VIDEO: Dem candidate for Attorney General Mark Totten releases 2nd ad highlighting Bill Schuette’s extremist record


Mark Totten, the Democratic candidate for Michigan Attorney General, has released his second television ad of the election cycle. Titled “One Thing”, it goes after Republican Bill Schuette for his crusade to push his ultra-right wing, partisan agenda:

The ad focuses on three specific things Schuette has done:

  • As the first attorney general to join Hobby Lobby v. Sebelius, Bill Schuette fought to allow employers to deny employees insurance coverage for contraception.
  • Bill Schuette led a lawsuit to deny Michigan families federal tax credits for purchasing healthcare, which could raise taxes on half a million Michigan families by $5,000.
  • While in the state senate, Bill Schuette sponsored and championed Michigan’s drug immunity law, which makes Michigan the only state in the nation where people can’t recover damages for drugs that harm or kill, denying justice to victims and families, and costing the taxpayers tens of millions of dollars.

Here’s what the Totten campaign has to say about their ad:

This ad comes on the heels of repeated polls showing that Bill Schuette’s extreme positions have left him unable to garner support from much more than a third of Michigan voters, despite his 30 years in office and the millions of dollars he has already spent on this campaign.

Mark Totten has accepted two debate invitations, and has offered a weekly list of dates he’d be available to debate Bill Schuette, but Bill Schuette continues to avoid a debate where he’d be forced to defend his record.