Education, Mark Schauer, Political Ads, Rick Snyder — October 10, 2014 at 7:09 am

Rick Snyder finally finds ANOTHER teacher who supports him: the Oakland County Republican Party Vice-Chair


Last month I posted a piece about a Rick Snyder finally finding a teacher who would support him in public. It turned out to be his neighbor at his million-dollar lake house and that post that has enjoyed over 27,000 views.

Well, Gov. Snyder has found a second teacher willing to do a commercial for him. This time it’s another retired teacher, Pam Williams. Who is Pam Williams? I’m glad you asked.

Pam Williams is the Vice-Chair for the Oakland County Republican Party, Precinct Delegate, and an Executive Board member of the 9th Congressional District. She’s a busy Republican, too:

In an essay begging the tea partiers not to splinter off from the GOP, she says Democrats are “trying to destroy our great county” by “incentivizing dependency, and advocating collective equality rather than individual merit”. Nice lady.

In her bio on the OCRP’s website, Williams is described as having as having been “a conservative educator at a time when that was frowned upon by her colleagues”. Oh, the poor, poor, discriminated against Republicans of Oakland County. Break out the violins.

It doesn’t matter how many friends and political operatives Gov. Snyder finds who were educators once upon a time and are willing to do political ads for him. If my experience canvassing these past few weeks is any indication, teachers know EXACTLY what has happened to education funding in this state under Snyder. They know because they feel the harmful impacts in their classrooms every single day. That’s why Mark Schauer can put a whole bunch of teachers in a single commercial:

As Snyder’s Democratic opponent Mark Schauer said this week at the MLive Ballot Bash, “I don’t care if he calls me a liar, but I’ll take issue if he’s calling these teachers, these parents, and these students that are living this everyday liars.”

It’s worth noting that both of the teachers in Snyder’s ads have been retired long enough that they haven’t had to experience the draconian cuts in their classrooms and to their retirement benefits that younger teachers have dealt with. It’s easy to stand back and say, “Everything is happy happy joy joy” when you’ve got yours and it’s others who are suffering.

Come to think of it, I’m betting that Pam Williams wasn’t frowned upon by her colleagues when she was a teacher because she was a conservative. I’m guessing it’s because she was a selfish jerk.