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AFSCME releases new “American Horror Show” trailers featuring “Corporate Governors” like Rick Snyder

On October 8th, the fourth season of the FX hit TV show, American Horror Story will begin. However, you don’t have to wait until October to experience the real American horror show of corporatist governors that put corporate interests ahead of working families. People in states like Michigan get to “enjoy” that every day.

Today, AFSCME is releasing a series of trailers based on American Horror Story on their new site Their trailers target the right wing extremist governors that have created a horror show in their states by putting working families last.

You can watch the first trailer now which features our very own Michigan Governor Rick Snyder:

AFSCME will roll out new trailers leading up to the season premiere of American Horror Story on October 8th.…

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AFTERNOON GRAB BAG: Snyder has lost the media, Land’s family are Islamophobes

NOTE: With the impending election, trying to keep up with all of the news is like drinking from a firehose and, with a day job and other activities I’m involved in, I simply don’t have time to do an individual blog post for everything that is going on. I’m considering doing a “grab bag” like this one every day or two, sort of a “news round-up” to at least point out some of the stuff I don’t have the time to do a full-blown post about. Some of the news may be a day or two old by the time I write about it but maybe it’s something you missed.

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Snyder administration official who resigned over extravagant spending now found to have had a conflict of interest, as well

The scandals just keep piling up

More evidence has emerged that being a business mogul associated with, a relative of, or even hired into the Snyder administration gives you some perks not enjoyed by others. You might, for example, have contracts with the state tossed your way like Snyder’s cousin, George Snyder. You can impact legislation that benefits you and/or your business partners. You can live extremely high on the hog on the public’s dime right up until you get busted for it. That last one accurately describes Scott Woosley, the former head of the Michigan State Housing Development Authority who resigned in disgrace last month after the Michigan Democratic Party uncovered wildly extravagant expenditures by Woosley and his staff that were then signed off on by other Snyder administration officials and reimbursed using taxpayer dollars.…

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AFTERNOON GRAB BAG: Snyder vs. Schauer – the race heats up

Several items of interest to report in Michigan’s 2014 gubernatorial campaign this afternoon.

First, another poll out today shows Mark Schauer in a statistical dead heat with incumbent Republican governor Rick Snyder. This poll, by Vanguard Public Affairs, has Snyder up by just 3.2 points with a margin of error of 4 points. In the same poll, Gary Peters is ahead of Terri Lynn Land in their U.S. Senate race by a full 7 points, Godfrey Dillard trails Republican Ruth Johnson for Secretary of State by 3.6 points with nearly a third undecided, and Democrat Mark Totten down by 8 points against incumbent Attorney General Bill Schuette with more than a quarter of the respondents still undecided.…

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Republican Rick Snyder now running on Obamacare after failure to lead on Medicaid expansion

Back when Michigan legislators were debating whether to expand Medicaid in our state through the Affordable Care Act (“Obamacare”), Rick Snyder expressed his concern that our state didn’t “have enough capacity to put essentially 400,000 more people into a medical home model with a primary care environment, as opposed to having them simply go to an ER”.

That’s the sort of “leadership” provided by Rick Snyder on this issue.

Once Republican legislators finally figured out what a great deal this is for our state, they passed the legislation without giving it “immediate effect”, something they do for nearly every bill passed.…

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PRIVATIZATION FAIL: Aramark employee arrested for bringing drugs – LOTS of drugs – to Michigan prisoners (Updated)

When Michigan Department of Corrections Director Dan Heyns told Rick Snyder’s Chief of Staff Dennis Muchmore that he was “concerned about [Aramark] losing control of a joint” in FOIAed emails released by Progress Michigan, he was predicting the future, it appears. This morning, the Detroit Free Press is reporting that an Aramark employee has been arrested for bringing drugs into prisoners at the St. Louis Correctional Facility:

An Aramark kitchen food worker is facing charges related to drug smuggling after five prisoners at St. Louis Correctional Facility were found with heroin, marijuana, cocaine and tobacco Monday, a Corrections Department spokesman confirmed.…
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VIDEO: Michigan GOP Chair Bobby Schostak: “The debates are gonna happen” & “Gov. Milliken is irrelevant”

This past weekend, the Chairs of both the Michigan Republican Party, Bobby Schostak, and the Michigan Democratic Party, Lon Johnson appeared on Fox 2’s “Let it Rip!” program to discuss the upcoming election.

Schostak showed up without a tie, carrying an aloof and almost derisive attitude. He struggled to defend his candidates time and again. In contrast, Johnson was well-dressed, poised, and on message the entire time. He hammered several points over and over again: Gov. Snyder has cut education by $1 billion, raised taxes on seniors’ pensions, labor has been attacked and had their collective bargaining rights stripped, women’s reproductive health choices have been diminished, and, despite occupying every single major government position, Republicans have not been able to fix our roads.…

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Why is the National GOP giving Rick Synder’s hilariously awful re-election campaign a pass?

The national media has finally figured out what our Chris Savage has been saying all year — Republicans never wanted Terri Lynn Land as their candidate for U.S. Senate in Michigan.

Avoiding debates, skirting the press, and making no scheduled public appearances isn’t her strategy. It’s a reaction to self-destructing after just a few questions from the press during a rare media availability this May.

But critics may end up regarding Land’s effort as the second worst state-wide campaign run by a Michigan Republican in 2014.

Rick Snyder began his re-election run in scuba gear with a Super Bowl ad from the same team that brought us Pete Hoekstra’s infamously disastrous “Yellow Girl” ad.…

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New Progress Michigan VIDEO shows how privatization to for-profit Aramark came to Michigan despite the data

This new video from Progress Michigan is their best effort yet. It tells the story of Aramark coming to Michigan in a very smart and clever way.

Privatizing our prison food services to a for-profit corporation is an experiment. But, as the the video shows, it was an experiment that was already proven to be a failed and flawed model for providing essential government services. Nonetheless. Gov. Rick Snyder went ahead anyway and now we find ourselves in the mess we are today.


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AUDIO: Father of Michigan’s Emergency Manager law Al Pscholka convinced Rick Snyder is beloved in Detroit

Al Pscholka, Father of the Emergency Manager law, with Gov. Rick Snyder after the bill signing

When Public Act 4, Michigan’s amped-up Emergency Manager law, was signed into law in early 2011, it was immediately put to use in Benton Harbor. It was the first time the new version of the law, which allows the state to impose an unelected person in charge of an entire city and gives them the power to dismiss local elected officials, was used. Benton Harbor was “represented” in the state House by Al Pscholka and, as it turns out, Pscholka was the author of Public Act 4.…

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