Petition, Planned Parenthood, Video, War on Women, Women — October 17, 2015 at 9:54 am

PETITION: Tell the Justice Department that homegrown domestic terrorism against women’s health clinics must end


  • 8 clinic workers murdered.
  • 17 attempted murders of clinic workers since 1991.
  • 6,900+ reported acts of violence including bombings, arsons, death threats, and assaults since 1977.
  • 19,000+ reported acts of disruption, including bomb threats, hate mail, and harassing calls since 1977.

This is the face of domestic terrorism in the United States of America, most of it perpetrated by people who claim to be doing it in the name of religion.

And it’s time for it to stop.

NARAL Pro-Choice America is calling on the United States Department of Justice to call this violence against abortion providers what it is – domestic terrorism – and investigate it as such.

You can sign their petition which has gathered nearly 30,000 signatures in just a couple of days HERE Also, please share the video on Facebook by clicking HERE.

Abortion is legal in America and has been for over 40 years. These attacks are meant to frighten doctors and nurses from providing this legal procedure and to terrify women from seeking an abortion. That is the definition of terrorism. As the fine folks at NARAL put it:

Let’s call this what it is: domestic terrorism. We cannot wait until one more doctor, nurse, or clinic escort is killed before we say “enough is enough.” The time is now for an investigation by the Department of Justice. Sign the petition!