought I’d dispense with the blah and share my favorite two videos from the week with you. Information on how donate on this final day of the fundraiser follows the second video. And, once again, THANK YOU!

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With 100+ staff lawyers, Michigan AG Schuette still spending $50K to hire another one for same-sex marriage ban SCOTUS case

Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette is our state’s top lawyer. He bragged about his legal acumen during his 2014 campaign. He also has over 100 Assistant Attorneys General on his staff. So, as Schuette prepares to defend our state’s ban on same-sex marriages before the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS), you would assume that he would be well-positioned in terms of lawyers to take on that task.

You would be wrong about that, apparently. This past week we learned that Schuette is hiring on yet another attorney, John Bursch of Schuette’s former employer Warner Norcross & Judd, to argue the case before the SCOTUS.…

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It takes an internet community…

Earlier this week, I was feeling pretty low. It was Day Two of our quarterly fundraiser and we had gotten a single donation of ten dollars. Usually by the second day we have a couple hundred, at least. It seemed like we were headed for a disastrous week and, with my business checking account nearly drained, there would be no way to pay my writers. I feel pretty certain that all of the Eclectablog writers would do it for free but, although some may see it as a mistake, I simply won’t bring on writers unless I can pay them at least something.…

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Despite Aramark privatized prison food scandal, Snyder administration doubles down on privatizing prison services

The privatization of prison food services to the for-profit group Aramark has generated a seemingly endless litany of scandals and more are likely to come as Progress Michigan plows through the results of their exhaustive FOIA request. The scandals so far have been thoroughly documented here at Eclectablog.

Although this collosal failure at privatization would lead most good leaders to abandon the effort, that is decidedly NOT the case with the administration of Rick Snyder. This week, they announced that they will be privatizing state-run prison stores and firing 30 existing employees that do that work now:

About 30 state prison workers have been told they will lose their jobs as the state eliminates regional prison stores in Ionia, Jackson and the Upper Peninsula.…
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Being fired for sending racist emails just like being raped says self-described non-racist Ferguson, MO City Clerk

After a Department of Justice investigation, Ferguson City Court Clerk Mary Ann Twitty, was fired after 19 years on the job for using her city government email to send racist emails. One email showed a photo of Ronald Reagan feeding a bottle to a chimpanzee with the caption “Rare photo of Ronald Reagan babysitting Barack Obama in 1962.” Another said that Obama wouldn’t be president for very long because, “what black man holds a steady job for four years?”

In a video interview with, Twitty defends her actions saying, “I’m not a racist, I have a black sister.” Her firing, she said, has “ruint her name” and was like “being raped and being thrown under the bus.” Asked if she thought the emails were funny, she said, “Funny as in humor wise?…

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