VIDEO: Democrat Bobby McKenzie in MI-11 releases first ad slamming Foreclosure Vulture David Trott


Bobby McKenzie, the Democratic candidate for Congress in Michigan’s 11th District is up with his first ad this cycle and it’s a doozy. It is a hard-hitting ad that shows what it looks like when Republican David Trott evicts people, in this case an elderly woman, from their home:

Here’s a statement from the McKenzie campaign released with the video:

The story of 101-year-old Mrs. Hollis is just one example of how ‘Foreclosure King’ Trott made millions off of the human misery of Michiganders. He has spent his entire career working with Wall Street banks to foreclose on tens of thousands of Michigan homes, up to 80,000 in a single year. The district deserves better, and we certainly need a representative who will put Michigan first and fight for middle-class families – not foreclose on them.

The Detroit Free Press posted a piece this morning that suggests Trott has all but wrapped up this race, an absurd statement based on recent polling done by the McKenzie campaign showing the race is in a statistical dead heat and that people in MI-11 see Trott, who has largely self-funded his campaign, for the parasitic leech on the jugular vein of society that he is, inflicting misery on down-on-their-luck Michiganders for huge profit. Trott has created an industry out of the foreclosure business and has made himself very wealthy from it as a result.

Denizens of the Dark Side

The Free Press piece bases its assessment on the opinion of David Dulio, the chairman of Oakland University’s Political Science Department. He believes that Trott’s massive spending is what will win this race. This ignores the fact that Democrats are staging a massive GOTV operation to get out their voters on Election Day, an effort that is unprecedented in a midterm election. If they are successful, no amount of spending by Trott will overcome his hideous reputation as Michigan’s Foreclosure King.

GOTV folks. That’s our ace in the hole. Are you in?