Featured Post, Michigan, Racism — April 20, 2018 at 9:41 am

Michigan high school punk flies the racist flag of American traitors because his fee-fees got hurt


Poor li’l Cameron Myers. He’s an 18-year old white “country boy” from rural Auburn, Michigan. Seems this pathetic little punk got his fee-fees hurt when somebody stole the racist Confederate flag off the back of his truck in the school parking lot. When he whined about it to school administrators, they didn’t do anything about it. He called it an “injustice”.

So Cameron got dozens of his other racist punk friends to fly Confederate flags from their vehicular penile compensators pick-up trucks and park them just off the property of the high school to help Cameron reclaim his racist dignity.

“It all started because my flag was destroyed and nothing was done about it,” whined said Myers. “I said to ‘fly whatever flag you have at home.’ Everybody here has the Confederate flag. It’s a country boy thing where it’s in their garages, bedrooms, windows.”

It’s “a country boy thing”??? No, dude, it’s a racist thing. In fact, the Confederate flag is the racist flag of American traitors who were defeated in the American Civil War. The flag of un-American losers, if you will.

There are just seven non-white kids at Bay City Western High School where this sad excuse for “a country boy” goes to school. That’s 0.58% of the total school population. It’s real easy to be the tough guy when you are part of a 1193-person white kid majority.

And, let’s not any of us pretend this isn’t about racism. It is:

After the flags appeared Tuesday, 17-year-old junior Kendall Frost told The Bay City Times-MLive some of her fellow classmates organized the display on social media in what she believes was intended to intimidate and bully certain black students.

Kendall, who is black, provided screen caps of text messages with racial slurs. She also said some students told her and other black classmates they “shouldn’t go to Western because of our skin tone.”

In a Snapchat video taken by a Western student acquired by MLive, footage depicts at least three males in a vehicle recording the flags’ demonstration. At one point, one of the males can be heard swearing and using a racial slur as text appears on screen stating “Fly em high boys.”

The “adults” in this community aren’t helping. The mayor isn’t sure it’s racism and bizarrely says it’s the kids’ “legal constitutional duty” to display the racist flags. Derp:

“They’re doing their legal constitutional duty,” said Auburn Mayor Lee Kilbourn of those displaying the flags.

“I’m not saying I’m supporting it or for or against it, but people in this country have to start realizing we have to tolerate all peoples’ views. That’s preached a lot out of Washington and a lot of other places, but it’s not practiced. Democrats don’t like Republicans’ views and Republicans don’t like Democrats’ views. People have to grow up and need to respect other peoples’ views.”

In other words, all you liberal bleeding hearts need to respect the views of racists. The racists don’t have to respect YOUR views, of course, but that’s because they are … ummm, well … white.

Myers’ grandma is equally unhelpful:

“These boys are rednecks,” Boyce said of Cameron and his friends. “The Confederate flag does not mean anything racist to them. We’re not racists.”

She believes whoever stole Myers’ flag from his truck is really to blame for the trouble.

Yeah, grandma, actually your grandbaby and all his shitty friends who supported him on this ARE racists. And you are the matriarch who taught them if your comments are any indication. Maybe you could teach your grandson not to be such a delicate snowflake the next time around. And maybe you could teach him to take a cue from the kids who conducted a counter-protest to stick up for REAL American values like tolerance, equality, and the rights of ALL Americans to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness without your punk grandson threatening them by waving his racist flag in their faces. Defending racism, whether you are in denial about how racist the Confederate flag is or not, shows you for the American embarrassment that you are.

Once again our state is in the national spotlight because a few knuckle-dragging racists got some headlines. At least this time they are being shown to be the backwards hicks that that they are and not representative of the fine people of Michigan.