Conservatives, Michigan Republicans, Tea Party — August 5, 2013 at 1:02 pm

Former tea party darling Brian Calley being kicked to the curb by … the tea party


This is hilarious

Once the hero of the tea party by bringing a solid conservative and nearly libertarian slant to Michigan government, Lt. Governor Brian Calley is no longer feeling the love from from his off-the-charts-conservative tea party supporters. They appear to be on their way to get him replaced on the ticket in 2014.

Some tea party members in Livingston County and across the state are seeking to oust Lt. Gov. Brian Calley on the Republican ticket in 2014, arguing he’s not conservative enough to be the party’s No. 2 candidate.

Howell resident Wes Nakagiri said he wants to be Gov. Rick Snyder’s running mate next year if the Republican seeks re-election to a second term.

Nakagiri is the treasurer for the Hartland Township-based group RetakeOurGov, which is leading the effort to replace Calley with a more conservative Republican at the state GOP’s 2014 convention. The plan is supported by a half-dozen other tea party representatives in Michigan who plan to seek nominees to replace Calley.

“If nobody else would do it, I wouldn’t rule it out,” said Nakagiri, who said he otherwise would not be interested “one iota” in the office. […]

Nakagiri said a more conservative lieutenant governor candidate would bring Republicans to the polls who otherwise would stay home on Election Day rather than support the expected Snyder-Calley ticket.

Yes, yes, yes, PLEASE put someone on the ticket more conservative than Brian Calley. Drive every iota of moderation out of your party. We all saw where that took the Republicans on the national scale in 2012. The same will happen in Michigan.

The only surprising thing here, actually, is that they found someone more conservative and steeped in the tea party ideology than Calley. That takes some doing.

Photo by Chris Savage | Eclectablog.