Emergency Financial Managers, Michigan — May 3, 2011 at 7:11 am

EXCLUSIVE: Eight more Michigan state Representatives targeted for recall


On the heels of the start of the recall effort against Rep. Al Pscholka, I have learned that eight additional state Representatives in Michigan are now being targeted for recall. These Republicans are being targeted because they won narrow victories in November 2010 and most are in traditionally blue (Democratic) districts (like Mark Ouimet in the 52nd District, i.e. MY district.)

Here is the list:

District Counties Vote total Democrat Votes Republican Votes Signatures
23rd Wayne 29,804 Deb Kennedy 13,877 Pat Somerville 15,927 7,451
24th Macomb 32,987 Sarah Roberts 15,516 Anthony Forlini 16,552 8,246
30th Macomb 28,234 Ken Lampar 12,502 Jeff Farrington 15,732 7,058
32nd Macomb/St. Clair 31,822 Jennifer Haase 14,354 Andrea LaFontaine 16,101 7,955
52nd Washtenaw 42,166 Christine Green 20,287 Mark Ouimet 21,879 10,546
55th Monroe/Washtenaw 32,676 Mike Smith 15,381 Rick Olson 17,295 8,169
56th Monroe 29,527 Kate Ebli 13,945 Dale Zorn 15,582 7,381
84th Huron/Tuscola 30,362 Terry Brown 15,172 Kurt Damrow 15,190 7,590
TOTAL 64,396

All but one of these state Representatives (Dale Zorn) voted in favor of Michigan House 4214 that became P.A. 4, Michigan’s odious Emergency Financial Manager Law. In at least half of these districts, individuals have stepped forward and agreed to file the required paperwork to begin the recall process, a step that is soon to be completed for the remaining districts.

More information will be forthcoming as this develops.

I’m just sayin’…