Michigan, Rick Snyder — April 1, 2011 at 12:44 pm

This is how bad it’s gotten: Snyder taking advice from Ted Nugent


How on earth does an idiot like Ted Nugent get face time with the Governor of Michigan?

“Michigan has so many opportunities that are not being utilized because of so many silly, illogical, antiscience regulations that represent a blockade to sportsmen,” Nugent said at the Capitol before meeting Snyder.

He said Michigan should allow more bear-hunting licenses and stop trying to outlaw private preserves — like the one he owns in Jackson County — that host wild boar hunts. He said the state exaggerates the threat of escaped wild pigs.

“I hunt with hundreds of hunters every year and share intimate campfires where they open up and express stuff,” Nugent said. “And it’s embarrassing. They laugh at Michigan.”

So we should change hunting laws in our state because some of Ted Nugent’s hunter pals/customers are laughing at us?

Uh…thanks but I’ll pass.


I’m just sayin’…