Barack Obama, Democrats, GOP, Politics, President Obama, Republicans — December 14, 2010 at 9:38 am

Obama gets the Senate to be bipartisan


Last night the Senate voted for cloture on the tax cut deal the Obama administration negotiated with the Republicans. The vote was 83-15.

When was the last time the Senate voted as nearly a single voice on anything?!

Somehow this will get spun as a horrendous failure for the president I’m sure. I’m guessing the several million people whose unemployment checks will keep coming will disagree.

Final vote on the package in the Senate may happen later today. What will happen in the House is still a question mark as many members of Congress are still fighting for a better deal. While I appreciate their desire to eliminate the estate tax repeal and the tax breaks for the super-wealthy – things I would like to see as well – anybody paying attention knows that any bill with these items trimmed will never pass in the Senate where the filibuster has been abused at a level never before seen on this country.

And that, too, is probably somehow President Obama’s fault in the minds of some, I suppose. It’s amazing how he is seen at once as all-powerful and completely ineffective.

I’m just sayin’…

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