Michigan, Republicans, Rick Snyder — November 5, 2010 at 9:58 am

How the HELL did this happen?


How the HELL did Democrats get their clocks cleaned so thoroughly in Michigan on Tuesday?

THIS is how:

About 3.3 million, 45% of the state’s 7.28 million registered voters, participated in the midterm elections, according to unofficial returns.

In contrast, turnout for the last two gubernatorial elections was 47.3% in 2002 and 53.6% in 2006.

When Dems stay home on Election Day, Dems lose. Q.E.D.

Meanwhile, we have now elected a man with absolutely ZERO experience in government to run one of the economically hardest hit states in the country. He’s a complete novice. No experience. What. So. Ever. A total unknown quantity.

Gov.-elect Rick Snyder introduced the leaders of his transition team Wednesday, but gave few new clues about what kind of administration they will be designing or how he will go about pursuing his goal to reinvent Michigan.

He’s now surrounding himself with advisors from the administration of former Republican Governor John Engler’s so that sheds a bit of light on him, I suppose. Just flip the pages back to days of yore when John of Oil ran the show. That should be a good preview of coming attractions.

Meanwhile, Senate Majority Leader Mike Bishop is kicking the bridge to Canada can down the road for our new Governor to handle.

“This is an issue that’s best left for the next administration,” said Matt Marsden, Bishop’s spokesman.

Also, too:

“This is such a complex, three-dimensional issue for the state of Michigan; international and local and statewide. And we are going to leave this issue, a very complex issue, for the next administration.”

Bishop says he has not discussed the bridge issue with Governor-Elect Rick Snyder.

You can be very sure that I (both here and with others at Blogging for Michigan) will be watching Governor Snyder VERY carefully over the next four years. He will not be allowed to get away with claiming credit for improvements in our state’s economy due to initiatives started by Governor Granholm or President Obama. Additionally, we will be keeping tabs on whether or not he actually “reinvents Michigan” or if he simply returns to the Bad Ole Days of Yore when a rich, white businessman took our state down the rabbit hole, destroyed our natural resource assets, shot our tourism industry in both feet, and left our transportation infrastructure for dead by the side of the pothole, in complete decrepit disarray.

That’s a promise.

I’m just sayin’…