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Rick Snyder finally finds a teacher who supports him: his neighbor at his vacation home

After claiming he was going to run a strictly positive campaign, Gov. Rick Snyder has a new negative attack ad out that features a retired teacher named Linda Thaler.

Turns out that she lives literally right next door to Snyder’s vacation home on Gun Lake in Middleville, Michigan.

The reality is that, despite Ms. Thayer’s contention otherwise, her neighbor and friend Rick Snyder HAS cut funding going to classrooms. Here’s the lowdown on the ad:

The Snyder ad references Public Act 236 of 2003. That particular bill passed 38-0 in the Michigan Senate and every Democrat in the House at the time voted against it.…

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AFTERNOON GRAB BAG: Eric Schertzing making it competitive in MI-08, DGA releases new ad going after Rick Snyder

Ingham County Treasurer Eric Schertzing released an internal poll today showing him within striking distance of Republican Mike Bishop. Schertzing is down just 5 points, 42-37, in a poll with a 4.9 point margin of error. In the same poll, when respondents were read “a balanced series of positive messages about both candidates”, the two are tied at 43-43.

This is a race that deserves more attention than it’s getting (which is why I’ll be posting an interview with Schertzing next week.)

In other MI-08 news, Schertzing and Bishop were supposed to debate at a Livingston County forum tonight but Bishop pulled out at the last minute today so no debate.…

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AFSCME releases new “American Horror Show” trailers featuring “Corporate Governors” like Rick Snyder

On October 8th, the fourth season of the FX hit TV show, American Horror Story will begin. However, you don’t have to wait until October to experience the real American horror show of corporatist governors that put corporate interests ahead of working families. People in states like Michigan get to “enjoy” that every day.

Today, AFSCME is releasing a series of trailers based on American Horror Story on their new site Their trailers target the right wing extremist governors that have created a horror show in their states by putting working families last.

You can watch the first trailer now which features our very own Michigan Governor Rick Snyder:

AFSCME will roll out new trailers leading up to the season premiere of American Horror Story on October 8th.…

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AFTERNOON GRAB BAG: Snyder has lost the media, Land’s family are Islamophobes

NOTE: With the impending election, trying to keep up with all of the news is like drinking from a firehose and, with a day job and other activities I’m involved in, I simply don’t have time to do an individual blog post for everything that is going on. I’m considering doing a “grab bag” like this one every day or two, sort of a “news round-up” to at least point out some of the stuff I don’t have the time to do a full-blown post about. Some of the news may be a day or two old by the time I write about it but maybe it’s something you missed.

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Rick Snyder continues to rewrite history so he can take credit for things he had nothing to do with

Governor Snyder has a new ad out this week called “Generations”. Like his previous ad, his voice has been altered to sound lower in pitch than his actual voice, a manipulation that is the perfect metaphor for the way he manipulates the facts in order to take credit for things that either didn’t happen or for which he had no role. The Detroit Free Press gave him a 50% rating on its truthfulness.

I give it a 25%. And I’m being generous.

Here’s the ad:

There are four claims being made in the ad. He says that when he was elected governor:

  1. Michigan had a billion-and-a-half-dollar budget deficit.
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As Terri Lynn Land’s failed campaign draws national scrutiny, Gary Peters releases a second positive ad

This week was brutal for the U.S. Senate campaign of Terri Lynn Land. There were two articles put out by national media outlets detailing the implosion of her campaign, both of which came out at the same time a new poll has Peters now up by double digits.

Both articles appear to redefine the word “lackluster” to mean “utterly and completely embarrassing”.

From reporting by the Associated Press:

Not so long ago, Republicans were giddy about winning U.S. Senate control in part by picking up a prized seat in Michigan held for more than three decades by a retiring Democratic lion, Sen.…
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Gary Peters debates an empty chair after Land is a no-show (and other news)

Last night, Gary Peters appeared at the location for a proposed WOOD-TV debate with Terri Lynn Land. Because Land declined to share the stage with Peters, he debated an empty chair:

There was no debate Monday night for the U.S. Senate race.

U.S. Rep. Gary Peters stood next to an empty chair representing his Republican opponent, former Secretary of State Terri Lynn Land.

“This is not the ideal format,” Peters told a crowd of 34 supporters at Grand Valley State University. “The ideal format would be a debate.”

Peters held a forum the same night WOOD TV 8 scheduled a meeting of the candidates.

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VIDEOS: Pam Byrnes releases two new ads slamming Tim Walberg for his perks & pay, calls for accountability

Tim Walberg is one of the most hypocritical politicians I’ve ever had the displeasure to have met. This guy, who claims he “was a tea partier before there was a tea party”, talks a lot about reining in government waste and holding elected officials accountable. Yet he himself is a big part of the problem. He has helped lead the charge in shutting down the government to score political points and wasting our tax dollars with countless votes to kill off the Affordable Care Act.

Here’s what I wrote about him last year at this time:

Back in December of 2010, after he was reelected to Congress after being replaced by Mark Schauer for two years as the Congressman from MI-07, Walberg put on a big show about rejecting the federal health care coverage provided to all members of Congress by the taxpayers of America.…
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Rick Snyder’s latest ad shows pristine road fixed during Granholm administration mostly with federal funds

Yesterday I wrote about Gov. Snyder’s new campaign ad called “Numbers” in which he crows about being an accountant and whines about not getting credit for “laying the groundwork” for Michigan’s mythical recovery. In that video, Snyder appears in a t-shirt in front of a hilly, tree-lined road in perfect condition talking about “the Road to Recovery”, a sharp contrast to the actual pothole-ridden roads Michiganders must navigate each day thanks to inaction by our Republican-led legislature.

MIRS news service has discovered that the road in the video is Intertown Road in Emmet County at the intersection with Resort Pike Road.…

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Accountant-in-Chief Rick Snyder complains about not getting credit for Michigan’s mythical recovery, distorts the facts

Governor Snyder’s reelection campaign released a new ad today that is about as puzzling as his previous ads. He has abandoned his frogman suit and creepy leering at the camera, instead appearing in a t-shirt. He starts the ad by telling us that he’s an accountant as if that should give us comfort when it comes to his political and governmental leadership.

“We’re on the road to recovery for every Michigander,” Snyder tells us. “You might not feel it yet, but you will soon.”

Back in 2006, Democratic Governor Jennifer Granholm told the audience for her State of the State Address that we would be “blown away” by Michigan’s recovery.…

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