Detroit, Education — December 6, 2015 at 4:36 pm

The sad, predictable, outrageous, and infuriating history of the Education Achievement Authority in 127 headlines


I have been writing about the Education Achievement Authority since August of 2011 when I first reported on then-Chancellor John Covington’s history at Kansas City schools. The EAA – Gov. Rick Snyder’s failed experiment with Detroit school children – has been a colossal failure rife with scandal, grift, corruption, and utterly terrible “leadership”.

The other day as I was looking for a specific post I had written about the EAA, I realized that I had written over 100 pieces about it. And going through the titles alone was enough to put me back in my seat. I was blown away by the accumulated evidence of epic failure, something that, once you see it in one place, makes you really wonder how it still exists.

So, today, I have put them all in one place. Here is the story of the EAA (so far), told in 127 Eclectablog headlines.

To be continued