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BREAKING: More corruption in the Snyder administration: $26.4 million in no-bid contracts awarded to campaign donor (UPDATED)

The Michigan Democratic Party released bombshell news today that the Snyder administration awarded $26.4 million in no-bid contracts to a high-dollar donor to the Snyder reelection campaign.

On June 9, 2014, the owners of J&B Medical Supply, which supplies diapers and other incontinence products to Department of Community Health, hosted a lavish fundraiser for Rick Snyder in Bloomfield Hills which was attended by about 150 contributors, and featured crystal stemware, professional lighting design and custom-made Rick for Michigan candy and water bottles. They raised $73,800 for Governor Snyder’s reelection campaign.

Here’s video from the fundraiser just to give you an idea of just how swanky this soiree was:

The very next day following the fundraiser, J&B Medical Supply had an existing state contract extended to the tune of nearly $400,000.

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GUEST POST: Ann Arbor super activist Michael Rains explains why he is Getting Out the Vote and how YOU can, too!

I first encountered my dear friend Michael Rains on the streets of Ann Arbor. He had a cart he has dubbed “the Democracy Machine” and there was a crowd of people around him, waiting to sign petitions to recall Governor Snyder and to repeal Michigan’s anti-democratic Emergency Manager law. If there is a crowd of people in Ann Arbor – and often elsewhere in the state – Michael can often be found there with the Democracy Machine, distributing information and gathering petition signatures for causes he believes in.

Today, Michael is sharing with us his reasons for getting out the vote (GOTV) for the November Election and has information on how you can get involved, too.…

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GUEST POST: The stark contrast between Rick Snyder and Mark Schauer on marriage equality

This post was written by my dear friend Amy Hunter. Amy and I have known each other for several years thanks to Facebook and Twitter but only met in person for the first time this past summer at the Netroots Nation conference where we appeared on Lizz Winstead’s “Morning News Dump” together. Amy is President and Chair of the Kalamazoo Alliance for Equality and spokesperson for the Transgender Leadership Project.

Democratic candidate for Lt. Governor Lisa Brown looks on as same-sex couples share their first kiss as married couples after the ceremony she officiated

A Stark Contrast on Equality

By Amy Hunter

The contrast between what is good policy for Michigan and cynical electoral politics could not be starker.…

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VIDEO: DGA hammers Gov. Snyder in new ad showing the “Faces” of people hit hardest by Snyder’s policies

A new ad out by the Democratic Governor’s Association is one of their best yet. Called “Faces”, it shows the faces of real people hit hardest by Republican Governor Rick Snyder’s pro-business, anti-middle class policies.

It’s an effective ad on the heels of last weekend’s debate between Snyder and Democratic candidate Mark Schauer. Snyder spent a great deal of time explaining how he has increased support for education and how what Schauer called his “job killing senior pension tax” along with his massive cuts to business taxes are “fair”. As Schauer put it in one made-for-sound-bite comment, “Our accountant governor is missing some columns on his spreadsheet and it’s called people.”

This ad helps restore those columns in our statewide conversation.…

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GUEST POST: Observations from a Schauer/Snyder debate attendee: “The atmosphere was completely different than on TV”

    Eclectablog reader Mark was in attendance at the one-and-only debate between Republican Governor Rick Snyder and Democratic candidate Mark Schauer on Sunday night. He sent me his observations as someone who was actually in the room and has agreed to allow me to share his comments with you.

    As you will see, the atmosphere inside the debate venue was considerably different than what many of us saw on television. What is clear to me from his report is that Gov. Snyder is afraid. And he should be. Mark Schauer is surging right now. Michigan’s economy remains in the dumps and the policies and governing philosophies of our corporatist Governor are not working.

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Mark Schauer put Rick Snyder on the defensive in their one debate, Snyder acted frantic

Last night’s one and only gubernatorial debate between Republican Rick Snyder and his Democratic challenger Mark Schauer showed our state two very different men. While Schauer gave answers that were succinct and generally on point, Snyder came across as frantic and defensive for most of the evening.

The debate opened with a question about education funding and Schauer didn’t back down from his position that funding cuts have hurt our schools. Multiple sources have looked at the claim that Snyder took a billion dollars out of school funding and the case can be made for both sides. At the end of the day, however, all you need to do is ask a teacher or a school board member or a school principal about this to know that classrooms have taken a hit and we are NOT spending as much money in the classroom as we did prior to Gov.…

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BREAKING: More cronyism in the Snyder administration: Bill Schuette has given his former law firm nearly $2 million in state business

The Snyder administration is well known for rewarding its friends and business partners with lucrative, sometimes unchallenged government contracts. Something that has gone largely unnoticed are the contracts that Bill Schuette’s Attorney General’s office awarded to his former employer Warner Norcross & Judd LLP which amount to nearly $2 million since he took office.

Schuette joined Warner Norcross & Judd in 2009 after concluding his term on the Michigan Court of Appeals. Two years later, he was elected Attorney General.

In 2009, Warner Norcross & Judd had no contracts with the Attorney General’s office. In 2010, they had $24,000 in business with the office of the AG and, in 2011, the year Schuette took office, their contracts doubled to $48,999.…

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Strange bedfellows: Republican Rick Snyder endorsed by anti-gun Michael Bloomberg AND the NRA

In what was a surprise to pretty much nobody, former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg endorsed Republican Rick Snyder this past week. He’s also spending $2 million on pro-Snyder ads. I say it’s unsurprising because (a) Bloomberg held a mega-fundraiser for Snyder back in June in the midst of the road funding battle in the Michigan legislature that ended up fully funding our road repair needs going absolutely nowhere in the vacuum of leadership provided by Gov. Snyder and (b) the Multi-Millionaire’s Club is small and they take very good care of each other.

But another odd thing happened: The National Rifle Association (NRA) also endorsed Snyder.…

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Aramark threatens Progress Michigan for linking them to maggots, apparently OK with heroin smuggling & sex with inmates


Progress Michigan announced this week that they would be running a television ad called “Maggots” highlighting the Snyder administration Aramark scandal. Their press release indicated that their press conference featured “small tanks filled with live maggots.”

Aramark isn’t very happy about this and sent them a “cease and desist” letter the same day of the press conference:

October 9, 2014

It has come to Aramark’s attention that the Progress Michigan Political Action fund (“Progress Michigan”) intends to launch a new television advertisement and road campaign today that allegedyly “seeks to educate the public about Gov. Rick Snyder’s mishandling of the state’s Aramark contract.” The media advisory you released yesterday states that you intend to represent the maggots that were discovered in Aramarkrun [sic] cafeterias, and a print out of the ad language will be made available.” The video advertisement, accompanying statements, publications (including yesterday’s advisory statement) and event visuals will contain material falsehoods and/or distortions about Aramark’s performance under the contract with the Michigan Department of Corrections (“MDOC”).

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Rick Snyder finally finds ANOTHER teacher who supports him: the Oakland County Republican Party Vice-Chair

Last month I posted a piece about a Rick Snyder finally finding a teacher who would support him in public. It turned out to be his neighbor at his million-dollar lake house and that post that has enjoyed over 27,000 views.

Well, Gov. Snyder has found a second teacher willing to do a commercial for him. This time it’s another retired teacher, Pam Williams. Who is Pam Williams? I’m glad you asked.

Pam Williams is the Vice-Chair for the Oakland County Republican Party, Precinct Delegate, and an Executive Board member of the 9th Congressional District. She’s a busy Republican, too:

In an essay begging the tea partiers not to splinter off from the GOP, she says Democrats are “trying to destroy our great county” by “incentivizing dependency, and advocating collective equality rather than individual merit”.…

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