GOPocrisy, Michigan Republicans, Mitt Romney — June 11, 2014 at 8:54 am

Mitt Romney endorses David Trott while Trott runs against health insurance reforms pioneered by Romney


When the choice is between an incumbent tea partier whose own brother calls “mentally unbalanced” with “serious mental issues” and a corporatist foreclosure specialist, the choice was easy for Mitt Romney. He went for the corporatist leech on the jugular vein of society and predatory vulture banker, David Trott:

“As someone who grew up in Michigan and has family currently living in the 11th District, I am confident that Dave Trott has the honesty, integrity and experience we need in Washington,” said Romney, who served as governor of Massachusetts before running for president.

Yeah, right. Honesty and integrity. Nobody more honest and with greater integrity than a guy who throws people out of their homes for fun and profit.

Meanwhile, Trott is now running against Obamacare, the health insurance reform patterned after Mitt Romney’s efforts in Massachusetts where they now have virtually NOBODY — less than 1%, in fact — without health insurance coverage. Apparently he didn’t get the memo.

Choices. Tell that to Detroit resident Texana Hollis. She’s the 101-year old woman Trott threw out into the streets because her son neglected to pay her property taxes for her:

Hollis’ ramshackle home was foreclosed on last fall by the Department of Housing and Urban Development after her son failed to pay taxes on the home for years. The centenarian was left in a wheelchair outside her two-story home with her belongings thrown into a trash receptacle on the street.

If Ms. Hollis were still alive, I bet she’d have some choice words for Mr. Trott about “choices”.