Fundraiser — February 13, 2020 at 3:13 pm

Political fundraising is off the hook


Dude, is your hair on fire???!

“We came up a little short”
“I just got the numbers from Sara and they don’t look good”
“The deadline is midnight tonight”
“Can you chip in to make sure we beat Trump?”

If your email inbox looks like mine, you spend what feels like hours a day deleting fundraising emails from candidates and causes. If it’s near the end of the quarter, they get even more ridiculous.

I get that. EVERONE wants your money. And, while it’s true that here at Eclectablog we ask you to support us financially, as well, it’s something we try to do on a very limited basis. Three or four times a year, we ask you to support independent journalism and political commentary. We don’t run annoying and intrusive ads (except as part of the Disqus commenting system) so we rely on our supporters to keep us going.

What you get in return is a site that driven not by clickbait-y articles but information you can use to make more informed decisions in your political life and podcast guests who provide you with important perspectives that inform and educate you.

We recently brought on Ingham County Clerk Barb Byrum who is providing essential information about voting and election security. LOLGOP, Mitchell Robinson, and Ammara Ansari give their unique perspectives on a wide range of topics. Here are a few of the guests we’ve had on The GOTMFV Show podcast since our last fundraiser:

And, of course, each week we talk to Jordan Zakarin from Progressives Everywhere.

All of our regular contributors are compensated for their work (as they should be, we’re progressive, after all) but we can’t do that without your ongoing support.

There are three ways for you to support our efforts. First, you can use the handy PayPal form at the top of the right sidebar to make a one-time donation via Paypal in the amount of your choice.

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Thank you.