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VIDEO: Democrat Bobby McKenzie in MI-11 releases first ad slamming Foreclosure Vulture David Trott

Bobby McKenzie, the Democratic candidate for Congress in Michigan’s 11th District is up with his first ad this cycle and it’s a doozy. It is a hard-hitting ad that shows what it looks like when Republican David Trott evicts people, in this case an elderly woman, from their home:

Here’s a statement from the McKenzie campaign released with the video:

The story of 101-year-old Mrs. Hollis is just one example of how ‘Foreclosure King’ Trott made millions off of the human misery of Michiganders. He has spent his entire career working with Wall Street banks to foreclose on tens of thousands of Michigan homes, up to 80,000 in a single year.…
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And the award for the most moronic political ad this season goes to…

There is a school of thought (apparently) that outlandish, even stupidly dumb ads are good because they get you to watch, sort of like a high-speed train derailing in front of you. I get that. I don’t necessarily agree with it, but I get it.

So, there’s stupidly dumb and then there’s this hot mess of moronic childishness from the Michigan Republican Party:

I’m not going to get too much into the details regarding their accusations. Quickly, it turns out some bad guys donated to Peters campaign and as soon as he found out they were bad guys, he returned the money to one of them and donated the other bad guy’s money to a charity.…

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UPDATED: MaydayPAC’s involvement in MI-06 race has Fred Upton freaking out

When Fred Upton learned that MaydayPAC was planning to spend $1.5 million to unseat him, he went into freak-out mode. He quickly put out a defensive and poorly-done video on Facebook where he describes MaydayPAC as a “shadowy Massachusetts ‘SuperPAC'” and MaydayPAC founder, Harvard law professor Lawrence Lessig, as a “Harvard billionaire”. Of course, MaydayPAC is far from “shadowy”. They have been completely open about their intentions and have talked publicly about everything they are doing. Lessig is also far from a “billionaire”.

At least they got the “Harvard” part right.

Here’s Upton’s lame ad. I encourage you to read the comments.…

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VIDEO: DGA hammers Gov. Snyder in new ad showing the “Faces” of people hit hardest by Snyder’s policies

A new ad out by the Democratic Governor’s Association is one of their best yet. Called “Faces”, it shows the faces of real people hit hardest by Republican Governor Rick Snyder’s pro-business, anti-middle class policies.

It’s an effective ad on the heels of last weekend’s debate between Snyder and Democratic candidate Mark Schauer. Snyder spent a great deal of time explaining how he has increased support for education and how what Schauer called his “job killing senior pension tax” along with his massive cuts to business taxes are “fair”. As Schauer put it in one made-for-sound-bite comment, “Our accountant governor is missing some columns on his spreadsheet and it’s called people.”

This ad helps restore those columns in our statewide conversation.…

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VIDEO: Dem candidate for Attorney General Mark Totten releases 2nd ad highlighting Bill Schuette’s extremist record

Mark Totten, the Democratic candidate for Michigan Attorney General, has released his second television ad of the election cycle. Titled “One Thing”, it goes after Republican Bill Schuette for his crusade to push his ultra-right wing, partisan agenda:

The ad focuses on three specific things Schuette has done:

  • As the first attorney general to join Hobby Lobby v. Sebelius, Bill Schuette fought to allow employers to deny employees insurance coverage for contraception.
  • Bill Schuette led a lawsuit to deny Michigan families federal tax credits for purchasing healthcare, which could raise taxes on half a million Michigan families by $5,000.
  • While in the state senate, Bill Schuette sponsored and championed Michigan’s drug immunity law, which makes Michigan the only state in the nation where people can’t recover damages for drugs that harm or kill, denying justice to victims and families, and costing the taxpayers tens of millions of dollars.
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VIDEO: MaydayPAC releases second ad in effort to defeat far-right Republican Fred Upton

[This post has been updated to indicate that this is MaydayPAC's second ad in MI-06.]

Last week, broke the news that the citizen-funded MaydayPAC is planning to spend $1.5 million to defeat far-right Republican Congressman Fred Upton and to ensure that Paul Clements is the first Democrat to hold the seat in 21 years.

Today, they released their second ad:

The ad will run on broadcast and cable.

And, in case you missed it, here’s their first ad:

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Rick Snyder finally finds ANOTHER teacher who supports him: the Oakland County Republican Party Vice-Chair

Last month I posted a piece about a Rick Snyder finally finding a teacher who would support him in public. It turned out to be his neighbor at his million-dollar lake house and that post that has enjoyed over 27,000 views.

Well, Gov. Snyder has found a second teacher willing to do a commercial for him. This time it’s another retired teacher, Pam Williams. Who is Pam Williams? I’m glad you asked.

Pam Williams is the Vice-Chair for the Oakland County Republican Party, Precinct Delegate, and an Executive Board member of the 9th Congressional District. She’s a busy Republican, too:

In an essay begging the tea partiers not to splinter off from the GOP, she says Democrats are “trying to destroy our great county” by “incentivizing dependency, and advocating collective equality rather than individual merit”.…

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VIDEO: New ad highlights the Snyder administration’s Aramark scandal and the perils of privatization

Progress Michigan announced today that they are running a new ad highlighting the Aramark scandal that has rocked the Snyder administration. The myriad failings of the for-profit prison food vendor bring the issue of privatization/profitization of government services into sharp relief and this ad is a powerful reminder of that.

The ad will run for a week in Grand Rapids, Lansing, Mount Pleasant and Upper Peninsula media markets.

Here’s the press release for that ad, titled “Maggots”:

Today at press conferences in Lansing and Grand Rapids, Progress Michigan announced the launch of a new television ad titled, “Maggots.” The ad seeks to educate the public and hold Gov.…
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VIDEO: Mark Schauer vows to repeal Snyder’s tax on seniors & make corporations that send jobs overseas repay tax breaks

In his latest ad, Democratic gubernatorial candidate Mark Schauer vows to roll back Rick Snyder’s senior pension tax and to give tax breaks to companies that create jobs in Michigan. If they outsource their jobs overseas, says Schauer, “I’ll make them repay every penny.”

It’s a powerful ad. Take a look:

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A nearly incoherent Terri Lynn Land resorts to billboards – 85 of them in Detroit, Flint, and Grand Rapids

After her disasterous and failed attempt to sound coherent answering questions during a one-hour call-in show last Friday, Terri Lynn Land has decided to blanket the Detroit, Flint, and Grand Rapids areas with 85 billboards, all but one of which are attacking Gary Peters. One of them, oddly enough, references Peters profiting from Detroit’s water shutoffs without explaining how, exactly anyone could actually do that. It’s a “throw poop at the wall to see if any of it sticks” approach, the political equivalent of a Hail Mary pass. As Peters’ communications director Haley Morris put it, “Nothing screams desperation louder than 85 billboards from the Invisible Senate Candidate Terri Lynn Land, who won’t even make her increasingly absurd accusations face to face in a debate.”

I have some ideas for Land to use on her billboards that feature actual quotes from her call-in show last week.…

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