Ann Arbor, Education — February 21, 2014 at 3:34 pm

BREAKING: Ann Arbor/Ypsi Chamber comes out against expansion of EAA


This afternoon the 1,300-member Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti Regional Chamber issued the following statement regarding Governor Rick Snyder’s failed education experiment with Detroit students known as the Education Achievement Authority:

The A2Y Chamber’s Executive Board held a deliberation on HB 4369, legislation to expand the Education Achievement Authority (EAA). The A2Y Chamber encourages the Michigan Legislature to reject the current House version of the bill, which would effectively establish the EAA to operate all Priority Schools in Michigan (those where student achievement fall within the lowest 5% of Michigan schools). The EAA currently operates a number of Detroit schools under a contract with the state, however just this week State Superintendent Mike Flanagan cancelled that exclusive contract with the EAA.

Given this recent development, and the lack of a sufficient track record for the relatively new EAA, the Chamber believes it is premature to allow the EAA statutory authority to expand further. Expanding and further empowering the EAA at this point could have wide reaching policy consequences that may not be in the best interest of students or taxpayers. The Chamber applauds the legislature’s efforts to help turn around our Michigan’s Priority Schools, but urges the legislature to consider a range of alternatives for reaching this goal

These sorts of statements are eminently helpful because they show that this not a partisan issue, nor is it an issue that affects only Detroit. If the failed EAA model is expanded statewide, it’s a model that could very soon come to a school near you.

  • Thomas C. Pedroni

    I agree that such statements are helpful by framing it as an issue that doesn’t just affect Detroit. But when the tone is “we don’t know enough… let’s wait and see” this implies that it’s okay to use Detroit as a laboratory and a testing ground. I want to see more voices (not necessarily the AceDeuce Chamber) come forward and say not only do we not want it, but get it the [email protected] out of Detroit. I don’t hear anyone from Detroit saying “this is okay for the suburbs, just don’t keep it here.”

  • dkmich

    Colorado just announced 184 million dollars in new revenue by June from legalized pot. This doesn’t include the millions in savings from not arresting, prosecuting, jailing and re-entering a whole bunch of criminals we don’t have to make. Mark is down in the polls and can’t compete against the Devos/Koch cash cow. What has he got to lose? Why doesn’t he go bold and come out for the legalization of pot and decriminationalization of drugs. He could put that money into drug education/substance abuse services, k-16 and roads. I don’t understand why he doesn’t do something bold.

    • Probably because Michigan isn’t Colorado and a proposal to legalize weed isn’t going to sway the election in any measurable way. That’s my $0.02.

      • dkmich

        Has any polling been done? I think he would enthuse the youth and boomer voters. Tax cutters would love him. If he gives the money to education and roads – everybody would seem to be happy. I think Mark is a nice man and would be a good public servant. But even the Snyder haters think he’s boring and know nothing about Mark but his ads are boring. I cannot tell you how much I want Snyder gone, but in my gut, I don’t think it is going to happen. I sure hope to hell I am wrong. If Snyder gets re-elected, he will continue to dismantle our local governments and institutions until there is nothing left. His “regional-ization” is a joke and a disaster. He is creating huge, steep and impenetrable bureaucracies to replace the broad, low and accessible local governmental units we have. He has no proof of improvement and no plan, but that isn’t stopping this little martinet from moving along. He is throwing past investments away, only to duplicate them at additional cost to the taxpayers of this state.

    • judyms9

      I want Mark Schauer to make some bold pronouncements too, but not on the marijuana issue. He has a background in education and is in a position to make the referee’s TimeOut sign for the EAA. It is an issue that indicts the governor and the GOP majority and should be exposed because it is emblematic of what they’re up to and the hamhanded way they want to impose unproven methodology and because of all the tax dollars and family money that goe into MI education. Even people who have no kids in school have a stake in educational success if only for boosting their property values.

  • Steven Camron

    While I welcome the Chambers statement, Tom gets it right: ending the experimental EAA is needed!