Advocacy group running brutal ads holding Republicans Mike Bishop & Fred Upton accountable for voting against affordable healthcare


Listeners of The Sit and Spin Room podcast co-hosted by me and LOLGOP know that we are adamant that Democrats running against Republican Congressional incumbents hold their opponents’ feet to the fire for their repeated efforts to dismantle the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Their actions have threatened access to affordable healthcare for hundreds of thousands, even millions of Americans.

ALL of the Congressional Republicans in Michigan voted to repeal Obamacare multiple times. Fred Upton even rescued an all-but-dead GOP effort, creating a zombie bill that had to be slain again.

Now a public advocacy group is doing just that, holding two of these Michigan Republicans accountable for their attacks on the ACA. Michigan Families for Economic Prosperity (MFEP) is running ads against Mike Bishop in the 8th District and Fred Upton in the 6th District.

They are brutal:

This is precisely the sort of campaign rhetoric our Democratic candidates should be using.

Lonnie Scott, executive director of Progress Michigan, explains why these ads are so important:

Every vote on a bill in Congress is a choice and unfortunately for Michigan, our Republican congressional representatives chose the wrong side of the health care debate. Thankfully, the AHCA died in Congress, but we cannot forget the decision made by Congressmen Bishop and Upton to raise health care costs for families and put people with preexisting conditions at a disadvantage by charging them more.

The ads are a six-figure buy that will run over several weeks the 6th and 8th Districts. MiFEP is also creating radio ads with similar accountability messages to be run in the future.

We need ads like this running in ALL of the Congressional Districts held by Republicans in Michigan and across the country. It’s a winning message.