Michigan — October 6, 2010 at 6:53 am

Mystery robocalls and disappearing yard signs in Washtenaw County


I have received four robocalls against Christine Green, the Democratic candidate for the 52nd state House district. The robocalls are from a woman who speaks without once saying where she’s from. She does not mention Mark Ouimet, Green’s GOP opponent. There are also literature pieces being mailed into the 52nd district.

I have heard that these robocalls are happening in other areas of the state as well.

Here is a transcript of one of the robocalls:

Script of anti-Christine Green Robocall #2 (received 5 pm 9/28/10)

(Woman’s Voice)
“Government spending warning. I wish I had the ability to spend money without worrying how to pay for it like they do in Lansing or Washington. Christine Green and her fellow Democrats keep spending away our future while we can barely make ends meet. In November, say no to wasteful spending. Say no to Christine Green.”

I received the fourth anti-Christine Green robocall yesterday, this one accusing her of having personal financial problems. No proof, no attribution, just a woman’s voice (“Hi, I’m Anne…”) making unfounded accusations.

If you have access to any of these as audio files, I would love to get a copy of them. I am going to run a piece about these soon after I speak with the Ouimet campaign. I’m trying to determine who is funding and placing these calls. Given that the literature is coming directly from the Michigan Republican party, it suggests that the calls are as well.

Please contact me at eclectablog at gmail dot com if you have access to recordings of robocalls like these outside of the 52nd district.


Btw, these calls are almost humorous, really. Christine Green is a Scio Township Trustee. I have no idea how on earth she’s managed to make it to Lansing, much less Washington, D.C. to spend our tax dollars. If she’s that ambitious and successful, she’s going to be a knock-out state rep!

In related news, both Christine Green and Adam Zemke (running for the Washtenaw County Commission to fill Mark Ouimet’s seat) have reported dozens if not hundreds of yard signs being stolen from the yards of their supporters. I myself am on my second signs for both candidates. It appears that the supporters of Mark Ouimet and Adam Zemke’s opponent Republican Rob Turner don’t have a strong enough message to convince voters to vote for their candidates so they are resorting to theft.

Stay classy, Republicans, stay classy…

I’m just sayin’…