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Detroit News STILL has ACORN Derangement Syndrome


In Sunday’s edition of the combined Detroit Free Press and Detroit News (they publish jointly on Sundays), Detroit News Editorial Page editor and all around numbskull Nolan Findlay had an editorial titled “Bet on it: ACORN will be back”.

The mind-blowing thing about it is that man like Nolan, immersed daily in the news of the day/week/year, still manages to either be willfully ignorant of the facts or to intentionally lie about those facts.

ACORN may be down, but don’t count it out.

The elaborate propaganda apparatus
erected to support the Obama agenda is already at work spinning the downfall of the community organization into a vicious right-wing plot to destroy the presidency of Barack Obama, who sprouted from ACORN.


…ACORN was caught registering cartoon characters and dead people to vote…

Nice, Nolan. Don’t worry about getting your facts straight.

Rachel Maddow has done an amazing job of
debunking much of the hoo-hah surrounding ACORN (video HERE.) She has made the point, as others have, that ACORN has never been found guilty of ANY voter registration fraud. When they found that some people had registered fictitious names (like “Mickey Mouse”) they reported it. By law they were forced to turn in the registrations but they pointed them out to officials. They were not “caught registering cartoon characters and dead people”. Sorry, Nolan. That didn’t happen.

And, yes, some of their employees were caught doing what look like some ridiculous things (although one of them did report what he had seen after the fact.) But that doesn’t characterize the entire organization.

Unless, of course, you suffer from ACORN Derangement Syndrome.

And, really. Obama “sprouted from” ACORN? Hardly. Barack Obama sprouted from his work as a community organizer for the Gamaliel Foundation, hired by Mike Kruglik when he was a young man. Obama’s connections to ACORN have been rather tenuous and most of the claims made about these connections by the McCain campaign last year have been debunked or shown to be half-truths. TocqueDeville had great diary a year ago that dissected this topic in detail. Great read, even a year later.

I wonder if Findlay thought that Enron should be shut down after employees
were caught on tape
plotting to drive up energy prices by shutting down power plants? Or if all military contractors that have been ACTUALLY found guilty of gaming the federal procurement system and ripping off American taxpayers should be forced to close their doors?

My guess: no. He wouldn’t even give such things a second thought because you don’t hold the entire company responsible for actions of a few idiots that work for that company.

It’s a sad fact that even those who should know better continue to suffer from ACORN Derangement Syndrome. I guess it’s a testament to the power of groups of people working together to enfranchise otherwise powerless or voiceless groups of Americans. I suppose it’s also something to be glad about when our political opponents have to stoop to such low levels to win races and debates that they will create phony outrage and then perpetuate lies long-since disproven just to have a shot a one day regaining their power.

If you ask me, they need to get medical treatment for their ACORN Derangement Syndrome first.

That is, if it wasn’t a pre-existing condition.

I’m just sayin’…