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Gov. Snyder attempts Jedi Mind Trick on senior citizens: “These aren’t the pension taxes you’re looking for”

Attempting to deceive senior citizens is, simply put, sick and disgusting.

Governor Snyder is summoning his inner Obi Wan Kenobi, using the Jedi Mind Trick to try to convince seniors that he’s not taxing their pensions. “I want to be proactive, ” he said, “and let people know it’s NOT a pension tax. What we did was clean up our tax code.”

In other words, “These are not the senior pension taxes you’re looking for.”

Here’s the video:

Now, one of the things I wanted to talk about and this is, again, has been something that would be good to clear the air, this is about the reinvention of Michigan.…
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Gov. Rick Snyder’s new-found concern for LGBT civil rights is a sham

Yesterday at the Mackinac Policy Conference on Mackinac Island, Michigan Governor Rick Snyder did an about-face on his position regarding civil rights for members of the LGBT community. His actions or, rather, lack of actions on behalf of the LGBT community are well-known so the abrupt change is cause for considerable skepticism.

Snyder spelled out his new-found interest in LGBT civil rights in an interview on Michigan Public Radio’s Stateside program. During the interview, host Cynthia Canty asked Gov. Snyder about this sudden shift in his position:

Cynthia Canty: Just this morning Governor Snyder sent the strongest signal yet that he would look favorably on adding LGBT to Michigan’s civil rights law… [Governor Snyder,] you say this is something you want the legislature to take up but is this something you would actually endorse?…
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Terri Lynn Land has “solutions” for Michigan manufacturing that are as empty and false as the rest of her campaign

Not. Ready. For. Prime. Time

Republican Senate candidate Terri Lynn Land recently released her “solutions” for strengthening Michigan manufacturing. More accurately, she’s calling them “solutions “. However, they are so blatantly empty of content and, in some cases, downright wrong that calling them “solutions” strains the bounds of the definition of the word.

You can find her “solutions” HERE, a webpage that is not linked anywhere else on her website or her Facebook page. In fact, unless you go looking for it and know specifically what to look for, you won’t find it anywhere.

Here are her “solutions” to strengthening Michigan manufacturing:

  1. Fair Trade: Developing fair trade agreements will open up markets to Michigan’s exports.
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The Keystone XL pipeline debate isn’t about increased CO2 emissions and Ed Schultz & Brian Schweitzer are dead WRONG

This past week a federal report came out saying the carbon emissions will not be increased by allowing the Keystone XL pipeline to run through the USA. This will rejuvenate efforts by the Big Oil proponents of the pipeline to keep up their political pressure. But this argument has, in my opinion, never been about increased carbon emissions. It’s about a dangerous pipeline carrying the dirtiest oil on the planet straight through the center of our country.

Ed Schultz has been on the wrong side of this issue for some time now. Always a friend of labor, he is taking their side on this issue and it is the WRONG side.…

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“Tax and Spend” Obama has lowered the deficit by almost two-thirds

You have to admit, Republicans can spread a lie better than anyone on the planet

So this is amazing:

A new report released Tuesday says the government’s budget deficit is set to fall to $514 billion for the current year, down substantially from last year and the lowest by far since President Barack Obama took office five years ago.

The Congressional Budget Office report credits higher tax revenues from the rebounding economy and sharp curbs on agency spending as the chief reason for the deficit’s short-term decline. [...]

CBO sees the deficit sliding to $478 billion next year before beginning a steady rise years through 2024 that would bring deficits back above $1 trillion a year.

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Gov. Snyder’s Superbowl ad: perpetuating the myth that he’s made us the ‘comeback state’, facts be damned

“Comeback Kid”? How about “Kid Crock”?

During the Superbowl tonight, viewers in Detroit, Flint, Grand Rapids, Lansing, and Traverse City will see an ad that will launch the reelection campaign of Governor Rick Snyder. The ad is estimated to cost almost $1 million to produce and air. This is in addition to the nearly $700,000 he spent on a similar ad in September. When it comes to buying elections, Michigan’s governor is our foremost expert.

Here’s a preview of tonight’s whitewash of our governor’s record:

According to the ad, “Michigan now calls him the comeback kid”. It’s an interesting statement since exactly nobody that I know of has actually called him this.…

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Terri Lynn Land’s false image as a moderate undermined by her extremist views & extremist friends

We learned our lesson about self-described “moderates” from Rick Snyder, right? RIGHT???!!!

In her run for U.S. Senate, Terri Lynn Land is counting on Michigan voters to believe that she is a moderate Republican and that Gary Peters is an extremist liberal. Her previous stint as the Secretary of State probably helps with that false perception. Almost nobody sees Secretaries of State as highly-partisan ideologues.

However, all it takes is a cursory look at Land’s record and the people she hangs around with to know that she’s anything but moderate and hasn’t been in a long time in an effort to win tea party support.…

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Rick Snyder’s “Said it, did it” mantra unravels as he signs expansion of dark money in Michigan elections into law

More like “Didn’t say it, did it anyway” or “Said it, did the opposite”

Eclectameme by Anne C. Savage for Eclectablog

Discussing possible campaign slogans during his non-announcement of his candidacy last fall, Michigan Governor Rick Snyder said, “One that I really do appreciate, that I’ve used in my life is, ‘Said it. Did it.’”. In other words, according to him, he says he’s going to do something and, by golly, he goes right out and does it.

This, of course, doesn’t explain his “Didn’t say it, did it anyway” approach to things like kneecapping labor unions by making Michigan a right to work (for less) state or raising taxes on more than half of all Michiganders or paying for a nearly $2 billion corporate tax cut by cutting funds for the education of our children and taxing the pensions of senior citizens or eliminating the earned income tax credit for the working poor or eliminating tax breaks for charitable giving or disenfranchising over half of Michigan’s African Americans by putting their cities under the rule of an unelected dictator.…

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(VIDEO) Michigan Republicans take myth-making to a new level while remaining silent on truly important issues

When the numbers don’t support you, myth-making is your only other option

Last week House Speaker Jase Bolger told the Detroit Free Press that Governor Snyder’s biggest challenge as a campaigner is his biggest asset as he governs. “The governor insists on no credit and no blame,” said Bolger. This was only one day after the Michigan Republican Party sent out their “December Newsletter”, taking full credit for making Michigan “The Comeback State”

“Democrats want to attack us by saying the ‘establishment’ is fighting the ‘tea party’ and point to that as proof of dysfunction between conservatives,” wrote MRP Chairman Bobby Schostak.…

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Tea party PAC calls LGBT advocacy group Equality Michigan a “hate group” and homophobe Dave Agema “a prophet”

Under fire and on the run

You can always tell when you have the tea party backed into a corner. That’s when they bring out the Big Crazy guns with both barrels blazing. That happened this week when the tea party’s Madison Project Michigan PAC sent out an email from Jack Hoogendyk, a tea partier who primaried U.S. Representative Fred Upton because he wasn’t conservative enough to pass their litmus test. The Madison Project Michigan PAC was there to endorse Hoogendyke in this failed attempt.

The email from the PAC whose tag line is “Less Government. Lower Taxes. Personal Responsibility” christened homophobic bigot Dave Agema “a prophet” for spewing anti-gay rhetoric and lies at a recent Republican Party fundraiser.…

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