Third poll this week has outstanding news for Michigan Democrats, Schauer up by 2.2 points over Snyder


It’s been a terrific week of polling for Michigan Democrats. I’ve written about two polls (HERE and HERE) that statistical ties for Mark Schauer and Mark Totten with Gary Peters pulling away from Terri Lynn Land.

Yesterday, a USA Today poll conducted by Suffolk University gives even better news.

Here’s the synopsis:

  • Mark Schauer leads Rick Snyder for Governor by 2.2 points (45.2/43.0%)
  • Gary Peters is up over Terri Lynn Land for U.S. Senate by 8.8 point (45.6/36.8%)
  • The top response given by respondents when asked what they thought of when they heard her name was “Dislike her/General negative mentions” while the top response for Gary Peters was “Like him/General positive mentions”
  • Godfrey Dillard is ahead of Ruth Johnson for Secretary of State by 3.6 points (39.8/36.2%)
  • Mark Totten is beating Bill Schuette for Attorney General by 6.4 points (42.8/36.4%)

The poll was conducted September 6-10 and has a margin of error of 4.4%.

Interestingly, a plurality of respondents in this poll think Michigan is headed in the right direction. However, they clearly give Rick Snyder little of the credit for this and rightly so. Also interesting is the fact that the top-watched news network on television picked by those polled was actually FOX News. Nearly a third of them chose FOX.

In their write-up of the poll results, USA Today interviewed some of the respondents. I thought this quote was particularly perfect:

Wayne Wilbert, 52, a union worker at the Canada border crossing who lives in St. Clair Shores, says he voted Republican from President Reagan to President George W. Bush but will vote for Peters this November. “I just began to realize, wait a minute, these (Republicans) do not have my interests at heart. They’re screwing me while they’re just giving everything to big business and the rich.”

In other words: “Message received.”

Keep doing what you’re doing, Michigan Democrats. It’s working. Meanwhile, if you’re not engaged in getting out the vote (GOTV), get involved. None of these poll results mean a damn thing if we don’t get our voters to the polls. If you need help getting started, sign up today by clicking HERE.

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