Democrats, Michigan, Politics — January 9, 2010 at 10:28 am

Bart Stupak may run for governor of Michigan


No. Seriously. The author of the Coathanger Amendment to the House version of the health insurance reform bill himself is considering a run for Michigan governor in 2010.

Dude, you can not be serious.

Michigan’s gubernatorial race, particularly on the Democratic side, is shaping up to be an utter clown show as it is:

  • Lt. Governor John Cherry has dropped out of the race.
  • Former Michigan State University football head coach George Perles keeps getting mentioned as a contender. I sat next to Perles at a wedding reception about 10 years ago. He was wasted. And I hated him as a coach when I was at MSU.
  • Former professional basketball player and current president of the Detroit Pistons Joe Dumars‘ name has gotten suggested. He’s a great guy and all but, Joe, this is a whole state we’re talking about here, not just a bunch of 7-foot tall athletes. And what is it with athletes and the Michigan gubernatorial race???
  • Lansing mayor Virg Bernero has thrown his hat into the ring and has a pretty good chance to grab the nomination.
  • House Speaker Andy Dillon appears to be in. He’s another high-probability candidate though he has burned some major bridges with the unions in the past year and with voters in general due to the complete charlie fox that is our state’s budget.
  • My personal favorite, State Representative Alma Wheeler-Smith from Ypsilanti is still in.
  • Denise Ilitch, daughter of pizza magnate Mike Ilitch may run (this draw-drooper is in the comments to the article: “don’t need another dumb broad to run this state down some more!!”)
  • Ex-Genesee County Treasurer Dan Kildee is pondering a run.
  • State Senator Hansen Clarke has also filed papers to enter the race.
  • There’s even a group trying to draft former Michigan governor Jim Blanchard

But none of these causes the bile to rise up in the back of your throat quite as much as Bart Stupak.

From the Detroit News:

Stupak left open the possibility he would jump into the race.

“He hopes to have an opportunity within the next several days to talk with voters, party officials and potential candidates to ensure that the strongest field of candidates possible is presented to the voters in the Democratic primary this August,” his office said in a statement.

Typical of a politician, Stupak told the New York Times he doesn’t have a prayer.

He cannot run for governor, he continued, because no one with his stands on guns and abortion can win in Michigan.

Yes, Congressman, that may very well be true. And I if I had my way, you would get blown out by a REAL Democrat in your 2010 House race, too.

I’m just sayin’…

Major hat tip to Michigan Liberal on much of this diary.