GOP, Michigan, Republican-Fail — October 6, 2009 at 9:32 pm

MI-GOP Senate Maj. Leader: “We need to keep wages low”


Michigan leads the nation in unemployment. Our businesses are closing their doors, our food banks are running out of food and our workers are facing firings, layoffs and, when they actually keep their jobs, many, like me and all of my coworkers, face wage cuts.

The Republican Senate Majority Leader’s answer?

“…create an environment where…labor costs are low…”

Oh sure. That’ll help Michigan workers. You bet.

The Michigan state budget is, once again, at a major impasse. We are currently running on a temporary extension of last year’s budget. But we’re in big trouble and Republicans, who control our legislature, are determined that we do NOTHING to raise revenues. Their answer?

Three guesses and the first two don’t count.

Right: Lower taxes and lower wages.

Here’s Senate Majority Leader, Mike Bishop:

State Senate Majority Leader Michael Bishop (R) says Granholm has been remiss in not reshaping Michigan’s business tax.

The state, he said, needs to change its image and “create an environment where taxes are low, labor costs are low, and not send so many negative vibes.”

According to Bishop, the reason Michigan is in such dire straits is not because the failing national economy has disproportionately affected Michigan because of its long-time reliance on the automotive sector and manufacturing in general.

No. It’s because we pay our workers too much and we need to lower taxes. And negative vibes. Oh yes, those dreaded negative vibes.

Less revenue. Lower wages. Destroy the middle class. The GOP’s answer to every problem.

And we all know how well that has worked.

I’m just sayin’…