Michigan, Recall Rick Snyder, Rick Snyder, unions — April 19, 2011 at 11:49 am

Michigan Republicans don’t like Michigan Citizen United’s Snyder recall effort


Color me shocked! The Republicans are unhappy with the effort of Michigan Citizens United (webpage firericksnyder.org) to recall Republican Governor Rick Snyder.

They are trying to characterize it as being entirely the effort of the Michigan Education Association, the teachers’ union in our state, based on the fact that an MEA fax number is erroneously listed in some of their literature.

Michigan Republican Party Chairman Robert “Bobby” Schostak said in a news release today that the fax number the group filed with the state is the same fax number as the MEA’s 12-D Coordinating Council, where Schmidt works as a field assistant.

An Internet search shows the fax number Schmidt filed with the Michigan Secretary of State matches a fax number for the MEA 12-D office.

“The focus of our educational system should be on what is best for students — not what is best for union bosses,” Schostak said. “Why are teachers’ union dues being spent on an effort to recall a governor who took office less than five months ago?”

Schostak noted the MEA is a significant donor to the Michigan Democratic Party and described the recall effort as “political chicanery at the hands of a recall-for-hire political action committee.”

Doug Pratt, a spokesman for the MEA, said the union is “not involved with or endorsing” the recall effort and he is looking into the fax number issue.

“Our fax numbers in our offices are for official MEA business,” Pratt said. “If it was used, it was an error, and it will be fixed.”

The comical part is that the Republicans seem to think that the only people in Michigan that want to recall Rick Snyder are the unionized teachers.

Hoo boy, do they have a big surprise in store for them. Wow.

Petition-circulators, start your engines. The race to collect 807,000 valid signatures in just three months begins on July 1st. Their goal is 1.1 million.

I’m just sayin’…