Lies, Michigan Republicans — November 2, 2018 at 2:41 pm

Michigan Republican Party sent out political mailers lying about their candidates’ endorsements in three state House races


The Michigan Republican Party has been caught sending out misinformation about their candidates in three State House races. Mailers sent by the MRP claim three of their candidates, Annette Glenn in the 98th House District, Dave Morgan in the 62nd House District, and Andrea Schroeder in the 43rd House District, were endorsed by the Police Officers Association of Michigan (POAM).

These are lies.

Here’s the mailer they sent out for Annette Glenn:



POAM released a strongly-worded statement clarifying who they have endorsed and it’s clear that the Michigan Republican Party sent out false information (aka lies) with these mailers:

As Michigan’s largest police union, POAM has over 12,000 members. We are deliberate and selective about the candidates we endorse, which is why POAM is the most sought-after law enforcement endorsement by candidates.

It has come to our attention that the Michigan Republican Party sent mailers in 3 house districts wrongly identifying 3 candidates as earning the Police Officers Association of Michigan endorsement. This is incorrect.

Using our name improperly is offensive and an error that cannot be overlooked.
We would like to set the record straight as which candidates have earned the POAM endorsement and the trust of law enforcement in these 3 districts:

  • MI House District 62 – Jim Haadsma is the ONLY candidate endorsed by POAM
  • MI House District 98- Sarah Schulz is the ONLY candidate endorsed by POAM
  • MI House District 43 – No candidate earned POAM’s endorsement

We urge POAM members to support Jim Haadsma and Sarah Schulz.

For a complete list of candidates receiving POAM’s endorsement, please visit our Official Endorsement list.

I know that, like me, you’re positively SHOCKED that Michigan Republicans are blatantly lying. If you’d like to help counteract this act of deception by the Michigan Republicans, please consider helping to get out the vote for Sarah Schulz and Jim Haadsma. You can support their campaigns with an infusion of last-minute cash HERE and HERE, respectively.