Emergency Manager Law, Emergency Managers, Joe Harris, Michigan — December 24, 2011 at 12:07 am

More coverage of Michigan’s Emergency Manager law & its implications on The Rachel Maddow Show


A recap of sorts by Rachel Maddow tonight of Michigan’s Emergency Manager law and its impacts, particularly on Benton Harbor. A bunch of my photos from one of the early rallies are featured.

The bit at 5:15 is probably the most significant:

2011 is the year when the Republicans in the great state of Michigan decided that small “d” democracy is a problem in Michigan. It’s not the way Michigan solves its problems; democracy is itself a problem and it needs to be done away with in the name of efficiency.

What Governor Rick Snyder and the Republican legislature did in Michigan this year gets my vote as the single most radical thing in American politics in this fairly radical year.

Seems as though our message is beginning to be heard.