2018, Affordable Care Act, MI-06, MI-08, Obamacare, Taxes — June 27, 2018 at 11:32 am

DOING IT RIGHT: Michigan Families for Economic Prosperity holds Congressmen Fred Upton & Mike Bishop accountable for healthcare repeal & #TrumpTaxScam votes in new ads


Michigan Families for Economic Prosperity is a coalition of advocacy leaders working to educate and empower Michigan voters about taxes and health care. They have two new ads out that highlight how badly two Michigan Republican members of Congress have betrayed their constituents and our state as a whole.

The first, titled “Me”, features actual Michigan voters reading letters they have written to Congressman Mike Bishop. They take him to task for voting to repeal the Affordable Care Act and helping to pass a massive tax giveaway to the super wealthy while average Michiganders will pay higher healthcare premiums to pay for it:

The second, aimed at 6th District Congressman Fred Upton, is called “Dear Congressman”. It, too, demands that Fred Upton begin representing the interests of his constituents and not wealthy elites who are already reaping the benefits of their position:

EVERY single Democrat running for Congress this year (and the groups that support them) should be running ads like these. They should beat Republicans over the head with their votes on healthcare repeal and tax giveaways to the rich whenever the opportunity arises.