Michigan, Politics — October 11, 2008 at 11:09 am

Michigan GOP Freaking, Dems Petition Tina Fey!


Republicans in Michigan are freaking out. With the McCain campaign all but abandoning Michigan to the Democrats they are resorting to desperate measures. Tim Walberg is running an ad linking his opponent, Mark Schauer, to Michael Moore. Former Republican governor, William Milliken is backing away from McCain. And now the Republicans are petitioning the McPalin campaign to bring Palin back to Michigan.

First, here’s former governor Milliken:

“He is not the McCain I endorsed. He keeps saying, ‘Who is Barack Obama?’ I would ask the question, ‘Who is John McCain?’ because his campaign has become rather disappointing to me.

“I’m disappointed in the tenor and the personal attacks on the part of the McCain campaign, when he ought to be talking about the issues.”

Also, with McCain leaving, some Michigan Republicans are bitter. And they are taking it out on…wait for it…Michigan Republicans. From Michigan Liberal comes transcription of an email sent out this past week by the Michigan GOP:

Dear ___
Today, you may have received an email from a disgruntled former employee, Justin Zatkoff, that is an example of game-playing that is distracting from our efforts this fall. It has been leaked to the press and being circulated by the same old group of troublemakers who are more interested in intra-party political silliness than helping Republicans win general elections.

To make our situation clear, I just wanted to fill you in on some information regarding equipment, collateral materials and supplies as we allocate resources in the coming days.

Since last Thursday when the news came out about the McCain campaigns withdrawal from Michigan, we have been actively working on a plan to allocate remaining resources around the state.

In the meantime, there have been several individuals, including some disgruntled former employees, who have tried to take advantage of the situation by stealing cell phones, and other electronic equipment, as well as substantial amounts of collateral materials. In at least one instance there was an employee who vandalized their victory center on the way out the door.

We have done everything in our power to hold on to these resources until we can re-allocate them appropriately. Some of those decisions had to wait until we had a chance to determine which victory centers would stay open and which staff would stay in place. Some of these resources are designed specifically for the 72 Hour program. If we disperse them now, we will have nothing for the final push of the campaign.

I would like to assure you of three things:

we are implementing a plan to make sure that what precious resources we have are distributed and used to maximum benefit for the entire state;
we will do whatever is necessary to protect any of our equipment and resources from “growing legs” and walking out the door; and,
We will prosecute anyone who attempts to take valuable collateral or equipment that belongs to the Republican party or the victory program and inhibits our effort to achieve victory in November.

Unfortunately this is what happens when there is any kind of confusion, so i wanted to give you as much information as possible and I also want to thank you for your patience and confidence in our efforts.

Larry Ward
Political Director, Michigan Republican Party
8th District GOP Chairman

Paid for by Michigan Republican Party

Not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.



And now Republicans (Republicans, for Pete’s sake) are visiting Michigan to stump for McCain Obama.

So what are the Democrats doing? They’ve got a little petition of their own.

Just like George W. Bush has done for the past eight years, John McCain has announced that he has abandoned Michigan.

Some local Republicans are collecting signatures in an attempt to encourage Sarah Palin to come back to Michigan. We’d like to help our Republican friends and do them one better by bringing Tina Fey to Michigan! Rally with the Michigan Democratic Party to bring Tina Fey to Michigan by signing the petition below.

Heh, heh. Good times, brutha, good times.

I’m just sayin’…