GOP, GOPocrisy, Michigan, Republican-Fail — April 7, 2011 at 10:21 pm

GOP aide sends email blast announcing female colleague’s availability, “She’s a dem, but she’s hot.”


A legislative aide to Michigan State Representative Jeff Farrington, Bryan Brandenburg, sent an email this week announcing a female colleague’s recent break-up, saying, “She’s a dem, but she’s hot.” Instead of sending the email to a small group of Congressional associates, he ended up sending it to every member of the Republican legislative staff.

Subject: 25/F/Capitol Building.

“Hey guys,

“I know it’s slow today so I thought I’d help a friend out. [NAME DELETED] broke up with her man yesterday and is now single and looking. She’s a dem, but she’s hot. Go visit her in [HER EMPLOYER’S NAME] office or send her a message on Groupwise. Good luck!!


“ps. feel free to facebook stalk her too lol”

Yeah, man, laugh out loud. Good luck. Ha ha.

The staffer is reported to be “‘traumatized’ by the situation”. Of course she is.

The sick part is that he copied this woman on the email, thinking she’d find it funny. Then he sent it to the entire Republican legislative staff in Michigan. He’s not only a misogynistic caveman, he’s a stupid one at that. He sent it from a taxpayer-funded House email account to around 160 staffers.

At a time when the conservative Mackinac Center is filing FOIA requests for college professors’ emails to find out if they are using their taxpayer-funded emails to promote the labor movement in Michigan, a Republican in our state Congress has a staffer using taxpayer-funded email to pull this type of Neanderthal stunt, one that treats a professional woman like a piece of sexual property to be conquered. When Brandenburg says, “Good luck!”, he’s saying “Good luck! Maybe you’ll get a piece of that hot Dem ass! Good luck!”

Absolutely sick and despicable.

I’m just sayin’…