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On Tax Day, it’s worth looking at how the Michigan GOP has shifted the tax burden to the poor & middle class


A little over two years ago, I wrote a cautionary post titled “The tax timebomb that explodes in Michigan in 2012 is MUCH worse than you thought”. In it, I explained how the Republican budget passed in the first year after the 2010 midterm election annihilation of Democrats and signed into law by Governor Rick Snyder created a massive shift of taxation from the wealthy and from corporations onto the poor and middle class. Here’s a bit of that post:

[A]s we all know, last year the Michigan Republicans passed a budget that lowers business taxes by $1.6 billion and increases individual income taxes by $1.4 billion.…
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As Michigan roads disintegrate, Republicans push for tax cuts – Don’t call them potholes, call them “Snyderholes”

It’s going to take actual leadership to fill all of these Snyderholes

Anyone driving in Michigan these days knows that this is an epic year for potholes. The frightening part about it is that the daytime thawing followed by nighttime freezing that is the most significant contributor to potholes is only just now underway. If you think things are bad now, hang on to your seatbelts, kids. We’re just getting started and it’s not going to be pretty. Local municipalities, budgets depleted by the removal of historic snow levels, are now faced with having to repair damaged roads on a continuous basis.…

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Kerry Bentivolio has a solution for Michigan’s roads: give control to state Republicans who have neglected them for so long

Oh, brother…

Kerry Bentivolio, the “accidental Congressman”, has a solution for the atrocious problems facing Michigan road repair. He wants to — and I’m not making this up — give the federal money spent on road repair in Michigan to Republican legislators who have shown absolutely no interest in fixing our roads for the past 2+ years.

In an op-ed in the Detroit Free Press today, Bentivolio says the answer to our problems is to revamp the Federal Highway Fund. His plan, as spelled out in legislation that he has co-sponsored, has three components:

  1. Grant “all authority regarding federal highway and transit programs to the states over a five-year period” – that’s the “Give it to Michigan Republicans” part since they control everything in our state.
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Michigan House Speaker Bolger begins Republican propaganda campaign to buy your vote with a tax cut

It’s getting very deep in here…

Earlier this month, I wrote about how Michigan Republicans were going to soon begin a campaign of deceit in which they attempt to convince Michigan voters that they are tax-cutting warriors determined to return budget surplus funds to the taxpayers to whom they belong. This week, House Speaker Jase Bolger began a propaganda campaign to do just that in an op-ed in the Detroit Free Press titled “Why Michigan’s surplus should go to tax cut”.

The op-ed begins with Bolger comparing criticism of their tax cut proposal to lectures “that Common Core passage or Medicaid reform were moving too slow, after complaining Michigan’s right-to-work law was passed too quickly”.…

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When it comes to “socialist snowplows”, tea partiers love them some Big Government

They hate it when you call them on their hypocrisy

Yesterday I posted a tweet that went pretty viral on Twitter and on Facebook. Anne worked her magic and, by the afternoon, it had become this meme which went even more viral:

Last evening, journalist E.J. Dionne retweeeted it (and again this morning). This caused all manner of self-described libertarians and other conservatives to leap up to say this didn’t make any sense, they didn’t get the joke, they don’t think all government is socialism, etc., etc. Instapundit’s Glenn Reynolds feigned a lack of comprehension:

The faux outrage that I dare to mischaracterize their political views was comical.…

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Michigan Republicans ready to buy votes by lowering taxes before the 2014 election

They think you’re stupid and gullible. Don’t prove them right.

In February of 2012, I penned a piece titled “The tax timebomb that explodes in Michigan in 2012 is MUCH worse than you thought”. In it, I showed how Michigan Republicans raised taxes on over half of the people in our state. Worse than that, the brunt of the tax hit was borne by those at the lower end of the economic scale including our seniors.

My piece was based on a report by the Michigan League for Human Services (pdf) that had a couple of very telling charts in it.…

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Debunking the Republican myth that Michigan is a “Comeback State”

come·back – noun \ˈkəm-ˌbak\ — A return to a former position or condition (as of success or prosperity)

I feel like Governor Snyder and his administration have a different dictionary than I do. He has repeatedly claimed lately (as part of the non-launch of his 2014 campaign) that Michigan is the “Comeback State”. The only thing that I can figure is that when you look up the word “comeback” in their dictionary, it says “to stop developing, progressing, moving, etc. : to be or become stagnant”.

In an email this morning from the governor’s office titled “This is what it’s all about”, Lt.…

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Michigan Republican’s ending of tax credits for charitable giving coming home to roost

Who woulda thunk it?

In 2012, thanks to Republicans ending the tax break Michigan residents can receive for charitable giving, most people predicted that charitable giving would plummet. It wasn’t a risky prediction, of course. It’s common sense. It was a move made by the GOP to pay, in part, for a massive tax break they gave to corporations.

Well, the results are in and, as predicted, the impact is having profound effects on the ability of Michigan’s food pantries to keep up with ever increasing demands on their services. The Detroit Free Press reports in their piece “Families in need find empty shelves at area food pantries”:

[Food pantry] clients…may start noticing something unusual at food pantries: sparse shelves.…
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In Washington and in Lansing, tea party zealots are costing us a fortune as they waste our hard-earned tax dollars

This is what happens when you elect people who hate the government to run the government

Whether it’s the Tea Party Nation,, the Tea Party Express, the Tea Party Patriots, or any number of the myriad local tea party groups across the country, their message is the same: We hate president Obama Shrink government and lower our taxes. “TEA”, they tell us, means “taxed enough already”. Never mind that tax rates are lower now than they’ve been in decades. The top tax rate today is around 35%. When Ronald Reagan took office, it was 70%.

The Tea Partarians in Congress tell us that the fight over raising the budget ceiling is all about reining in government spending.…

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Michigan House Democrats launch Republican Tax-O-Meter

Middle-class Michigan families can watch their taxes increase $50 every second. And they have Gov. Rick Snyder and legislative Republicans to thank for it.

For a party that says they want lower taxes, Republicans in Michigan sure like taxing the middle class. During the last legislative session, Governor Rick Snyder and the Republican-led legislature made severe changes to the Michigan tax code — increasing the burden on middle-class families by $4,320,822 a day.

To demonstrate exactly what this is costing Michiganders, House Democrats created the Republican Tax-O-Meter. This virtual display shows by-the-second tax shifts in Michigan that are taking away money from average citizens and giving it to wealthy CEOs and corporations.…

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