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Terri Lynn Land proves she has no idea why she’s seen as a foot soldier in the War on Women

It’s painful to watch someone who has so completely lost the narrative

As Emma pointed out yesterday, Terri Lynn Land is on a one-woman crusade to ensure that we’re fully aware that she doesn’t support income equality for women by repeatedly bringing up the “War on Women” topic. Yesterday it was a comical video that is getting trounced all over the internet. For example, here’s the inestimable David Nir at Daily Kos:

My only response: Man. This kind of guffawing rejoinder to substantive policy criticisms is truly pathetic. Anyone swayed by this kind of “argument” is almost certainly already very hostile to Democrats—the sort of conservative who declares, “There’s no ‘War on Women’ because Monica Lewinsky!” It’s hard to imagine this ad will persuade anyone persuadable, but the fact that Land’s even put it out suggests she thinks this topic makes her vulnerable.…
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REPOST – INTERVIEW: Lizz Winstead on her new book, politics, and douchebags ruining everything

“When you let creatives be creatives, magic can happen.”

Our 10-year Blogaversary party is coming up next week (details HERE), and my friend Lizz Winstead will be on hand to make us laugh and to tell about her exciting new project Lady Parts Justice. I thought it would be good to repost an interview I did with her in June of last year so that those of you who are unfamiliar with Lizz and her amazing work could get to know her.

I finished reading Lizz Winstead’s book Lizz Free or Die (purchase it HERE) a couple of months ago and, via Twitter, she agreed to an interview.…

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“Timmy” Walberg gets a primary candidate: Douglas Radcliffe North with the creepiest campaign video you’ve ever seen

Campaign ad or performance art? I report, you decide.

Tim Walberg, the Republican tea party-aligned Congressman from Michigan’s 7th District, has a surprise primary candidate who is, hard to believe as it might be, more ridiculously extreme than Walberg himself. The candidate is Douglas Radcliffe North and his website is almost surreal. It is composed almost entirely of videos like the one shown below.

More of a birther than Tim Walberg, North is intent on getting rid of Barack Obama. From his video:

As your Congressman, I will utilize EVERY opportunity to get a special prosecutor appointed to investigate if President Obama is a natural-born citizen of the United States of America.…
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Another day, another revelation of pay-to-play politics in the Snyder administration

Seriously, this is getting ridiculous

MIRS has a damning report out this week about further examples of pay-to-play politics in the Snyder administration. According to their reporting, the Dickinson Wright law firm received a $225,000 contract with the state in July of 2013. The contract was signed by Attorney General Bill Schuette and former state Treasurer Andy Dillon. A week later, Bill Schuette’s reelection campaign received 21 contributions worth $3,500 from Dickinson Wright employees and, five months after that, the four people who signed the contract with the state made contributions to Governor Snyder’s campaign.

MIRS scoured Snyder’s campaign finance records and found that he has taken in nearly $300,000 in contributions of more than $1,000 from people who worked for companies with state contracts.…

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Bad news for Rick Snyder: 69% of Michiganders think his administration is NOT spending enough on schools

Spin all you want, Governor. Voters KNOW.

Rick Snyder and the Michigan Republicans want you to believe that they have done more to help fund education than any ever before in our state. By comparing what they are spending to what the state spent when we were receiving funds from the Stimulus program that offset prior spending, they show you charts and graphs “proving” they have increased per-pupil spending. It’s a shell game that anyone who has any contact with a school district knows is simply untrue. School districts across the state are struggling every single day — just ask your local school board — and our residents know that.…

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(Updated x2) ATTENTION CANDIDATES & PROGRESSIVE PARTNERS! Sponsorships for the Eclectablog 10-year Blogaversary party now available!

We’re pleased to announce our first three four five sponsors for the Eclectablog 10-year “Blogaversary” party that’s happening on May 1st, 7-9 p.m. at the Arbor Brewing Company Microbrewery (formerly the Corner Brewery) in Ypsilanti.




We are incredibly grateful for the generous support of these amazing partners.

Candidates, progressive partners, unions, and others are invited to join these esteemed and valued sponsors in helping support Michigan’s premier progressive blog. You can do so at the Gold Level ($1,000), Silver Level ($500), or Bronze Level ($250).…

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House Republicans move the goalposts on helping solve Detroit’s financial crisis by extorting labor unions

Oh, that’s rich

Michigan House Republicans are in a tight spot. With concessions made by every party swept up in Detroit’s municipal bankruptcy and a deal in place that mostly preserves retiree pensions and the Detroit Institute of Arts’ priceless art collection, the only hurdle remaining is the state ponying up $350 million. Given how much money they’ve essentially stolen from the city by withholding promised revenue sharing, it’s a small price to pay. The state cannot take over cities with Emergency Managers and then tell them they are on their own, much as they would love to do just that.…

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INTERVIEW – Former EAA teacher: “I really think that they are being dishonest with the public, teachers, and parents”

One of the recurring themes in the conversations that I have had with various teachers and administrators who work or have worked for the Education Achievement Authority is that when financial benefactors or members of our state government came to visit, the entire school transformed. Schedules were altered, often on the fly, to accommodate the visitors’ schedules. Kids ate lunch very early or very late, and as you’ll learn in this interview, teachers were reassigned from their normal classrooms to pose as teacher’s assistants for other teachers to give the appearance that large classrooms had multiple adults in them even though that was not normally the case.…

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UPDATED: Crain’s Detroit Business editor uses slave plantation imagery: “Maybe Detroit needs a permanent overseer”

Dude, are you for real?

Keith Crain, editor-in-chief of Crain’s Detroit Business, has an op-ed out this morning titled “Maybe we need a permanent overseer”. The “we” in this case is the city of Detroit.

This is not to cast aspersions on our current politicians. But we don’t know how long they will be in office and who will replace them. Certain members of the Detroit City Council have already proved to require oversight for their personal conduct. We don’t have any idea about financial conduct.

It is time to consider a permanent, independent executive who permanently oversees city finances and operations.

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An Easter PHOTOdiary: Peeps & climate change

We may be at a tipping point

It’s Easter Sunday and that can mean only one thing: it’s time for the annual repost of our Peeps® post. Enjoy.

Spring came incredibly late to southern Michigan this year so on Good Friday, my wife Anne and I put our kayaks in the Huron River and set out to document the effects of global climate change on the wildlife of our area. What we found was both stunning and shocking.

All photos by Anne C. Savage (except this one of her.)

As we started our journey, we knew something was different. Never before had we seen remnants of snow piles in the forest and along the riverbank this late in the season.…

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