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Fear of retribution from Snyder administration appears to kill Progress Michigan’s anti-Snyder billboard in Lansing

What the heck did Chris Christie SAY when he was in Michigan last month???

Progress Michigan’s Tax Day billboard

Progress Michigan ran an anti-Rick Snyder digital billboard in Lansing, Ann Arbor, and Allen Park today — Tax Day — as part of the effort to raise awareness of Republican tax hikes on seniors, middle class, and poor Michiganders over the past three years. Actually, it’s more accurate to say they TRIED to run billboards in these cities. Adams Outdoor Advertising, the company that owns the billboards, rejected the contract that involved the Lansing billboard, apparently to avoid upsetting the Snyder administration.…

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When you throw a 101-year old woman into the streets, expect ads like this

Cold-hearted is as cold-hearted does

One of the things at the top of the GOP’s “to do” list is “Dump Kerry Bentivolio”. Bentivolio is the Congressman from Michigan’s 11th Congressional District and has some of the most *ahem* interesting views about the role of government you’re likely to encounter. The GOP needs him gone.

Enter David Trott, wealthy foreclosure specialist. He’s what some people refer to as a leech on the jugular vein of society or a predatory vulture banker. What Trott lacks in compassion and heart, he makes up for in piles of sweet, sweet, corporate cash, including some from Donald Trump.…

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GUEST POST: What the Koch brothers’ debunked Boonstra ad has to teach us about communicating with facts

“I can’t hear you with all these facts I don’t believe in in the way…”

The following post is by my friend Emma White, a specialist in communications and messaging. In the wake of the epic fail of the Koch brothers’ Americans for Prosperity ad featuring Dexter, Michigan resident Julie Boonstra, Emma’s observations & commentary on the difficulty of using facts to change opinions are critical for all of us to understand.

Please welcome Emma to Eclectablog for her first guest post.
“‘I personally do not believe that,” Julie Boonstra said when confronted with the fact that Obamacare will save her more than $1,000 a year.…

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Terri Lynn Land’s campaign crashing and burning before she even makes a public appearance

Actually, it’s more like the Koch brothers’ campaign…

Terri Lynn Land can best be described as the U.S. Senate candidate in absentia. Unlike her Democratic opponent Gary Peters who has been touring the state talking to voters, Land hasn’t made public appearance in months, not one where she could be asked direct questions since she began her tepid campaign to replace Sen. Carl Levin. She has appeared at a handful of Republican events, one for which she wasn’t even listed on the event flyer. But that hasn’t stopped her from running a campaign so full of fail that it is crashing and burning before it even gets off the ground.…

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Terri Lynn Land emerges to speak…on YouTube: “One of Us” (if you’re filthy rich, that is)

When millionaire Republicans run…

Terri Lynn Land has emerged from her self-imposed exile where she isn’t required to answer any questions to speak with the voters of Michigan through a YouTube video where she isn’t required to answer any questions. The last thing Land wants is to have to answer hard questions or take firm positions. If you want to see a case study in avoiding taking a meaningful position on the big issues of the day, read this Politico piece which has a very rare interview with Land. She manages to evade nearly every question she’s asked.

The Michigan Democratic Party has been hounding Land for months now for not holding any public events.…

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Rick Snyder ads on Eclectablog – enjoy the beautiful irony


Now that our governor has started his relentless positive rebranding tour, his ads are going to start showing up in your Facebook news feeds, on your Twitter apps, and, of course, on the websites you visit.

That includes, hilariously enough, THIS website!

Click for a larger version, screencap courtesy of Chad Cyrowski at Progress Michigan

“But WAIT!”, you might say. “How can this be!?”, you might ask. “Eclectablog, how COULD you!?”, I can hear you plead.

Here’s the thing: those ads you see in the sidebar and across the top of the blog are what are call “remnant ads”. I put a box there and then an ad network fills it.…

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Gov. Snyder’s Superbowl ad: perpetuating the myth that he’s made us the ‘comeback state’, facts be damned

“Comeback Kid”? How about “Kid Crock”?

During the Superbowl tonight, viewers in Detroit, Flint, Grand Rapids, Lansing, and Traverse City will see an ad that will launch the reelection campaign of Governor Rick Snyder. The ad is estimated to cost almost $1 million to produce and air. This is in addition to the nearly $700,000 he spent on a similar ad in September. When it comes to buying elections, Michigan’s governor is our foremost expert.

Here’s a preview of tonight’s whitewash of our governor’s record:

According to the ad, “Michigan now calls him the comeback kid”. It’s an interesting statement since exactly nobody that I know of has actually called him this.…

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“I’m waiting for leadership from the legislature…”

This Sunday, Rick Snyder begins his effort to convince Michigan voters that he’s something other than what he is with a nearly half million dollar Super Bowl ad just as he did in 2010. This will be followed by a rebranding tour, of sorts, that begins on Monday. The rebranding is sure to include references to himself as a “nerd” (which he clearly is NOT), to Michigan being a “Comeback state” (which it clearly is NOT), and to his being a moderate (which he clearly is NOT).

In preparation for the monumental snow job we’re about to have thrown at us, my good pals at have put out a Super Bowl ad of their own, one that more accurately reflects the record of Rick Snyder.…

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Rick Snyder’s “Said it, did it” mantra unravels as he signs expansion of dark money in Michigan elections into law

More like “Didn’t say it, did it anyway” or “Said it, did the opposite”

Eclectameme by Anne C. Savage for Eclectablog

Discussing possible campaign slogans during his non-announcement of his candidacy last fall, Michigan Governor Rick Snyder said, “One that I really do appreciate, that I’ve used in my life is, ‘Said it. Did it.’”. In other words, according to him, he says he’s going to do something and, by golly, he goes right out and does it.

This, of course, doesn’t explain his “Didn’t say it, did it anyway” approach to things like kneecapping labor unions by making Michigan a right to work (for less) state or raising taxes on more than half of all Michiganders or paying for a nearly $2 billion corporate tax cut by cutting funds for the education of our children and taxing the pensions of senior citizens or eliminating the earned income tax credit for the working poor or eliminating tax breaks for charitable giving or disenfranchising over half of Michigan’s African Americans by putting their cities under the rule of an unelected dictator.…

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Michigan Republicans think the answer to our problems is MORE SECRET MONEY in elections – UPDATED

Only in Republicanland is this a good idea

This is week in a somewhat surprising move, Republican Secretary of State Ruth Johnson proposed a rule to require transparency in the funding of so-called “issue ads” that don’t promote specific candidates. Millions and millions of dollars are spent every election cycle on these ads which are, more often than not, nothing more than thinly-veiled ads for one candidate over another.

Republicans in the Senate were having none of it, however, and quickly amended a “campaign finance reform” bill, Senate Bill 661, to quash her move. The original bill, which actually DOUBLES the amount of money that can be given to candidates or political party caucuses in exchange for additional reporting requirements was changed to exempt “expenditure[s] for communication on a subject or issue if the communication does not support or oppose a ballot question or candidate by name or clear inference.” This language was not in the original bill.…

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