Emergency Manager Law, Public Act 4 — July 25, 2012 at 11:50 am

Michigan Sec of State Johnson: If PA 4 repeal petition font is wrong, ALL other ballot initiatives are disqualified, too


Didn’t think of THAT didjya?

NOTE: this post has been updated HERE.

Secretary of State Ruth Johnson filed a brief (pdf) with the state Supreme Court last week that gives me hope. In the case the Court is hearing in front of a packed courtroom today regarding the font size issue with the Public Act 4 repeal petitions, her office suggested that if the PA 4 (Emergency Manager law) repeal petitions are disqualified, the petitions for ALL SIX of the other ballot initiatives would also be disqualified:

The State Defendants … observe that construing § 482(2) to require capital letter measuring exactly 14 points in height, will most certainly render the six additional petitions proposing various initiatives for the November 2012 general election that have been filed with the Secretary of State invalid.

In other words, ALL of the ballot initiative petitions are deficient and would be disqualified.

The ones at jeopardy are:

  • Michigan Energy, Michigan Jobs – requires 25% of the state’s electricity be from clean renewable energy sources by 2025
  • Protect Our Jobs – a constitutional amendment to protect collective bargaining
  • Citizens for Affordable Quality Home Care – Constitutional amendment that, among other things, allow for limited collective bargaining rights for Home Care employees
  • Citizens for More Michigan Jobs – constitutional amendment that increases the number of casinos in Michigan
  • The People Should Decide – constitutional amendment to require construction and financing of bridges and tunnels be voted on by Michigan voters
  • Michigan Alliance for Prosperity – constitutional amendment requiring a 2/3 majority vote in the legislature or a statewide vote for any tax increase

Keep in mind that some of these are initiatives that conservatives are clamoring for. However, if the Emergency Manager Law repeal is shot down, these go down with it.

Sorry, face. This nose has got to go.