Michigan, Republican-Fail, Republicans, Rick Snyder — October 11, 2010 at 6:32 am

Michigan GOP runs another smear robocall/mailing against Christine Green


The ink hadn’t dried on blog entry about the Christine Green smear campaign being waged by the Michigan Republican Party when I get a FIFTH robocall. At least this time they used a different woman for the robocalls:

[DIFFERENT WOMAN’S VOICE]: Hello. This is Nicole. Our state has been headed in the wrong direction for years. Christine Green will a vote for the failed Granholm policies that have lead to record unemployment. Say no to the failed Granholm business mandates. This November, say no to Christine Green.

The same day came a frightening-looking mailer tying Christine Green and Virg Bernero to Jennifer Granholm and with the same tag line “Vote ‘no’ on Christine Green”. It’s now very clear that the Michigan Republican Party is running the anonymous robocalls.

This flyer promotes both Mark Ouimet and Rick Snyder. It has a ten-point plan (“10 Steps Forward”) that can only be described as laughable pablum:

  1. Create more and better jobs.
  2. Reform Michigan’s tax system to reduce the burden on families and businesses.
  3. Fix Michigan’s broken government to restore ethics, accountability, and transparency.
  4. Create the opportunities and environment to keep Michigan’s next generations in Michigan.
  5. Control urban sprawl and make our cities and communities more vibrant.
  6. Enhance Michigan’s image across American and the world as a global comeback story.
  7. Protect our environment and our valuable natural resources.
  8. Reform our education system to prepare children for success.
  9. Reform Michigan’s health care system to move toward a patient-centered model that focuses on prevention, wellness, and personal responsibility
  10. Bring “Winning” back to Michigan — a fresh star, a new beginning, a new era.

Create “more and better jobs”???! REALLY?! That’s one of your steps? Does anyone think that’s not on every politicians list?

Reform the tax code to “reduce the burden on families and businesses”? How will you do that, Rick and Mark? Who will pick up the slack? Who will be burdened so that we can fill our one billion dollar hole?

“Enhance Michigan’s image across America and the world”? You mean kinda like the Pure Michigan initiative did? An initiative that REPUBLICANS killed, I might add?

And, seriously, “Bring ‘Winning’ back to Michigan”? What kind of “step” is that?

These ten steps are nothing more than vague statements of pure political blather. As has been the case all along, the Republicans are long on these types of statements and very, very short on actual ideas and plans.

But that doesn’t stop them from smearing a Democratic candidate to benefit their “Nice Guy” candidate. And poor Mark Ouimet. To hear him talk, there’s nothing he can do about them.

How about this, Mark? How about you stand up at a press conference, repudiate these ads and apologize to Christine Green for them running against her? If you’re such a nice guy, why wouldn’t you do that? But that wouldn’t be politically expedient, would it? Being a nice guy, apparently, only goes so far.

I’m just sayin’…