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Having faced a medical bankruptcy, Republican has a change of heart about the ACA

Seeing other people’s success stories convinced her to look into getting covered — and she’s glad she did.

When health insurance became available through Healthcare.gov last year, Theresa had her doubts about the Affordable Care Act (ACA). As a fiercely independent small business owner — and a Republican — the only news she saw about Obamacare was negative.

Most of my friends were so anti-Obamacare, and based on my past experiences trying to buy insurance on my own I thought I couldn’t afford it. I thought Obamacare was like making a homeless man buy a house.

But then I started reading the stories about how much money people were saving and I decided to dig into it.

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Obamacare: unleashing the power of entrepreneurship on our economy

My daughter turned 26 this past fall and is no longer covered by my health insurance. She had the misfortune of graduating from college with a Masters in bassoon performance right in the middle of the Great Recession. Though she has an advance degree from the Cleveland Institute of Music, finding a full-time position with an orchestra or symphony has been elusive so far. Being the bright, energetic young woman that she is, she formed her own quintet and she has been eking out a modest living, supplemented, of course, by waiting tables. While she’s paying her own bills, she does not have to kinds of resources needed to purchase health insurance on her tiny income.…

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New project launches to raise awareness about how well Healthcare Works

Let’s get the word out: Obamacare is working. And getting covered is only the beginning.

Regular readers of Eclectablog know that I’ve made it a personal mission to share as many Obamacare success stories as I can get my hands on, to educate Americans on the benefits of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). I’ve been urging others to do the same, so we can drown out the noise of negative talking points with the facts: Obamacare is working.

I’m taking it to the next level with a new project called Healthcare Works. The idea was sparked by a tweet from LOLGOP, suggesting that someone should make short videos of the ACA success stories I’ve been sharing.…

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Texas man no longer pays the price for his pre-existing condition, thanks to the ACA

After years of going without or paying steep premiums, he finally has insurance that covers the care he needs.

Tom admits he’s made some bad decisions in his life. But signing up for insurance under the Affordable Care Act is not one of them.

He contracted hepatitis C after using intravenous drugs for the first time at age 15 — something considered a rite of passage for anyone who wanted to be a Blues guitarist back in the 1960s, like Tom did. He quit using IV drugs years ago, but the damage to his liver was already done.

Tom is the father of four and works in real estate.…

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Without insurance since 1996, couple gets coverage and care thanks to the ACA

Before Obamacare, they couldn’t afford health insurance — which meant a chronic illness went undiagnosed for years.

Dolly and Chip Harris had a dream: They wanted to start their own restaurant. In 1996, they left their jobs, which meant losing the health insurance Chip got through work. They worked hard to make their new business a success, but luck wasn’t on their side.

After their restaurant closed, the South Haven, Mich., couple found other jobs — Chip cleaning houses and Dolly working as a waitress. They also play in a Pat Benatar tribute band, but still didn’t make enough to be able to afford health insurance.…

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Why is the ACA so important? Just ask a doctor who treated the uninsured for free

She sees the benefits of Obamacare, both personally and professionally.

When Judy Stone, M.D., was in private practice as an infectious disease specialist, about one-third of her practice was made up of patients who could not afford to pay. But she never turned them away.

“I wasn’t raised to ask for payment,” Dr. Stone says. “I was raised to believe you help other people.”

When she parted ways a few years ago from the hospital employer that provided her health insurance, Dr. Stone found herself without coverage — and she struggled to buy insurance on her own. She was considered uninsurable because of pre-existing conditions like a back injury she was treated for in college 40 years ago.…

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Retired nurse applauds ACA’s emphasis on prevention — and not turning anyone away, including her

Once denied insurance at any price, Amy and her husband found a plan that works for their lifestyle and budget.

One prescription for blood pressure medication. One test that showed an early-stage heart valve issue that isn’t causing any problems. That’s all it took for insurance companies to deny coverage to Amy and her husband, Mike before the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

Amy had health insurance through work before she retired from the Michigan hospital where she worked as a registered nurse, often taking care of patients with heart problems. But when she retired, she and Mike couldn’t find a private insurer to cover them at any price — despite them being two very healthy 61-year-olds with no serious health concerns.…

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Obamacare gives Ohio man the freedom to retire early and improve his health

He’s a great example of how to shop for the right plan — and how the ACA gives people more choices than ever before.

Jim worked 37 years for the same company, typically putting in 50-hour weeks that included travel and working weekends. It started taking a toll and he says his health began to decline. That’s why he decided to retire at age 59 — something he could not have done without the Affordable Care Act (ACA), also known as Obamacare.

“June 28, 2012 was one of the happiest days of my life, when the Supreme Court upheld the Affordable Care Act,” Jim says.…

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A roundup of resources to help you shop for health insurance during ACA open enrollment

You’d do your homework before buying a car or even a coffee maker, right? Shopping for insurance isn’t much different. Here are some helpful hints.

The time has come: Open enrollment through the Affordable Care Act (ACA) insurance Marketplace runs from November 15th to February 15th, 2015.

If you haven’t bought insurance before, or it’s been a while, it might seem a little overwhelming. In fact, a recent survey conducted by the nonpartisan Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF) found that four in 10 uninsured Americans don’t understand complex coverage concepts.

That’s okay. You don’t have to be an insurance expert to buy insurance.…

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With one phone call, woman gets her mother health insurance for $62 per month

It only took 20 minutes to sign up her 63-year-old mother for coverage she could afford.

The Healthcare.gov website has gotten all the attention — for better and for worse — but when Ruma Salhi needed to find health insurance for her mother, she just picked up the phone.

“I wanted to talk to a real, live person,” says Salhi, who struggled with the website’s glitches when it first launched last year. “They were very helpful and it only took about 20 minutes to get my mom signed up.”

When she moved to Virginia to be closer to her daughter, Salhi’s mom needed to find insurance less expensive than the nearly $400 per month she’d been paying in Texas.…

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