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Fear of retribution from Snyder administration appears to kill Progress Michigan’s anti-Snyder billboard in Lansing

What the heck did Chris Christie SAY when he was in Michigan last month???

Progress Michigan ran an anti-Rick Snyder digital billboard in Lansing, Ann Arbor, and Allen Park today — Tax Day — as part of the effort to raise awareness of Republican tax hikes on seniors, middle class, and poor Michiganders over the past three years. Actually, it’s more accurate to say they TRIED to run billboards in these cities. Adams Outdoor Advertising, the company that owns the billboards, rejected the contract that involved the Lansing billboard, apparently to avoid upsetting the Snyder administration.

MLive reports that Adams general manager Jason Kitchen denies that they rejected the ad.…

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Republican Gov. Snyder lies about $22.2 million increase in cousin’s state contract at public event

Pesky, pesky facts

Meme courtesy of the Michigan Democratic Party

At a public breakfast forum this week, Republican Governor Rick Snyder was challenged by Michigan Democratic Party Chair Lon Johnson over the more than doubling of the state contract held by Snyder’s cousin George Snyder. Johnson asked Snyder, “How can you justify cutting education and raising (taxes on the) senior and middle class, but at the same time doubling office furniture spending with a company owned by your cousin?”

Snyder’s answer was a blatant lie:

His company has been doing office furniture with state of Michigan business for decades. He has a contract … with the state of Michigan.…
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Snyder administration dodges questions like potholes, refuses to respond to FOIA request

Same-day service! Governor’s office wastes no time saying “no” to request from ProgressNow and Progress Michigan.

Regular readers of Eclectablog know that Chris Savage has been regularly calling out Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder on his lack of transparency. You can read some of that coverage HERE, HERE and HERE. And Chris is not the only one.

Gov. Snyder promised transparency from his administration, but time after time has thrown up smokescreens, if not brick walls, to prevent the public from hearing the whole story — especially when it comes to his now-infamous NERD Fund powered by secret donors and his dealings with corporatists who seem to have their fingers in everything from privatizing education to busting unions.…

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BREAKING: Federal government to recognize nearly 300 same-sex marriages in Michigan, Snyder administration won’t


Photo by Anne C. Savage, special to Eclectablog

The nearly 300 same-sex couples who were married last Saturday in Michigan will have their marriages recognized by the federal government. The Snyder administration has said that they will NOT recognize them or give the couples the benefits afforded heterosexual married couples even though they believe the marriages are legal.

The U.S. government will recognize about 300 same sex marriages that were performed in Michigan on Saturday before a federal appeals court issued a stay blocking further marriages pending a full review.

Attorney General Eric Holder said Friday the Justice Department has decided the couples are entitled to all federal benefits that other married couples receive.

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Republican Governor Snyder: “Same-sex marriages are legal but my administration won’t recognize them”

Pretzel logic at its finest

This afternoon Governor Snyder acknowledged that the nearly 300 same-sex marriages that were performed last Saturday are legal. He then said his administration won’t recognize them.

With respect to the marriages, we believe those are legal and valid marriages. The stay being issued makes it more complicated. Because of the stay, we won’t recognize the benefits of the marriage until there’s a removal of the stay.

It’s a rather astonishing display of pretzel logic to say that the marriages are legal but that he can’t enforce them until the stay is lifted. The stay is on any further marriages and nothing in it prevents the state from recognizing those already performed as legal.…

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BREAKING: The NERD Fund is back – Snyder administration faces charges of nepotism and corruption

“We are on it…”

This morning the Michigan Democratic Party released emails obtained through a FOIA request suggesting that Richard Baird, Governor Rick Snyder’s “Transformation Manager” who was once paid from the New Energy to Reinvent and Diversify (NERD) Fund, intervened on behalf of Governor Snyder’s cousin George Snyder to ensure he was protected from budget cuts in 2011. The NERD Fund has since been shut down by the governor after accusations that its secret donors were obtaining political favors in return for contributions to the multi-million dollar slush fund. CVS Caremark, the only known contributor, received a $60 million no-bid contract with the City of Detroit subsequent to a donation to the fund, for example.…

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Snyder administration refuses to recognize marriages of same-sex couples, AG Holder urged to show federal support

Republicans on the wrong side of history yet again

Governor Rick Snyder is refusing to recognize over 300 same-sex marriages that took place on Saturday. None of the rights and privileges extended to heterosexual married couples will be given to these newlyweds as Gov. Snyder and Attorney General Bill Schuette pander to their homophobic base in an election year.

Unfortunately for them, they are on the wrong side of history and, more importantly, on the wrong side of the majority of Michiganders who support marriage equality.

The impact is already being felt:

@Eclectablog A couple went to a S.O.S. this morning for a name change….and were denied.…

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Chris Christie brings the stink of his scandals to Rick Snyder and Terri Lynn Land

Yes, this is the best Republicans have to offer

Chris Christie’s Bridgegate scandal has not been shut down and it’s only getting closer to the governor.

Questions about his administration’s willingness to inflict traffic on taxpayers and a tangled web of conflicts of interest involving the governor’s associates at the Port Authority remain unanswered.

Now, reporting by The Nation‘s Lee Fang reveals how Christie donors seem to have used the Republican Governors Association to get around campaign finance laws and were rewarded with massive pension contracts. And suggestions that the former U.S. Attorney went easy on a human trafficker to get dirt on a small-town mayor add weight to The New Republic’s Alec MacGillis’ theory that Christie’s “entire career reeks.”

So what’s the governor doing this week instead of providing the answers he’s promised to his constituents?…

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POLL: Rick Snyder may want you to think he’s supporting education but most people don’t believe it

Republican Governor Rick Snyder is spending an enormous amount of effort trying to convince Michigan residents that he has increased school funding. In reality, it’s true. The state of Michigan is spending a bit more now than when Snyder took office. But that’s only because he includes temporary federal funding as part of the Stimulus spending legislation sent to states to cushion the blow of the Bush Recession as the starting point, funding no longer available. Overall, schools are funded at a lower rate than in the past.

Funny thing: Michiganders know it.

An new Inside Michigan Politics/Lambert, Edwards & Associates/Denno Research poll shows that over half of Michiganders believe that Governor Snyder has decreased spending on schools.…

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REMINDER: Democrats do have a huge opportunity in 2014

Republican governors face the same challenge Democratic senators do.

Indubitably, the odds are against the Democrats retaining the majority in the Senate this year.

Democrats must defend all the seats they won in 2008. Seven of those seats are in states Mitt Romney won as he was getting squashed by the president. The GOP need only pick up six seats to take control of the upper house of Congress.

The Crystal Ball‘s Ryan Kondick has ranked the seats most likely to switch parties, you have to get to number 11 before Democrats have a chance to grab a seat in Georgia.…

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