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Betsy DeVos is trying to buy herself a second term


The worst cabinet secretary in U.S. history wants another shot at wrecking our schools — help us stop her

If you were in need of a perfect metaphor for how the Department of Education operates when it’s being run by the nation’s foremost opponent to public education, check out this post by Eclectablog’s Mitchell Robinson. You’ll learn that a Betsy DeVos-sanctioned accreditation agency apparently gave approval to operate for Reagan National University in South Dakota, a “university” with no students, faculty, administration, or facilities. The only point of this so-called “educational” institution, it seems, is to get away with a massive bait and switch.

Sound familiar?

Born billionaire Betsy DeVos only took her first job in government — and the first job of her life — because she saw the opportunity she’s waited for her whole life, a national platform to wage war against public schools, which she calls “government schools” because she hates them, and a president willing to let big donors do whatever they want.

Everyone knows DeVos and her family have given millions to Republicans. No one is exactly sure what her Erik Prince brother did to help the Trumps swipe the 2016 election.

But we can be sure that they’re going to whatever they can to get Trump and Betsy a second term, when the guardrails that help kept her from assailing her own budget and the fundamental promise of a public education, could wither away, when we should be doing everything we can to make schools more equal, less segregated and generally better funded.

Mitchell does his darnedest — in between being a full-time educator and father — to keep track of the worst things Betsy DeVos has done in office. And in 2020, we’ll see her assailing us from both inside the government and in our elections, with her family’s continued support to Trump and Republicans like the missing John James, who is likely to take on Michigan’s Senator Gary Peters. Both her and her money will be on “the campaign trail.”

We’ve been warning and informing America about the DeVos family, our state’s Koch family, for years. And we need your help to keep doing it through the 2020 election.

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