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Major RALLY at Michigan State Capitol Building NEXT TUESDAY + other ACTIONS!


Be there or … hell with that, just BE THERE!

There will be a HUGE rally at the State Capitol Building in Lansing on Tuesday, November 11. Labor groups, progressive allies and Planned Parenthood are teaming up to demonstrate a show of solidarity unlike any we’ve seen yet.

The Michigan Laborers District Council got the ball rolling and you can RSVP on their Facebook event page HERE.

Rally at the Capitol: Right to Work is Wrong for Michigan

When: Tuesday, December 11, 2012, 9 a.m.-3:00 p.m.
Where: Michigan State Capitol Building
Details: Michigans far-right legislature slipped through Right to Work legislation without any debate. Without any input. And Michigan workers are under attack. It’s time to step up. There will be a rally at the Capitol on Tuesday, December 11, at 8:30 a.m. Meet up is at the Lansing Center (320 E. Michigan) with a march to the Capitol.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact the organizer for this event:

Dan Fingas
Michigan Laborers
(313) 354-4035

The Planned Parenthood announcement is as follows:

Locking the Capitol doors? Silencing the voice of the people? Michigan lawmakers are passing measures with devastating impacts on Michigan’s workers, women and families in the dark of night. This is NOT the Michigan we voted for! We must stand as a united front against the assault on Michigan’s families.

Extremist politicians are going on the attack and shutting the public out once again, let’s make sure we are there to hold them accountable! Join Planned Parenthood Advocates of Michigan and other progressive organizations for a rally at the Michigan Capitol on Tuesday, December 11, 2012, at 9:30am!


Michigan workers are not their only target. As this year’s legislative session comes to a close anti-women’s health lawmakers are trying to push through dangerous, onerous and outrageous policy initiatives which include efforts to:

  • Regulate women’s health centers out of existence.
  • Limit abortion access for women in rural areas.
  • Prevent private insurance companies from covering any abortion services.
  • Give a tax credit for fetuses, but not children.
  • Allow providers to deny any health care service they deem objectionable.

Let’s stop playing politics with women’s health and Michigan’s future. Women are not a political bargaining chip and neither are hard working Michigan families!

On Tuesday, December 11th at 9:30am, we can join together as a united front against attacks on Michigan women and families!


I hope to see you there.


Meghan Groen
Director of Government Relations
Planned Parenthood Advocates of Michigan

You can, of course, still sign my petition HERE.

Then, finally, consider participating in one of the AFL-CIO’s phonebanks. Here is the information on how you can get involved:

Join us in the Fight against Right-to-Work for Less!

What: Phone Banking!
Where: Michigan AFL-CIO – 419 S. Washington Square, Lansing, MI 48910
Friday, December 7th
Saturday, December 8th
Sunday, December 9th
Monday, December 10th

Shift Times:
Friday, Saturday & Monday:


Please come join the fight and stop the Republican effort to bust Michigan unions!

Tonya Ellison 614.397.2426 or