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Tip the scales for justice: We need you to be a part of this


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Now, here’s why you should give.

Michigan has seen the worst test score gains in American. And Thanks to Chris Savage, Mitchell Robinson and Eclectablog, America quickly understood exactly how Betsy DeVos helped make that possible. More importantly, people quickly understood why she would be catastrophic threat to public schools as Donald Trump’s Secretary of Education. We lost that fight, but just barely.

There are endless fights like this. Endless life-and-death stories to tell. And every day, Chris and his team keep up the struggle to keep the Flint Water Crisis from fading into the unconscious of history. That’s why we went to Flint last week and that’s why we report on Flint every week on The Sit and Spin Room.

We also talk shit and politics with people with the influence and insight to change the conversation about how to return government to people who aren’t just worried about hounding brown people and keeping the tax breaks on private jets.

Our guests have included Randi Weingarten, Andy Slavitt, Lizz Winstead, Ronald Klain, John Dingell, Debbie Dingell, Ari Berman, Jonathan Cohn, Charles Gaba, and Will Wheaton along with representatives of groups that are leading the fight for democracy including Dawuld Walid of Michigan CAIR, Stephen Wolf of Daily Kos Elections, Stephanie White of Equality Michigan, Amy Hunter who works with the ACLU, Leah Greenberg of the Indivisible Team and Ericka Sackin of Planned Parenthood.

I’m also certain that the next governor of Michigan will have been a guest on this podcast. Gretchen Whitmer, Abul El-Sayed or Dan Kildee would all be ginormous improvements over the poison pill now residing in our governor’s mansion.

We’re new to podcasting and your support is everything. It will keep us going and without it will shrink into our corners and sulk until Republicans even take over Ann Arbor and replace Zingerman’s with a wax museum of the Trump family.

With your help, we may even be able to get some decent recording equipment.

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Thanks for being part of this.

[Photo by the great Anne C. Savage, special to Eclectablog]