Corporatism, Michigan Republicans, Rick Snyder, Taxes — September 18, 2013 at 4:20 pm

Michigan unemployment up 3 months in a row. Is it possible screwing over schools, cities, & workers isn’t working?


This must be the “great progress” Donald Trump was talking about…

As I mentioned yesterday, Donald Trump was all “Heckuva job, Ricky” on Twitter a couple of days ago, complimenting Governor Snyder on Michigan’s “great progress”.

I’m thinking he wasn’t aware that today the Michigan Department of Technology, Management & Budget would be announcing that, for the third month in a row, Michigan’s unemployment rate went UP. It’s now at 9.0%, up 0.2% from last month. The national unemployment rate is only 7.3%.


I asked this question last month and I’ll ask it again today: now do we get to ask where all the jobs are?

I’m going to go with ‘Yes, now IS the time to ask that question.’

So, tell us, Governor: where ARE all the jobs you promised after you passed right to work and gave your corporate pals a huge tax break paid for by cuts to education, increased taxes on over half of the state’s residents, and taxes on our seniors’ pensions?

Is it possible that none of these things really works when it comes to attracting business to our state? Is it possible that having our schools failing, our cities going bankrupt, and a demoralized work force is actually making things worse?

I think it’s a fair question, governor:

Where. Are. The. Jobs???

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