GOP Primary, Mitt Romney — March 22, 2012 at 10:39 am

Sarah Palin more popular than ANY GOP primary candidate


This oughta be inneresting…

Newt Gingrich said this week that a brokered GOP convention this year is a real possibility and that “a series of brand new players” could emerge. Rick Santorum thinks so, too.

Who might be a lead contender for the nomination if that happens? According to a PPP poll out this week, it’s Sarah Palin.

The talk of a brokered convention never seems to die down and one interesting finding on this poll was that Sarah Palin is far more popular than any of the actual Republican candidates in the race. Her net favorability is +48, with 68% of voters rating her favorably to only 20% with a negative opinion. That compares favorably to +29 for Santorum, +19 for Romney, and -26 for Paul.Palin is someone GOP delegates might be able to unify around in the case of a hopelessly deadlocked convention. She is seen positively by Gingrich voters (85/7), Santorum supporters (80/10), and Romney ones (57/27) alike. That’s a contrast to Romney who is disliked by both Santorum (38/48) and Gingrich (32/54) voters and Santorum who is disliked by Romney (38/48) voters and only seen narrowly favorably by Gingrich (46/42) backers.

Palin has already said she’d be open to accepting the nomination if it were offered to her.

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