Michigan — November 7, 2011 at 9:37 am

Ann Arbor Obama campaign office opens with 100+ activists in attendance


After several years of hearing how Democrats are demoralized and unwilling to get involved in politics and elections, an event in Ann Arbor showed that the so-called “enthusiasm gap” is slimming and not just by a little bit.

On Sunday, Obama for America (OFA), the official campaign of the Obama reelection drive, opened their campaign office in Ann Arbor. Despite relatively little publicity in our local media, over 100 people showed up to get involved. It was a standing room only crowd.

State OFA Director Garrett Arwa was there to fire up the volunteers, telling the crowded room that the Democratic Party is the party who is there for the unemployed, for firefighters, for veterans, for teachers, and for the middle class. We all know somebody and may, ourselves be someone, who is impacted by the Republicans overreach and desire to roll back what we have achieved in over the past three years.

State OFA Director Garrett Arwa

Congressman John Dingell, who has already announced that he will run for a 30th term in 2012, was also on-hand to show his support and to urge us all to do everything possible to send Democrats to Congress.

Congressman John Dingell

A few choice quotes from the Dean of the House:

“There is a Republican running for president who is the son of a former Michigan governor. He (Mitt Romney) has more political positions than he does changes of underwear!”

“People ask me ‘Why haven’t you sponsored any bills to fight the Republicans?’ Frankly, I happen to know that I could sponsor a bill to support the Lord’s Prayer and they would say it was un-American!”

“My dad always said ‘Don’t send me to the fight alone’ and that’s what I’m asking you – send me back to Congress with some help!”

I was pleasantly surprised and energized by the turnout on Saturday. It tells me that, even in a town like Ann Arbor with its high concentration of left-leaning Dems, Dems many claim are ‘disappointed’ in President Obama and the Democrats, even here people are fired up and ready to go.

And they are anything but demoralized. Democrats in Michigan are ENERGIZED!

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