Democrats, MICHIGAN, Republicans — November 4, 2013 at 12:28 pm

Bobby McKenzie’s campaign takes a closer look at David Trott’s foreclosure and eviction work


Candidate for Michigan’s 11th Congressional District launches initiative seeking real stories of foreclosures executed by Trott and his law firm.

During the housing market crisis, there’s a good chance you or someone you know went through a foreclosure or eviction. And if you live in Michigan, it might have been done at the hands of David Trott in his position as CEO of Trott & Trott.

Congressional candidate Bobby McKenzie wants to hear the stories of people who have felt the pain inflicted by Trott & Trott. That’s why his campaign launched a series of targeted online ads seeking the stories of families in Southeastern Michigan who lost their homes to companies represented by Trott, whose firm specializes in foreclosure and eviction services.

McKenzie’s campaign has set up a hotline and a website to give SE Michigan families the chance to tell their stories of dealing with Trott’s foreclosure and eviction firm during one of the most vulnerable times anyone can face.

Here’s what McKenzie said in a release:

At this time of severe dysfunction in Washington, the last thing hard working families can afford is to replace Kerry Bentivolio with David Trott, a man who made his fortune off the misery and misfortune of people losing their homes across Michigan.

I’m focused on strengthening our communities, empowering our businesses, and bringing true Michigan values of respect, honesty, and resiliency to Congress. David Trott is a foreclosure and eviction profiteer who has spent his career destroying the American dream, not preserving it.

As I reported here last month, David Trott endorsed risky subprime mortgages at the height of the subprime meltdown — even as subprime mortgage firms were filing for bankruptcy. Trott had to know the people who would lose their homes by opting for those mortgages would be prime candidates for foreclosure and eviction, a money-making proposition for Trott & Trott.

While countless Michiganders struggle to get back on their feet, Trott reportedly tools around town in a Bentley, which costs more than many new homes.

Do you have a story to tell about facing Trott’s foreclosure mill? Bobby McKenzie’s campaign has set up a hotline at (947) 517-7105 and a website at where you can share your experience.

McKenzie, who announced his candidacy in late October, was born in Dearborn, raised in Dearborn Heights, and attended Crestwood High School and Michigan State University. After college, McKenzie worked to protect the country from some of its most serious terrorist threats, first for the U.S. Intelligence Community and then for the U.S. Department of State. Before the State Department asked McKenzie to join its counterterrorism office, he worked on African refugee issues and taught courses at Wayne State University as an adjunct lecturer.

McKenzie has deep family roots throughout Wayne and Oakland County. McKenzie’s father has run a vacuum sales and repair shop for more than 50 years in Wayne County where McKenzie worked part-time in high school and college.

[Photo courtesy of Bobby McKenzie for Congress.]