When you throw a 101-year old woman into the streets, expect ads like this

Cold-hearted is as cold-hearted does

One of the things at the top of the GOP’s “to do” list is “Dump Kerry Bentivolio”. Bentivolio is the Congressman from Michigan’s 11th Congressional District and has some of the most *ahem* interesting views about the role of government you’re likely to encounter. The GOP needs him gone.

Enter David Trott, wealthy foreclosure specialist. He’s what some people refer to as a leech on the jugular vein of society or a predatory vulture banker. What Trott lacks in compassion and heart, he makes up for in piles of sweet, sweet, corporate cash, including some from Donald Trump.

The most high-profile foreclosure and eviction Trott was responsible for was that of 101-year old Detroit resident Texana Hollis who had lived in her home for 65 years. The story made headlines at the time and again when Hollis died at age 103 in January of this year on New Years Eve 2013.

Not surprisingly, an ad is now running that features Trott’s eviction of Ms. Hollis. This particular ad is by the Freedoms Defense Fund, a group “dedicated to the principles of limited government”. In other words, a group supporting Kerry Bentivolio.

See? We can find common ground. Tea partiers despise David Trott almost as much as Democrats do.

It’s a brutal ad. Enjoy:


  • moelarryandjesus

    Does the GOP have an endless supply of worthless, heartless assholes?

    Of course it does.

    • Michiganmitch


  • judysms9

    It would be a good idea for the “Freedoms Defense Fund” folks to decide to dedicate themselves to “principles” rather than “principals” unless what they mean by “principals of limited government” are the people they wish to put in place.
    The wingers seem to want to savage everyone that doesn’t hew to their purity test.

    • http://eclectablog.com Eclectablog

      That was typo on my part, actually. Their website weirdly doesn’t let you select text to cut and paste.

  • gregsullmich

    All you have to do…….
    is to peruse the legal notices section of the local papers. “Trott and Trott.” “Trott and Trott. “Foreclosure, etc., etc”. All perfectly legal by definition, sometimes inevitable, but they always include a fair share of cases that reflect the predatory nature of Trott’s plutocratic puppetmasters. I hope our side understands that this material is a potential “gold mine” of material, “a gift that will keep on giving” right up to November 4. And they damn well better know how to use it.

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