BREAKING: Michigan Democratic Party will not support recalls or repeal of EFM law


I have received information that Michigan Democratic Party chair, Mark Brewer, met with at least some Benton Harbor City Commissioners this week. By now, you’ve probably hear that these Commissioners have been relieved of duty by Emergency Financial Manager (EFM) Joseph Harris.

At that meeting, I am told, Brewer stated that the MDP will not be supporting any of the recall efforts around the state to recall vulnerable Republicans and Governor Rick Snyder or the effort to citizens’ effort to repeal the new EFM law.

I will have more on the absence of the state-level Democratic Party (and others) in the ongoing situation in Benton Harbor and the fight against the draconian EFM law, in general, so stay tuned.

UPDATE: (Note: this update was lost in the Blogger crash last Thursday/Friday. I am restoring it now.)
The occasion was the monthly meeting of the South County Democratic Club in Berrien County. Commissioner Dennis Knowles was in attendance. According to Commissioner Knowles, with whom I have spoken, Chair Brewer informed him that the MDP “could not help Benton Harbor” though he encouraged their recall effort of Rep. Al Pscholka. The MDP, however, will not assist in any way. In other words, Benton Harbor is on their own.